Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Thirteen: The End of the Line

Published: 2018-06-12, edited: 2018-06-13

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Twelve: Trench Warfare

Images: 5, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-04-29, edited: 2018-06-12

In the first slide we see the Byzantine core along with a rebel state taking 2 cities. However they won’t stay that way for long as the massively overwhelming Byzantine force will retake them in the next turn
Next up is the Byzantine-Omani frontline. My god the Omanis have Infantries up the ass. Even I can’t defend my 1 city rebellion against that horde
Next up is what I’m assuming Akkad (I swear that 22 health gain is blocking my fucking view) getting fucked Egyptian rifleman. Shame they couldn’t bring some infantry over here, huh?
The puny Omanese navy stares in awe at the (not so) astounding Egyptian fleet. Shame they will get obliterated
The only reason this slide is here is because of the 2 rebel musketmen lmao
Pay more attention to the top corner, where Byzantines are taking a Persian city.
Persians are trying and miserably trying to take Georgian cities. Oh how the mighty how have fallen.
The pasargadae that I gave to byzzies was retaken by persia. Nobody saw that coming!
Oman is getting close to retake my only city, despite the efforts of Byzantium to defend it. Thanks, Lego!
The byzantines have retaken both of the cities that flipped, with a noticeable amount of civilian casualties. That must’ve been easy.
The Egyptians have seemingly surrounded the terrorist-controlled ta-ynt-netert? Ridiculously hard to spell. Anyways, they have mostly embarked units around it, can’t see that going too well. Not even a piece of artillery, smh.
The Persians and Byzantines unite to fight terrorism! No, but seriously, never would’ve I thought byz and persia attacking the same city
Bactra falls to the Byzantines. Dayum, this Byzantine army is quite the large one. Merv is bound to fall.

Amidst all the artillery, riflemen and Great War infantry, there is a lone pikemen just boolin’ by the river.
The battle between Oman and Byzantium is fierce. They both have decent amount of units located around the area, but Oman seems to have the upper hand here.
Georgia declares war on east georgia. Telavi is already bound to fall.
As expected, the rebel city is proving hard to retake. Who would’ve thought that naval units are bad at taking cities? They brought frigates too.
I don’t know how the fuck Oman is still holding Akko. Hell, you have cannons, riflemen and whatnot. You have the superiority. Just take the god damned city!
Not much in this slide. Ozurgeti took a bunch of damage outta nowhere. While I have your attention, notice that the game runner has 2 unhappiness?
Manga is holding up well against Oman. But once the Omani Infantry gets to the walls, it’s over for the Byzantine loyalists.
Egyptians still haven’t taken Akko. I’m impressed with the Omani defense. However, Egyptians having to bring in trebuchets clearly tells something about their status.
They finally did it! They took back the city with that weird name that I’m not gonna read out! Guess the frigates helped.
Update: istakhr didn’t fall and the Byzantines received backup from divisions coming in from the south. This sorely needed support is what will keep Istakhr Byzantine.
Egypt finally took Akko. Egypt also took Sebastea.
Telavi still hasn’t fallen. I’ll admit, the Georgian civil war slides are the most boring thing to come out of this part.
Not much in this slide, other than stray Persian and Omani divisions in Babylon. I’ll pay attention to CC’s top bar instead. Did you know that he has 22 faith?
NB’s Big Ben lives on! Now ivy can’t destroy it, since it’s the last part. [REDACTED] you, Ivy!
I’m still not sure about Istakhr. It seems like the three Omani infantry units are omnipresent near the war-torn city.
Did you know that CC has 6 oil? I wonder where he’d get that from.

