Rise of the Sun of May - Part 7: King Rosas I (1872-1877)

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Published: 2017-02-01

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Rise of the Sun of May - Part 6: The Unification War  (1871-1872)

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After a month of debating with himself and the Senate on what Argentina should do next, Rosas finally makes a decision.
On December 10th 1872, the Kingdom of Argentina is officially established. Juan Manuel de Rosas, now at the ripe old age of 79 (but still very sharp), is coronated as King Rosas I.
Rosas unexpectedly makes a huge announcement at his coronation. Now an old man, content with his gained power and place in the world and certain his fight was over, King Rosas I declares his monarchy a constitutional one! Rosas is greeted by a massive applause, both from his adoring citizens and his colleagues in the Senate. The Senate will now be reformed into a Parliament controlled by a Prime Minister.
Hundreds of parades and balls are carried out across the country. The new King Rosas I attends several, including this one held at the (formerly presidential) palace in Buenos Aires. Not only did the people have a new king to look to for inspiration, but he was gracious enough to allow the people rightful political power! Viva la Argentina! Viva la Rosas!
The new flag (yes I know it's not exactly the in game one, I had to draw this up myself) of the kingdom is unveiled at the newly branded 'Unification Palace' in Buenos Aires.
And here we see the Argentine forces flying the flag proudly in the wind!
In celebration of the recent events, the final Senate of the Confederation passes a bill allowing more breathing room for trade unions. By supporting the bill, the Autonomistas have managed to gain the attention of citizens and workers from all sides of the aisle. Rosas flourishes in his and his party's newfound popularity.
The Andean drunks are at it again. This time, probably after celebrations of unification and the coronation, there are more riots. Rosas, who is still dealing with internal affairs as the Senate resets and prepares for a Prime Minister, kinda pushes it off with a
By January, the elections for Prime Minister has begun. (Briefly to explain- i am basing these elections on US Presidential elections with electoral college and everything so it fits with the in game mechanics of elections whilst also making it interesting for you, the viewer. Also ignore any falsehoods on these historical characters as I might need to change/improvise since it's harder to find info about 1800s Argentine politicians). The Conservative Partido Autonomista, former party of the now 'neutral' King Rosas, nominates Adolfo Alsina. Alsina acted as more of a left-ish conservative, advocating for some Rosas style status quo but with less Platinean supremacy.
Partido Nacional nominates Nicolás Avellaneda. Son of the late Admiral Avellaneda, Nicolás served as the youngest member of the Argentine Senate. His parties platforms were no where near in depth, however, based on three vague goals- "national identity, constitutionalism, and freedom ".
The Liberals nominate Bartolomé Mitre who was a strong critic of the Autonomists. Mitre believe that the entire party was just a 'veiled' Buenos Aires separatist group as well as a strong Platinean supremacy group.
The Socialist active Freemason and former chief of Rosas' military police, Leandro N. Alem. He was very anti-authoritarian and was also an incredibly good debater.
Following the Unification war and the huge losses of the Battle of the Andes, the population has become increasingly anti military. Socialist candidate Alem managed to pull much of the populace closer to his pacifist ideology but not the whole way.
News from Paraguay, the Reactionaries have overthrown the Parliament there and banished King Roque I. Rosas offers Roque refuge but the damn rebels have managed to pull Paraguay from our grasp. We must make sure that Roque will reign again!
Science, kids.
Rosas notifies General Santos to begin moving the army to the border. With the possibility of anti militant or even pacifist Prime Ministers rising, Rosas wants this to be dealt with quickly.
More debates show the public's support of immigrant citizenship.
In May, Rosas decides to replace General Santos with the up and coming General Balcarce. The aging Santos happily accepts the offer to only command small armies if any.
Taxes rise and reserves raise.
~~Meanwhile in Europe~~ Massive war pitting the North Germans, Swedish, Ottomans, etc against the French and the Belgians! Fun!
Blah blah blah.
Recent events in Paraguay have convinced some of the populace of the importance of militaries, but not to the point of Jingoism.
On July 11th 1873, the results of the first Argentine Prime Minister election come in. In our electoral system (which is a bit too complicated to fully explain here but I can explain it if you want in the comments), 49 votes are required to win. Autonomist Adolfo Alsina receives 48, but his fellow conservative Avellaneda relinquishes his 15 votes to Alsina when he sees the results. Adolfo Alsina is now the First Prime Minister of Argentina!
As Alsina meets with Rosas for the first time after being elected, the Paraguayan situation leads the conversation. Alsina and Rosas eventually agree that the illegitimate rogue Paraguayan government must be removed as soon as possible. On July 26th, both Alsina and Rosas sign the official declaration of war.
General Balcarce immediately moves into Asunción along with the now lower commander Santos who has control of the reserve rabble. Small pockets of resistance are easily crushed by the men. King Roque can't wait to sit on his throne again.
By October, a horrifying amount (around 83,000) Brazilian troops are spotted on the Uruguayan state border. The information is decided to be withheld from the public by Alsina so as to not spark any fear or panic.
~~Meanwhile in Europe~~ The North Germans have managed to unite Germany under one banner while we were busy also uniting. Good for them and us!
In December, a small group of Paraguayan reserves raid on the border, but Balcarce, Santos and Citizen-General Williman agree that they are on the verge of total victory.
