Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 14

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 12

Images: 36, author: Blorktronics, published: 2017-02-01

Welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 14!

Wait, part 14? What happened to part 13? Part 13 still exists but consists of deplorable peacetime shenanigans. You know, infrastructure investment, administrative reform and ensuring a secure and prosperous society for the betterment of all mankind blah blah blah.

Now part 14, this one is much better because we start poised to obliterate the forces our second-most hated foe, the Manchu! Our actual most-hated foe is way too strong for us, so like the proud and honorable nation we are we pick on our weak and backwards neighbour. Glory to Chavchuveny!
More glory to Chavchuveny!
Our second great Imperialist war against the Manchu starts with a bump as we fail to completely annihilate our rival. As is Chavchuveny custom for centuries, our army remains deeply underfunded and emaciated whilst 95% of the treasury goes into a black hole of neverending infrastructure projects.
Dear Ming, you aren't looking so well...
I'm just surprised they lasted into the 1700s. Frozen Chavchuveny looks upon this rich and fertile heartland with envious eyes. Once we dispose of the Manchu our borders will press against these sweet, succulent territories just ripe for the taking!
Meanwhile in our Holiday Home...
The last native nation left in Sulawesi looks on in bewilderment as Chavchuveny engineers construct the first ever stock exchange in south-east asia. Investors from all over the region are chomping at the bit to get a slice of our spice action and the revenues are ridiculous! The income from Makasaar can practically support half our army at this point.
More battles! More glory!
Whilst the enginers and architects secure the prosperity of our nation, our vainglorious nobility are busy building their prestige at the expense of the defenseless Manchu scum.

We're also in the progress of intergrating our dear friends and totally-not-subject-nation Secret Chavchuveny. These factional wars against our pathetic neighbours are mere distractions before the daunting reality of our main task: the total destruction of Russia!
No! My power projection!
Unfortunately our recent war against the Oirats have plunged them into a deplorable state and no reasonable individual considers them a threat to our mighty nation! We'll have to find a new foe to reap power projection from...
50 tradition? What is this nonsense?
Apparently our policy of battlefield commissions has allowed some pathetic ingrate to weasel, charm and bribe his way into our military high command. Our normal recruiting processes would never have let some lowly 50-tradition 'general' rise to such heights! Bah!
On second thoughts, stick around...
Whilst our old commander, Dulustaan, is from the 'hit it very hard until it stops moving' school of military tactics, this newblood actually appreciates the value of firearms.
Now that Chavchuveny has assumed its place amongst the leaders of this world, it's about time we established ourselves at the forefront of technological and philosophical innovations. To that end we've finally scrounged together enough administrative points to pursue the innovation idea tree. Prestige, army tradition and technology costs will all come in handy in the future, but the most important one is war exhaustion reduction. We're going to need a lot of that once we start fighting Russia.
Farewell Dulustaan, you served us well!
Poor Dulustaan. Never admired or appreciated, he nevertheless performed his role to the best of his ability. More of a 'wrong man in the right place', he nevertheless oversaw our military as Chavchuveny began its ascendency to world domination!
Last bastion of resistance
The Northern capital will fall to our might! ...again.
Meanwhile in some degenerate backwater
Kebab seals its fate...
A recent building spree of conscription centres has put our military tech a few months behind schedule, but nevertheless we remain at the forefront of technological progress!
A just and lasting peace!
Chavchuveny vanquishes its hated foe once more and secures a peace to last for all time! Considering it was their vile aggression that caused this mess in the first place, we make Manchu pay us reparations to apologise for forcing us to invade their territory.

Speaking of territory...we need a plan to integrate this new land! We badly need the administrative points for other purposes and we can't make Secret Chavchuveny any bigger because we're integrating them...
Ssssh! You can't tell anybody!
Our unicorn brigade grows stronger with the addition of Super Secret Chavchuveney. It's so secret, we even spelt the name wrong to mislead everybody!

