The Golden Empire. Part 2 The Mad King

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The Golden Empire

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The Golden Empire. Part 1 The Disaster Years

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As Mansa Musa spoke to his advisors first then did he fully realised the effects of his revolt on the country.
The nobles had fared well and lost nearly no provinces. Since they switched sides to pledge alliegence to the Mansa Musa as soon as they knew he was gonna win, they had been spared.
Thousands of farms had been pillaged by freed slaves, and those who could no longer farm went back to living a tribal life again.
Fortunately the capital Niami had been spared from the civil wars devistation. No buildings were burned. All the coffers were empty which confused Musa. He later remembered that he hyad ordered a new crown for his elephant Babar. It turns out they have pretty large heads which in turn needs a lot of gold to make a crown.
The province of Kombo did not have the same luck under the northeners occupation. The population decreased by 50.000 during the war and coming rebellions. Mansa Musa swore he would avenge the northerners cruelty against the Mandinka people. After all, he was of Mandinka heritage swell.
Portugal start a lumbertrading buissnes in a land called Brasil. Musa had heard rumors that there were snakes living in that land that grew bigger than elefants. He wondered if they were as sharp-dressed as his pet elefant Babar.
Musa gathered his slave army and headed to Niami to ensure no one would dare question his rule.
He decide that fat stacks of cash would be the best kind of "apology-for-not-being-a-muslim-gifts" He also ordered the grand trade city of Timbuktu to start producing jems like Niami had done a century before.
All people were not happy with have ing a Mandika ruler insted of a Maninka man. they said they just didn't like to much D in the goverment.
To ensure rebellions would not end the same way it did for the previous dynasty he laid down the groundwork of turning his slavearmy into a army that would always be active and ready to act at any given time.
The choice proved to be a wise move after the Fulani tribe tried to rebell and create their own nationall state.
Joloff is in for a rough time
Nevermind, make that two rough times.
Mansa Musa begins paying of the national debt.
Our allies acknowledge the Keitas rightful rule and suggest a marrage between the Musas cousin and a noble from the Zazzau realm to strenghten the countries bond.
The northeners bring 14.000 boomsticks. The Jolof people's time will be really really rough. Musa starts worrying if they are planning another invasion. It is a scary thought but he had recently glued together 15 stolen boomsticks to arm Babar. If they tried to humiliate Mali again they would not do it with a breeze. They would be able to though.
No stop. Bad Portugal!
France wants to move through west africa to attack Morocco. Wierd tactic but the Mansa agrees hoping they will protect the empire from future attacks from the iberians.
You are now able to critize the Mansa. However if you do so, you will be killed.
Musa expanded the buerocracy in Jallon hoping to get some more ruling power over the mountainious tribes.
Since all previous slaves had been freed, Mansa Musa decided to import slaves from portugal instead. To get the economy back on its feet again they would need extra manpower cheap.
The people of Mali really enyojed getting some new slaves and more and more people are starting to liek Musa.
It seems portugal took water over its head and overextended a bit to much. Something which is forbidden in the world of M&T.
The last loans are payed back. Musa could now start focusing in rebuilding the country.
The thought of well dressed snakes would not leave Mansa Musas head. It took over all of his time which his court argyed should be spended administrating the empire. He gave power to the generals of the civil war, as he felt he could not concentrate on both snakes and the country at the same time.
The generals seeing their oppurtunity declared war on the tribe of Kel Adhar, hoping to gain the Masas favour once he stopped drawing snakes in suits.
After seeing the traumatic effects of the civil war they decided to be more lenient on the populations of our enemies.
The Songhai immediately move into the eastern provinces hoping to win the war quickly.
The army led by Souleyman quickly crushed the Songhai army and began sieging down the neighbouring kingdom.
The Songhai kingdom surrendered unconditionally. Hopefully this would be the last time Mali blood had to be shed to reconquer the Songhai kingdom.(This is the 3rd time I've done it so far)
The tribes of Kel Adrar star moving inland in the empire.
But the Slave army is quicker.
They agree to full annexation
After returning home to the capital Souleyman was the first to discover the Mansas corpse. It was a horrific sight. Musa had cut of his arms and legs dressed in a green suit. The thoughts of well dressed snakes proved to be too much for the Mansa.
Eventhough his death became an embarresement for the court, no one could deny that his careful administering had brought the empire back from the grav after the civil war. His son was only 11 years old, and the court take control of all his duties meanwhile.

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