CBR Mk 2.1 Part 85: From Ashes to Embers (2/2)

Author: Coiot
Published: 2017-09-26, edited: 2017-09-27

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CBR Mk 2.1 Part 85: From Ashes to Embers (1/2)

Images: 47, author: Coiot, published: 2017-09-26, edited: 2017-09-27

Actually, I take back my original claim. It seems like Turfan will remain for awhile as majority of the Mongolia seems to be more interesting in taking a long vacation, letting the limited units of Finland cut through the ranks of Mongolia. This might go to the way of the Mongol horde, but damages to army might mean any planned invasions of Korea won't happen any time soon. Such a shame.
And this is the reason. If Inuit or Mongolia were to strike it'd be amazing right now. Although judging from the max HP units in the cities, it seems like Korea has gotten the bulletin posted on the fridge that says “produce units no what”. Glad to see it and unless Vietnam attacks, Korea will have the opportunity to fully carpet up; a luxury that Finland and Sweden wish they could have.
Less than fifty slides ago I was talking about how Yokohama went the ways to the Inuit and now they burnt through their navy and lost both Yokohama and Mililani Muaka as the former offensive army finds themselves quickly without home. The captains of the Arsenal ships just sighs and turns their craft south-east, preparing to go to their newly acquired Hawaiian land base.
“Men, this isn't Dallas anymore.” speaks an amazed and bewildered admiral, adjusting his glasses as he looks through the occupied waters. The men, uncertain how to use their new vessel turn east, moving through the platoons of carriers and army transport corps move by.

The creaking of the untested metal becoming the ambiance before a nervous sailor looks up to their leader. “How did we even get here I mean we-...” before he could even finish speaking the Admiral tossed his bourbon to the ground. “Go east. We arrive to Nassau in a fortnight. No more questions.” he looked down to his shipwrights, turning around and returning to his quarters.