Whilst our maps reveal the truth, in reality Super Secret Chavchuveny styled themselves as the Democratic People's Representative Republic of Enlightened Manchurians.
Our territory in all its glory
My how we've grown! Also, Russia seems to have taken to parking small armies near our borders. Somewhat unsettling...
Yeah! Nepotism for the win!
The Kurasi gene pool seems to consist largely of blunt, unlikeable administrators. Good! You worry about coring, I'll handle foreign policy and rebel negotiation.
More conscripts!
The recruitment rate has taken a dive ever since the army issued its new recruiting slogan, "Die for Chavchuveny!", so we've taken to making enlistment mandatory.
I've been waiting a long time for this...
With our increased standing in the world, people have started to finally realise that Chavchuveny poses a threat to the vital interests of Russia, and it only took three centuries!

We dispatched a delegation to Moscow, which informed the Tsar that he was a backwards ill-mannered barbarian and that he shouldn't expect any more Christmas cards from Chavchuveny. Ha!
Get out of my ports!
Despite owning no land in the Girin trade node, Russia had long been a bane to our trade income by gaining power through that ugly 'transfers from downstream' modifier. No longer! Russian Vodka is rebranded as Treason Vodka and anybody caught drinking it is shot on sight.
'dat monies
38.4 ducats a month from trade really isn't bad considering we live in a Siberian trade node that is fed only by Alaska. Our vast and spawling manufactory complexes really boost up the income.
Our nation awakens!
The souring of relations towards Russia has spurned our nation to abandon centuries of tradition and actually invest in the military. We begin production of 54,000 troops to increase our army to its maximum force limits.

Never passing on the opportunity to save money, we only recruit in provinces that have the -20% recruitment cost building.

This puts our army up to a RIDICULOUS 116,000 troops. About 80%-90% of that manpower and forcelimits is from a combination of military buildings and our quantity ideas. Siberia stronk!
God damn it!
Nobles? Nobles?!?! You're lucky you exist in the first place! If it weren't for Timir's strong hand in times of crisis you would have all lost your heads in republican street riots!

Ungrateful swine...
Japan? Japan!
We've ignored Japan for centuries, but Chavchuveny never forgets a grudge! They declared war on us twice! They even took our land! OUR LAND! How dare they! We have truces with most of our neighbours and you can't just recruit 54,000 men and not *DO* anything with them, so war it is! Glory to Chavchuveny!

Also, it says France will help them but they won't. Some bug with not factoring in distance between borders.
Our poor children are very sick! Don't worry though, Dr Chavchuveny is here with 116,000 remedies...
Well that was hard...
The only real obstacle was a spontaneous eruption of rebels. Japan's military was no match for the mighty Reindeer Army!
Secret Chavchuveny Chic
Our client state's heraldry is so fashionable even Korean peasants use it
I'm not afraid of you!
They're offensive forts! Designed to project power outwards! I'm not scared of you Russia!
We will exceed you in all things! ALL THE THINGS!
We take this mission. Doesn't hurt to be ambitious!
Making hay whilst the sun shines!
To be honest, Chavcuveny struggled to come up with a suitably vainglorious and revanchist justification for this war. Korea has a center of trade. We want their center of trade. Such is life in Chavchuveny.
Obligatory 'our army is better than yours' picture
Gloating reindeer looks back upon pathetic Korean flag with contempt. This is our land now!
You too Yamana!
Their alliance with Korea gives us an excuse to invade the entire island. Japan will be ruled by Chavchuveny!
This is for that tiny war you waged 300 years ago!
Gib clay?
Clay has been gibbed. Sorry Korea, but we needed to secure our long term trade interests and in our eyes that supersedes your sovereignty, security and the prosperity of your peoples. Come to think of it, we're not sorry at all!
The unicorn brigade grows in strength!
I'll be damned if I'm going to waste the kind of administrative points it takes to core Japan! We spin off another nepotistic cesspit of corruption and decadence to do the job for us.
Chavchuveny has friends!
It's 1731 and Chavchuveny is starting to look pretty scary! Our nation is massive, but most of that is siberian 1-base tax crap and most of THAT is at 50% autonomy. But nevertheless! With our massive infrastructure investments we have begun to make our mark upon this world and soon even the mighty Russia will bend to the might of the Chavchuveny Reindeer! Glory to Chavchuveny!

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