Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 12

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 10

Images: 24, author: Blorktronics, published: 2017-02-01

Welcome back to Chavchuveny!
Hello and welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR part 12! I've skipped part 11 because it was dull, even by the standards of a nation of freezing siberian-dwelling fur-trappers.

So where are we? Our proto-industrial land of ice and steel continues to build up infrastructure at a blistering rate and the fruits of our investments are being brought forth at this very moment as we smash our fist into the broken husk of Manchu in our second ever territorial war on the mainland.

The war was fought for entirely moral reasons, at least according to Chavchuveny historians. You see, this wasn't about seizing valuable fur provinces and tapping into the vast manpower pools of Manchu territory. Oh no no no! Rather, we intend to bring the light of civilization and reason to these unfortunate backwards savages. Westernized savages... nevermind! Naked land grab here we come! For Chavchuveny!
State of the treasury
We have an income of 71 gold per month! Much wealth! Many golds! We're nowhere near as rich as the Europeans, but we're wealthier than our neighbors and that's what matters! Except Russia, who we totally aren't afraid of ignore those level 5 forts they're aggressive we're-not-afraid-of-Russia forts!
Battle is commenced!
With the fury of a thousand winters and the righteousness of our cause, Dulustaan Ka-cheda surrounds the Manchu hordes and drives the glorious hammer of Chavchuveny onto their heads!

Just look at those numbers! We have 40,000 men under arms! Every able-bodied man and god-knows what else has been drafted into our glorious army and we intend to make good use of it!
It took a mere three days to blast the Manchu into oblivion. Manchuria lies exposed, ready for the taking!
*Enlightenment intensifies*
With great effort we advance our shipbuilding and diplomatic capabilities once more. Our tech is mostly comparable to the Europeans and our military technology is the envy of the far east! We've even begun to outpace our hated nemesis! No not Portugal (stupid rival system), Russia!

Soon we will drive our foes away from our borders once and for all! And then move our borders so we can drive our foes away again!
We're top 10! Rolling in ducats!
Well would you look at that, Siberian Chavchuveny has squeezed into the top 10 wealthiest nations on the freaking planet! Our brave and tenacious people have turned SIBERIA into an economical powerhouse. Glory to our motherland!
Meanwhile, in some distant backwater...
Kebab is not having a good time. They dug too greedily and too deep into Europe and now half the continent is dogpiling onto them. How pleasant!
'dat infrastructure
This formerly Manchu land is much more fertile than what we're used to. This building alone will add about 1.5 ducats a month into our treasury!
Improving the holiday home
The spice must flow! Now that we've pacified the natives in our sunny holiday resort, we put the natives to work in our expansive plantation network. The real engine of our economy still lies in Siberia but it's nice to diversify a bit.
Glorious mercantilism!
Free trade? Of course Chavchuveny supports free trade! You're free to buy from Chavchuveny merchants or you're free to get the hell out of our country!
The fruits of our labour
With our advanced administrative capabilities and enlightened war justifications, we can eat enormous swathes of Manchu land. Thus continues the glorious rise of Chavchuveny! From one-province nobody, to regional power and soon global superpower! Nothing can stop us! Not even Russia! Yeah that's right Russia, you smell of old furniture and wasted potential!
Get out of my land!
Serves you right for existing next to us!
Ssshhh, it's a secret to everybody!
It turns out that Chavchuveny struggled to eat so much land in one go and got a bit sick. With administrative capabilities stretched thin our glorious leader decided to create a puppet government of suitably subjugated Manchurians to administrate the newly conquered territories.
Isn't it beautiful?
The glorious unicorn of Secret Chavchuveny will crush all under its hooves! All except for the vast, overwhelming quantity of rebels waiting to erupt from our artificial state. Guess not-secret Chavchuveny will have to deal with those!
What do you think you're looking at?
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough! Ha!
Strength respects strength!
Clearly the French are awestruck by our magnificent military victories and agree to an alliance! Glorious days! Not that this was a defensive pact designed to secure our borders against Russian aggression. Oh no no no, we're not afraid of Russia! We just feel like helping out the French... *whistles*
Secret Chavchuveny has secret ways...
People are unreliable, we'll core this province with a giant crane instead...
Wise leadership!
Amazingly, appointing some crony family-member to run our client state has turned out magnificently. Not only is he loyal he's actually quite competent! At least, competent where it matters. We'll handle the diplomacy Grygol-grygyn, you just core stuff.
Meanwhile in paradise...
You guys have been there for, like, 20 years. I should really do something about them...
Conscript all the things!
You're a lover not a fighter? Tough!
More clay! More nationalism!
In an act of solidarity with the Manchu, the Oirats officially protested our recent annexations! That we're infringing on the liberties of our neighbors and ignoring sovereignty! Blah blah blah, I'll show you a thing or two about respecting sovereignty! To arms!
Oirat is an unreformed steppe horde...
I wonder how this will turn out...
One of these days we'll fight an army that can shoot back....
Swords to ploughshares? What nonsense! Build a manufactory and have both!
How dare they!
Oirat scum dare infringe upon the liberties of our brethren in Secret Chavchuveny! You'll pay for this!
Your leader can't save you now!
Look at that 6/6 general! Still, it doesn't matter how advanced your horse-archer tactics are, we have guns and lots of them! Death to the Oirats!
What the...
Dai viet? Who are you and get out of my holiday resort! Invited guests only!
More conscription!
If you're old enough to hold a gun, you're old enough to fire a gun! Join the army today!
Yes! More guns! Better guns! We'll show those Russians we're not to be messed with! How dare they threaten us with their menacing borders!
Poor Secret Chavchuveny...
Throwing up rebels all over the eastern seaboard. Don't worry I have the perfect remedy...
Meanwhile in Kebabland
Croatia took advantage of the coalition to gobble up land. Here's hoping they can hold it! (protip: they can't)
But the fun doesn't stop here!
Like vultures circling a corpse... Can't blame them either, I'd do far, far worse things if we were close enough...
All the ducats!
We continue our infrastructure spree in the siberian heartland. The manufacturies are the reason our fair nation can stand a chance against her neighbours.
Dinner is served!
We impose a humiliating defeat on the Oirats and cleave their land in two. The Chavchuveny Empire grows once more!
Power projection!
At last, Chavchuveny makes her mark upon the world and demonstrates her strength to all who dare oppose her! Those extra monarch points are really going to come in handy.
Glory to Chavchuveny!
Behold the might of Chavchuveny! This bastion of strength, this outpost of liberty amongst a sea of corrupt despots. What a time to be alive! Our little brother is growing up fast on a diet of Manchurians and Oirats and soon we can turn our gaze upon our most hated foe, Russia! Viva Chavchuveny!

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