“Geez, what got on Admiral Pachacuti's nerves?” said one shipwright, only receiving some quiet mumbled replies, letting the creaking metal become ambiance once more.
Speaking of creaking ambiance, Iceland looks on with old rickety ships most likely from ancient era as Inuit potentially ponders pressing the big red
button on a one tile island Bunbury. Despite being at war, Inuit doesn't take much damage from moving next to the Australian city with nuclear arms. Perhaps a third ship accompanied them. Their life will be remembered.
Torreon seems to be slightly worried about the amount of nukes, but it seems that Inuit fans will be more worried considering the amount of nukes that could be submerged in salty waters. If you're going to drop to the air force, at least drop a flurry of fire down on Torreon for us observers to see.
The battle down here is a bit more violent. It seems that any opportunity for Blackfoot to fight a non-Inuit threat have dwindled to zero unless they strike Australia now. They have to rely on good graces with Inuit to remain relevant.
Buccaneers have cleaned up nicely. Put the drunkard in a suit and pain central America a nice shade of black and white and he's ready for the ball. And by ball, I mean ball of death and destruction. Unfortunately, much like Blackfoot. They've already run out of weak opponents. They need to bulk up and fast if they desire to stay in this game.
Tulum is getting the hug of death, but it seems like no one here is capable of capturing it. It's not even that amazing of a city and isn't easily defensible by the Buccaneers. They should let the bloodshed here be entirely of Brazil's and focus on bulking up, but alas, they're here in a stalemate. Plus, even if they lose it, they have a nice ring of black surrounding the islands. Consider it a pirate hug.
Yep, Mongolia cannot into war. I went from hyping Mongolia to just being a dejected father. Mongolia... You need to actually commit and with a sizable chunk. There's no air force. Yet again, you opted to initiate a peace agreement with Finland. Keep on being you Gengis.
In other news, you might notice that the turn is one above our usual limit. On my suggestion alone, I've opted to merge two recorded parts into one. 'Why?' you may ask, but alas, this is just a gift I'm giving to you. Got your popcorn? Got your soda? Got your healthy item of choice? Lean in and relax, sub dwellar.
Thankfully Inuit's forces don't seem too large here, but you need to be careful, as if they do declare, you should be seeing the hot islands down here become a beautiful shade of light blue. You see, I'm divided here. On one end, we really want superpowers to rival the Boer's and yet on the other end we don't want a beloved nation sink to the bottom of the sea. I'm more focused on the former though, as I believe right now Boer's are in an unassailable position, and all it takes is a war declaration on
pretty much anyone to secure them this game. If anyone wants to defeat them, they need to be unanimous and swift.
Ah, the sisters realized that Tyumen was acting as a gateway for Sibir and won't be having any of that, potentially planning to pluck not only Tyumen but also Hrazdan, a famous city flip to cause this war to stagnate. Indeed, it might've been the case that Vietnam could be competing if it wasn't for this famous city flip by Sir Kek himself. In fact, they seem to be currying loads of bad omens with major superpowers lately. Let's hope they don't get denounced like Tibet as unlike them, denouncements could mean serious war.
This front however seems quite volatile. Remember that Mk2.1 isn't perfect, and minor relationship values couldn't be replicated without a major delay, so this front could become deadly for anyone. The Paratrooping paraders ponders a potentially pretty potent push from pretty pissed previous partners. Alright, I'll stop. But for realizes, I could see Helsinki flipping in one turn from a competent human player, if not two turns. Dangerous times indeed.
A bit southward on the globe, we notice some things odd. Namely the offensive Great Artist making a beautiful picture as Yerevan remains coated in flames. It seems likely any burning Armenian city will flip here unless urged by Vietnam. You can keep partying Armenia for living this long. The defense around Jerusalem has evaporated however, but it seems likely to flip any day soon. Such is the fate of anyone who settles near the Middle East.
Alrighty Pikeman, you're like the second most loved astrayed unit, please don't get too close to the warfronts. Yeah, I understand they're pretty much everywhere, but still move up. Qashliq seems nicer. There's even a Babylonian spy. Maybe you'll be able to sneak onboard. Come on and get away from here. On others news, it seems like Nishapur which was once Vietnamese some parts ago is comfortably in the hands of Sibir, but it seems like Trung doesn't want that to remain. It seems likely to be in Vietnamese hands soon.
Refugee embassy seems to be well defended this time around, but it seems like they need to abandon here and just let it be swallowed up. It's unlikely to remain in their hands for too long. Any skilled Sri Lankan player could easily negotiate passage through Vietnamese lands and bear down on the city, but with the only coast tile being occupied, it'll take some bloodshed. This city should just assimilate to Vietnam. #RefugeFreedom
Despite the lack of units, it seems like Inuit can also take a chunk out of Korea. A proper two way war with Mongolia could... actually, never
mind. I'm tired of getting my hopes up for Gengis. Anyways, Inuit could serve to assimilate some cities this part into it's core and use it's surprisingly sizable navy in this parts alongside it's competent and mobile Future World units.
If you want to take out Australian Japan, you need a large amount of melee units, something that should be pretty obvious to any actual player of the game. Ranged units lose purpose after a wide air force is assembled, and only serve to thin out the ranks of melee units attacking you. A ranged force with no melee is useless, and they made the mistake here, only damaging Tokyo and Wakayama in the process and lose Mililani Muaka in the process. Amusing thing to note, somehow Mongolia has a Power Armor just relaxing here while they declare peace elsewhere. The power of Open Borders agreements failing amuses me greatly.
About going back to Hawaii, yeah, don't. You lost out on all your ocean holdings by Australia who has mastered the city. Most of these units are also promoted in quite a numerous ways and yet completely fall apart. There was no way to succeed here too, unless more Paratoopers occupy the non 1-tile islands, but without a stream of melee ships here, again nothing will happen. Hell, it's possible Blackfoot can make sick gains here if they attack very soon. Probably not, but with the Australians occupied, they can take these islands as well as take the stray Australian American cities for themselves.
Like come on! You have many carriers that can distract the AI, enough paratroopers to do the job and you can fill out your invasion bingo card of defeating a nation, kicking a nation off your continent, surviving near a major power and buildings tons of unnecessary carriers. The prize and the land are there waiting for you, Crowfoot.
Buccs; despite having many cities in immense pain, seem to be making even more gains with an amazing usage of their units. They have human player levels of knowledge over this game. I honestly wonder what makes them so good. I think it has something to do with the fact they always have limited amount of units so no turn goes wasted. A talented army only needs one line and air force. Remember when these guys were a write-off?