The Argentine Parliament of 1874 is assembled. The Conservatives have retained control during the eventful years and lead the first Parliament. The Radicals follow through with their Socialist deal and have joined them in a coalition now as powerful as the Liberals. (If you are wondering how the total number was calculated, just ask and i'll answer fully in the comments) By the way, the Autonomistas kept the Federal party color and the Nacionals took a lighter version of this, making the Conservative Coalition all shades of pink and purple.
On January 6th, Asunción falls once again to Argentine hands! The illegitimate government still does not accept a peace deal, opting to 'hold' as long as possible so the top administrators can escape the country in case of future execution.
On January 7th, Alsina successfully sponsors and pushes an anti child labor law through Parliament in a nearly unanimous decision.
Balcarce handily defeats those Paragu
On January 31st, after probably escaping to Chile, the leaders of the Paraguayan regime sends a plea for peace to Alsina. The PM accepts and King Roque I is put back in place as King of Paraguay (under Rosas of course)!
The reserves are lowered and Balcarce returns to Buenos Aires once again victorious!
On February 1st, the short-lived Partido Autonomista and Partido Nacional come to an agreement. After noting the dangerous near loss-due-to-not-reaching-a-majority situation was caused by their party split, the parties unite to gain more power. Autonomista Nacional is formed and Alsina happily complies to the deal, joining the new party.
And here she is- Beautiful Argentina! We now rank 18th on the global scale in power!
The clothing factory isn't doing shit because it has no supplies I guess. (On the side- before I conquered Entre Rios, the factories were in Paraná and Corrientes, but after capturing the entire state, both factories magically moved to Misiones which has the lowest population in the state which i'm guessing affects the workforce. Is this a glitch or something? Pourquoi?)
Balcarce diverts course to hang out in Corrientes for awhile near the Paraguayan border after witnessing new 'independence' rebels rise and quickly striking them down.
Alsina and his party have headed a multi thousand dollar project to build rails leading to both Córdoba and Corrientes from Buenos Aires. The rails were planned in a 'V' shape but of course Vic 2 hates me and you will witness how bad they look in the future.
Small groups of people have begun rallying and protesting for expanded voting rights. Alsina, a strong proponent of democracy, allows them to take place for now.
Admiral Pedernera requests the construction of several new Clippers.
Nothing wrong with a little Nationalism, boys.
By the way I've been skipping these pop ups because I don't feel I can make them interesting but just know that they are happening. Is that good enough? Shhhhhh yes it is don't complain.
At 17th on the global scale, we sit at the brink of taking a Secondary Power spot!
The following is a series of small rebel risings in several countries that are dealt with in various innovative ways.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
By the way, the Brazilians troops have luckily left after almost giving me a heart attack.
Immigration is going swimmingly. We currently hold immigrant numbers contesting even Brazil. People love our country, we have the best country.
The Argentine Parliament of 1876 is assembled. Not too much different, but the Autonomista Nacional makes it's debut as a united party once again.
In January, initiatives are planned out to begin fully legally integrating Uruguay as a core part of Argentina.
The state has almost completely culturally assimilated since it's capture, meaning the job shouldn't be too difficult.
More colonizing in the south. (This creates yet another state down that way)
Here we go- as the railroad extension to Córdoba is built, feast your eyes on that wonderful planned out 'V' shape of rail.
And more colonizing.
In November, Parliament officially calls for expanding of the army by 4 more brigades of varied types.
And more colonizing.
A small group of angry communists rise in February. Meanwhile, in the Unification Palace, King Rosas has fallen ill of pneumonia. Politicians begin speculating on his declining health but the King himself writes it off as a product of winter + old man.
Our spies caught the Brazilians attempting to infiltrate Colombia. They appear to be planning to 'liberate a country'. One needs to be a bit behind on the times if they did not realize this country was Panama.
Speaking of Panama, the canal has already been built (along with the Suez by the French).
Balcarce sweeps up the small rebellion, expecting to return his troops to Buenos Aires within the coming weeks. His expectations were wrong.
On March 24th 1877, King Juan Manuel de Rosas, a frail shell of his former self, dies of pneumonia in the Unification Palace at 83 years old. His last words, spoken to Prime Minister Alsina, were, after all that has happened under him, of humble origin (and roughly translated): "I hope the future bodes well". While thousands mourn, thousands more have differing plans on how the situation should be handled. Rosas had his son, Juan Bautista Ortiz de Rosas, in line for the throne.
The next day, Juan Bautista Ortiz de Rosas is assassinated by a group of Radicals during planning for his coronation. Across the country, thousands of Reactionaries rise up; they are hell bent on capturing the government for themselves so the dirty Leftists and Radicals can't take control.
While the military has to handle the rebellion, tensions rise in the Parliament in a full on succession crisis. Rosas I had no other male heirs other than illegitimate children. The Parliament finally comes to an agreement after hours and hours of nonstop debating (both peaceful and violent). Hastily, on March 26th 1877, a day after her brother had been killed and two days after her father had died, Queen Manuela Robustiana Rosas, stylized as Queen Manuela I, is coronated at the Unification Palace in Buenos Aires.

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