Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 4 - It's Tonga time!

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Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 3 - Flipping like a boss

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*Switches on the lights* Ok so this is awkward. It's been a while, but we are finally picking up where we left off. I'm /u/kenny1997, and this is the 4th installment of the Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II. I'll be trying out a slightly different narration style than usual, and I'd appreciate any feedback on it.

Back to the action, Slovenia manage to flip Nova Gorica again from Andorra, and with the surrounding army look set to hold it. Despite Andorra's slightly superior air force (though most are tri-planes if memory serves me correctly) their lack of land units should be quiet worrying. In the background, Lebanon decides it's time to bring Samoa to their knees and kicks off another war.
Trinidad and Tobago (Gonna call them TT from now on) are slicing up Samoa like a hot knife through butter using his admittedly small navy. Due to Samo's large navy all being on the inner sea, a lack of a canal city means she only has land units to flip them back, and with only one melee unit the cities could stay red for a while.
In the meantime, the Lebanese declaration of war pays dividends as they capture the city of Ili`Ili, however despite a formidable land army, the inner sea navy is truly nothing to scoff at.
Lebanon move into the atomic era and will soon (hopefully) start splitting the atom. Nuclear wars ho!
Samoa managed to flip Ili`Ili using her large inner sea navy, but it's now likely to join the TT empire and potentially stay that way.
Indeed it does! And with only a single melee ship, the odds of it returning to the nice blue and orange hue and slim to none...
With Andorra completing the manhattan project, we move one step closer to nuclear war. However, it seems like Slovenia are content to sit back with their current gains, which may be wise seeing as Andorra have conjured up a respectable army out of nowhere
The red backdoor squad strikes again taking the city of Aua while in the background the Nu`uuli is taken down the yellow. At this rate Samoa may end up chewed up before the part is over.
Another one bites the dust with the fall of Malie, while Lebanon also finished the Manhattan Project!
Samoa keeps on hurting badly as Lebanon finishes the double capture of Vailele and Nu`uuu however the latter may end up flipping back due to the presence of the navy
Slovenia seem to have decided to switch fronts and took back their city of Sevinca that Andorra had taken a few parts ago
And with the switching of fronts, Andorra launch a massive army on the front where they had been losing horribly. Slovenia's army has all but evaporated meaning that Andorra has a good chance to push back into the Slovenian cities!

Also Chagos starts their own nuke production, but questions remain on who will be the first to push the button.
Speaking of progress, Andorra pushes on into the information era meaning they are starting to finally gain access to future era units which could change the tide of the war once and for all.
The tech disparity is laid bare, with bombers being sent to the Andorran front lines while infantry square off against lancemen.

As all this battling goes on, TT decides it's a great time to plant a new city on a peninsula right next to the large Andorran cities
The settlement now seems even more ill advised as it is clear that Andorra has produced their own nukes, and depending on how the AI bias rolled may be willing to use them!
Fierce fighting is met with great reward as Andorra once again flips Nova Gorica and with the army surrounding it there is little chance of it flipping back.

In the background Luxembourg being the only freedom civ create the useful Statue of Liberty
In sheer desperation Samoa are throwing everything they can at their former cities, as evidenced by a trimene of all things on the front lines. The valiant efforts of the soldiers, while not forgotten, will be futile considering the enemy they are fighting.