“Regent Mallock. While you've sent your men off towards Hebron, it seems that a superior foe has taken Dvin. The empire is over, my lord...”
You wondered why I extended it, well we couldn't be having a part end without a few microphone drops. As if acting as one, Sweden and Boer stricken much weaker powers bringing Dvin empire to it's knees. It's alright Mallock, you'll be much better a Boer unit.
“That's not enough proof, you say? Well, let's show you the odds. Boers have easily the number one position in the globe from the Zulu forward settle, Kongo extinction, Ashanti dismissal, Ethiopian bloodshed and Buccaneer purging from parts ago. They've turtled and created an empire to be proud of, and despite losing one of the most powerful wonders in the game, remain the most powerful nation by far. Meanwhile...”
“We've lost one city, easily remain at the bottom of all but Happiness. Our treasury is bleeding rapidly and we're losing our men at a rapid rate. I'm sorry, sir. But it seems our time on this world is over...”
Roleplaying aside, we're already seeing units smashing on the borders of Gdansk and Jyvaskla, the sizable navy of Sweden clashing against the remaining Finnish resistance. This war seems decisive on water, but how does land fair?
There's many numbers here, but I want to focus on some of the main ones. 911443 active troops here with 4.7 million sq km of land/water area owned. While not unassailable, they are doing fine for themselves.
But it's not entirely over. With over half the military and almost identical land area, it seems pretty tight for Kekkonen who has been doing well so far. It seems like there's likely to great bloodshed in the future. This won't be impossible, just extremely tough. Retreat from your exclaves, as the war comes home Urho Kekkonen.
Kekkonen has realized this and has peace out with Armenia, Sri Lanka and Sparta, most likely giving some money away in the process. It's time to move your planes home and accept that this will be a tough battle.
Down on the souther front, it seems pretty hard as Ohrid bombs down on Adrianople, a few units approach the front, but they can only flip the city once by water. The ranged naval units has no use in this battle unless Vietnam strikes, and considering they're moving north, this might be likely. Brace for impact, Finnish fans.
Armenia got out of this too, and good, considering it seems likely that the units produced in nearby Yervantashat were going for the capital. The artist is so proud, he run towards Finnish soldier desiring one moment of peace between the once waring nations. Such idealists they are.
In non-war diplomatic news. Historical landmarks was passed, benefiting many Civs all over with increased culture gain, especially those with high amount of Great Works like those in Europe. This'll give major boosts to Sweden as
they march to Finland, granting them roughly 30 additional culture per turn. Boer's do se benefits, but in much less of a quantity overall, having chosen to instead focus on Future World improvements.
In less diplomatic news, it seems like Agent Em has uncovered a plot between former rivals with Kimberly nearby looking on in horror. It doesn't seem like they are on any good standing either, so this might hold even more truth than others.
Oh boy, with Wroclaw's citizens glad it's not on the coast, it seems like the naval power is going right to Helsinki. Iceland also seemed to have disappeared from these slides moments ago. While this war is dramatic, if Iceland did attack, they might be able to sweep over a swept through land in a very Ireland-esque fashion. Opportunities here for you Iceland, you just have to make them. But I'm getting ahead of myself. It seems like there's a non-Ashanti pike man in this slide just viewing the carnage for themselves. I'm uncertain who is controlling them, but they're in dangerous land. One exchanged nuke could spell the end for the poor unit. Dangerous times, Finland fans.
Instead of detailing the chaos, it might be better to describe all that's happening. Adrianople take pretty severe damage with a unit in range for capture. Poznan seems likely to fall as well with people closing in Wroclaw from all directions. Cities are being unpuppeted just as fast as they're taking damage, so it seems like Finland is in this 100%. The army doesn't seem impossible, but that land army build is deadly. All melee units with a small air force for damage. If this bias remains true, I'd be happy losing Finland for more powerful Europe. We all want a true Europe strong, and if a few people have to die for that to happen, oh well, right?
Alright, I've trashed on Sibir for a long time, but once more the lower amount of units seems to benefit the AI, as they're taking good usage of them and weakening the key units. It seems like Sibir always can manage these hoards well. Maybe the Atilla taught him some secrets in hiding... Mongolia, take notes.
Alrighty, I don't know how it happened, but you didn't act soon enough. These lands could've been yours and instead you're witnessing as the Aussie's form a counter attack. I honestly love how things like this can happen from nowhere, considering the string of defeats the Aussie's delivered to them earlier. They both seem determined to strike down on the Australian menace.
Again with the surprising snipe of Therapne. I don't even know how that happened, but I don't see a melee unit in range. Maybe the Buccs
accepted that it wouldn't be there's and focused on keeping their melee units alive. Hopefully we see more carpeting in the future.
Worst of both worlds! Not only has Tulum gone the way of Brazil, but the losing of Therapne means they lose the ability to hug Tulum, quite a loss indeed. But for real, this sucks in many ways, as it isolates Buccaneer forces from the mainland. Nassau canel city means little if you cannot move through Inuit or Brazillian waters, two nations that want you deader than Dvin. Too soon?
Alas, we're at the InfoAddict slides, and we can see some interesting numbers. Sweden triumphs over Finland, Sibir does surprisingly well for the location they are in and the top contenders run away with it. Vietnam has suffered from minor starvation compared to the others, but it shouldn't be too bad right?
Again, not much to say here, as the people are at the bottom. Kind of disappointed to see Buccs here, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Without Dvin, the food amount in Sparta has fallen greatly. Hover your F keys folks but not too long. That'll cause some wrist related injury and I don't want to be liable. So, think about hovering. That'll do.
Those who are on top remain on top. Buccaneers peak in while Inuit surprisingly catches up to the Boer's with their few captured. I wonder who has more cities?
Sparta, son. You're two away from Tibet. Two. Welcome to the table of the rump, you may sit on it for a turn or two. We'll welcome you to the sub shortly.
Oh boy, Open Borders. I'll use this slide to actually thank everyone for all the compliments. Seriously, it touches my depressed tired heart to hear all the thanks for us. Truthfully, it's been a journey and we thank you for sticking past the last part. We hope to not only retain you but bring the sub back to life. In the past 20 days, we've gained more unique viewers than the Mk3 had during it's hype. While we're not at Mk2 numbers, it's still rather impressive if I do say so myself. As much as I want to show you the bloodbath of the ages, that'll come next time on the /r/civ Civilization Battle Royale (make sure to roll that R). 'Til then, ciao.

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