¡República o muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR- Part 4

Published: 2017-05-19
i write the title correctly after discovering it was written wrong the entire time

i apologise to the spanish-speaking reader(s) who have had to endure four weeks of hardship

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¡República o muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR

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¡República o la muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR- Part 3

Images: 61, author: TimFarronsMeatCannon, published: 2017-05-12

We lose the effects of war. It's about fucking time.

For seven years the Andine Federation and its predecessor state has had to endure humiliating defeats at the hands of the Chilean and Argentine transgressors. The Peruvian traitors caught us off guard and wasted lots of my time, because they had no armies and I had a tiny one which meant it took a decade to occupy a bunch of fucking jungle trees whilst they all got malaria.

Thanks a dickload for making it realistic, Paradox.
bit late that

Manuel Arteaga and the rest of the Andine Military Staff have completed their plans to professionalise the army.

Velasco looks towards recent European philosophy to look for its applications in the nation-state. A small committee is set up to study Malthusian Thought.
The Civil Service finds itself overstretched- the recent centralisation of the Federation has left them with much to do, so Velasco places the focus of his post-war administration on Cusco and its surrounding departments.
Confident that the embattled state is stable (by South American standards), Jose Antonio Paez of Venezuela offer an alliance to Velasco.

we could've done with that before but thanks i guess
Representatives in both the Federal Council and the House of Deputies propose that the capital be moved from La Paz- the Confederation of old has clearly failed, and they are keen to begin a new slate.

The old imperial Inca city of Cusco is chosen- a new prestigious era shall begin!

The Federal Council of 1844 is assembled.
The liberals in the House of Deputies are getting uppity. They claim that a free press is necessary for an intelligent population.

all the reason to vote against this proposal

not having any smart peasants in MY legislature
In accordance with the establishment of Cusco as the capital, the Army of the Federation is moved northwest.
Fuck off, we don't want you drag to us into an independence war with Argentina.
We would like to drag you into our senseless war mongering of Hispanic America thx
The native tribal chieftains demand representation in the House of Deputies.

Figuring that six largely illiterate men who visit Cusco once every four months wouldn't harm the interests of the landowners too badly, the Federal Council obliges.
Paraguay formally declares independence from Argentina.

South Americans aren't very good at keeping up with documentation, it seems.

Fuck, why do I always get chewed out when I don't meet deadlines? Entire bloody countries get away with this shit for years! Montenegro took part in the Russo-Japanese War you know, they managed to forget about it and didn't sign a peace treaty for 105 years! How the fuck does a country of what, 30,000, forget about a war?

And then I get an arse chewing when I don't hand in some shite essay about why Starbursts are of significance in the book DNA.

DNA, now that book was an absolute pile of shit. No fucking purpose. Story made no sense. Literary devices for the sake of literary devices.

Don't read it. Some of my classmates made a really entertaining movie trailer about it though, proper cringe worthy material that. Nothing to do with the book though.

the icon isn't from that trailer its from a film adaptation of the play, their misery is basically the entire plotline

The Federal Army moves to the Paraguayan border, despite the fact nothing has changed in reality.
oh no

what... what a shame
The Federal Army moves back to Cusco.

Ballivian's liberal attitude towards the sale of alcohol improved his short-term popularity, but since the end of conflict in the Federation many veterans have flooded bars and saloons with their sudden newfound free time.
In an effort to incentivise the Civil Service to work harder, the Federal Council votes to expand the voting franchise in the House of Deputies.

Coupled with the expansion of rights to all citizens of the Andine Federation, these new laws mean that even Quechua bureaucrats can vote.
Uruguay, wary of recent Argentine conquests, is keen to find allies to help protect its interests.

They have found a friend in the Federation- we seek revenge for the opportunist war of 1836 and we will have no mercy when the time comes.
The Federal Council of 1845 is assembled.

something something slight shifts other boring political analysis
Suspected to be funded by the Ecuadorian government, an author in the frontier Iquitos Department has published several hundred copies of nationalist literature.

Cusco orders the local government to do something about it, but with poor administration in the general region the damage has already been done.
General Arteaga is ordered to move the Army of the Federation to the Ecuadorian border, prompting an angry response from President Juan Jose Flores.

Flores has ruled the country since its independence in 1830, and in the last fifteen years his popular support, especially from the Ecuadorian upper classes, has waned considerably.
forgot to take a screenshot of something important ffs

President Flores' solution to lack of support from the people is to take power away from them- so he suspends the Constitution, ostensibly to give him greater means to defend the nation against the "Andine threat."

Velasco's feelings are really quite hurt and he claims to the Great Powers, as well as to the nations of South America, that Ecuador has "compromised the revolutionary value of popular sovereignty" and begins secret meetings with the Military Staff and influential members of the Federal Council to fabricate a casus belli that would lend further support to his cause.
Despite being weighed down by overextension and the great deal of work that comes with moving a national capital, the Civil Service has become much more efficient in Cusco and its surrounding departments.

The wounds and rifts between Peru and Bolivia are healing.
Flores' demagoguery isn't doing him any favours. Claiming that Ecuador is "exercising her sovereign rights" and that "the Andeans simply want a piece of our blessed lands", the international community are getting a bit sick of his patronising.

It's internal Ecuador ffs, there aren't even spectacled bears.
The liberals haven't quietened down over press reform.

The Federal Council, seeing the Ecuadorian Crisis as a way to disseminate literature and news that favours the state, passes a law allowing independent press corporations on the condition that it's heavily censored.

not having my citizens read celebrity gossip on gonzalo's fourth wife and their juicy romance
Unfortunately, the international community sees quite clearly through the Federation's intentions after this reform is passed.

However, they are largely sympathetic to Velasco's cause since Ecuador's descent into dictatorship has sparked fears of instability in the region as a whole.
Keen to improve the state of the economy, and to build factories over Gonzalo's shitty bread farm, the Federal Council approves Velasco's request to build the first Andine factory- producing canned food for soldiers and poor people.
The Malthusian Committee is disbanded- it has achieved its purpose, and the state will look into improving the education system somewhat.

Velasco's thirst for knowledge is not quenched, however- he wants to know how to achieve the ideal state!

idk i think this has worked out pretty well so far
omg guys theyre out to get us

what no i didn't say this a few months ago what are you talking about this is definitely something they are doing
The Federal Council of 1846 is formed.
Shortly afterwards, Velasco launches a furious worded attack on the Flores regime, accusing it of undermining and breaching Andine sovereignty, and of harming its own citizens.

The professional Army of the Federation will now show off its strength to the world.

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