Also interesting to note that the tech disparity between the continents is quiet large.
After what proved to be a balanced war, Luxembourg and Tonga declare peace, however it is interesting to see that Luxembourg have a settler ready to hopefully go and colonise what little free land is left.
Andorra keep pushing on and are rewarded with Trbovlje for their efforts as the keep on trying to push further into Slovenian land, however their efforts are being hampered by the infantry that Slovenia is now sporting.
And in a brave show of resistance, a Slovenian ironclad slips past the barricades and recaptures Nova Gorica for the Slovenians. The city has changed hands so many times it is amazing that anyone still lives there!
As TT finish their own first step to nukes, it is evident that Samoa are well and truly marching onto the grave. Their large inner sea navy is all but gone, and their land army seems to consist of only a few Renaissance units
Despite opting for Freedom, Luxembourg still have some bite left in them as they take Pierre from Chagos giving them access to the main ocean at last.
Unfortunately all it took was one well placed Chagos ship to flip the city back and with it steal all hopes of a Luxembourg navy...
Samoa decides to throw in the towel by making peace with TT and as a result gives up all cities save for her capital. This does however mean that Lebanon cannot kill them unless they have open borders with TT, which judging by the units in Pago Pago is indeed the case!
While freedom must indeed prevail, the wave of TT units on Luxembourg mean that while they may gain access to the coast, it could end up costing their capital, a blow from which they would not recover.
Slovenia decides that the Andorran stalemate is growing stale, so they open up a new front with Chagos instantly going on the offensive working hard to take down Jacobin
The previous DOW seems to have ruffled a few TT feathers, and they decide the time is ripe to declare war. Sadly for them, Chagos have an army right on the edge of all those newly puppeted coastal cities...
Luxembourg keeps on getting swarmed from all sides with 3/4 cities hitting yellow kicking off the race between Samoa and Luxembourg as to whom will shuffle off the cylinder first
The great Chagos coalition begins, with Samoa and Tonga both declaring war. While the former is impotent, the latter does have a decent army within striking distance of the capital.
And things do indeed get worse for Chagos as Jacobin falls to Slovenia with little chance of flipping back
Luxembourg's capital Luxembourg, falls to red and there is a melee unit well within range to take it
A perfectly timed peace treaty nets TT not only a capital, but also the coastal city of Pierre ensuring that area of the coast is totally closed off.
Which is then quickly lost to Chagos due to the aforementioned poorly timed DOW. The AI at it's best and worst in two slides.
Just a quick peak to show that TT also have nukes now, and given their high aggression will likely use them.
In a move that most players would be proud of, Luxembourg take back Pierre and peace out with Chagos meaning that despite losing their capital, they are still not 100% on the chopping block.
The Slovenian UU sees more action as it takes Jukong. Unlike the Andorran front Slovenia is making good headway and could potentially cripple one of their closest rivals.
The first future worlds unit is here; the supercarrier. An upgrade to the usual carrier, while it is not the most powerful unit, it does indicate that Andorra are making large strides in tech.
TT once again show their naval prowess taking two Chagos cities at once and a severe lack of melee units shows that they will likely stay red for a while longer
An Andorran push takes them as far in as Kamink, which as of now is the deepest incursion into Slovenian territory. If they are not careful, all their gains from Chagos could end up being for nothing with the losses on the eastern front.
While Mapou does flip back, the larger city of Takamana turns a familiar shade of red. Even if the city flips back, the damage has been done. Chagos need to be careful they do not go the way of Samoa.
Speaking of Samoa, their capital is down to 0HP, but without any melee units the Lebanese offensive is all for naught. That said, they may yet live on using the settler they have produced.
Tonga shows some teeth and takes two cities from Chagos. Given their lackluster performance in the CBRX it is heartening to see them do competently for once.
Tonga keeps up their ruthless streak taking two more coastal cities and damaging the capital. The once great Chagonese empire is being reduced to nothing but rubble.
Samoa cannot seem to get a break, with Andorra deciding that they cannot be allowed to live and thus promising to eliminate them as soon as it's convenient.
Slovenia keeps up the offensive and takes another Chagos city. All things considered this war is going great for all parties involved (save for Chagos of course)
Tonga not only manages to secure the entire coastline, but are now marching onto the capital where they will rendezvous with Slovenian troops in an attempt to take down the head of the beast.
Samoa may yet live another day after declaring peace with Lebanon. Luxembourg are by far and beyond not a risk to the single city civ.
In what was easily the most shocking moment of this part, Andorra managed to sneak a SAM into the capital of Slovenia taking it. While it is not likely to stay Andorran, this blow cannot be understated especially when compared to the state of their rivals!
Just as expected, Slovenia do retake their capital, but with it comes a death knell for Luxembourg and both TT and Lebanon decide they are overdue to die. However a lack of army does give Luxembourg a golden opportunity to retake their capital!
Finally Slovenia decided it's time to fully focus on Andorra and peace out with Chagos allowing Tonga to take the capital and in doing so secure a large chunk of the continent.
Andorra lead the population stats by a country mile, while surprisingly Chagos lead up the bottom.
TT is the leading industry producer, with Samoa in dead last due to their one city.
TT have a massive army, however unless it's used it's fairly useless. That said Lebanon is not even close so a war between the two could prove very one sided.

(I should point out TT has at least 6 atomic bombs skewing the numbers)
And surprisingly enough despite Andorra having so many new shiny toys, its TT who lead the tech industry with Samoa being dead last over 20 techs behind.

Thanks for watching, and please give me feedback on this new narration style and whether I should switch to it or not.

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