CC's Note: Amsterdam has some. I needed oil to make my secret weapons more destructive for... ermmm... "gameplay implementation." Nothing to see here, just move along now
Telavi finally flipped. You know, this is like the war of the post colonial nations, still having units like crossbowmen.
New Babylon gets surrounded by Persian units and starts taking damage. Same for dur-kurigalzu but Oman.
Oh my god! Such a huge and intense battle! But seriously Oman seems to have the upper hand here, having multiple battleships and a destroyer. Egypt sucks like it usually does.
The porcelain tower has been built in Egypt. That extra GS will be useful.
Narmer has built the Forbidden palace. That helps with happiness, but the WC delegates are useless.
Aaand Oman took Istakhr. They’re getting close to Babylon, but there’s a massive unit presence around that.
Telavi seems like its gonna fall back to East Georgia. Nothing else exciting is going on.
In the blink of an eye, Istakhr flips back to Byzantium. Now it seems like Oman has no chance of taking it back.
This slide made me think of Borjomi drinking water. I haven’t heard it’s good, it’s just like healthy water, I guess? They run a lot of advertisements for it here though.
Telavi flips back to East Georgia, with Georgian troops being too close for comfort. Eugh.
Oman flips Dor. Good job, Oman!
Oh shit they actually flipped Babylon cities. The capital flips to Persia, and the other to Oman. I’m impressed (though artillery is a powerful unit)
Byzantium is closing in on the Omani core. With the front line being nonexistent, the Byzantine units can just waltz through, facing barely any resistance. Hillah is already taking damage, and I expect these 2 cities to flip within 2 turns.
This slide gives a better view. Like look, there’s barely any defence against the units filling in from the south. Though up next after that is desert. Good thing attrition doesn’t exist in civ!
By the way, it’s Merca, not Mecca. How confusing.
And the eternal flipping continues. Telavi has already flipped back to West Georgia.
As I predicted, both cities have flipped to Byzantium. Samail will be a tough one to take, unit presence and all that. But it’s doable.
Also notice Mari. Fuck naval units in AI games, always flipping the cities whenever they can.
Egypt: “what’s a navy?”
Oman: “what’s a ground force?”
Oh my god, Babylon has actually been eliminated. Press F to pay respects.
Same shit as last time. Byzantium trying to flip Omani cities, this time tushpa, samail and Mari.
Oman is trying to flip another confusingly-named city. I doubt they’ll succeed, though.
Mari and Tushpa have flipped, with Merca to follow. Samail seems to be intact.
Oman did manage to flip a city, however it will be flipped back rather quickly. Egyptian presence is too strong.
So the vicious cycle continues. I swear I can’t keep up with this shit.
Byzantium completed… louvre. Did you know that CC has been losing golden age points each turn? I swear it was like 100 something a while ago. I didn’t know unhappiness takes off points from golden ages.

CC's Note: Running this part made me lose golden age points
Samail is getting attacked now. Logically, the next target after that should be Djanet.
Egypt manages to flip their cities back. Those Omani ships will certainly cause some trouble, though.
And thus they flip that city. I won’t bother spelling it out. Fine, Nenj-Neswt.
Djanet is still taking damage. It won’t fall so easily.
Oh, it has almost fallen now. CC used to have 2 GPT, now its only 1. Shame.
And so the vicious cycle continues. See, this is why I hate naval units in AI games. They’re a ridiculous nuisance that does nothing but flip cities.
This is basically the same slide, except with less ships. Hey, CC went from 78 to 80 gold in 1 turn! This tells me that he still has 2 GPT.
This is literally a slide of a 2 pop half damaged city with a submarine and a destroyer. What an useless slide smh

CC's Note: That comment is literally commenting on the obvious. What a useless comment smh
Seems like samail has flipped 2 times, having 1 population. That machine gun is definitely a nuisance to Byzantium, since it’s there and not a GWI.
Also, Oman has planes!
West Georgia is now attacking Persian controlled… Tsqaltubo? What even is that name? I could make something more coherent by smashing on my keyboard 3 times.
However, Persian backup from the south is bad news for West Georgia.
Oh damn, would you look at that! Bottom left. Byzantium is marching an army against the Omani lands. Impressive from the AI.
Also, samail still hasn’t fallen. Susa looks like it could fall soon, though. Same for mari. Depends on who moves a melee unit next to the city first.
The Persians seem to have defeated all Georgian units from taking their city. Now the region is void of units. Good job!
The Omanis will flip that city once again. Nothing unusual here, move on.
The Byzantines are still attacking Samail, this time from the other side. Genius planning by the generals! /s
Ok 80s it’s the brilliant Byz strategist Tefmon here to finish up the narration, since Moonie had to go to sleep ‘cause timezones or something. Sad! Anyway, the east georgian front looks as slow as ever.
rip that Georgian rifleman. He died bravely fighting against the oppressive Persian menace. Also rip Turkmenbasi, now occupied by that aforementioned Persian menace.
That’s an interesting capital for Rome.
The Byzantine AI has cunningly deployed its forces in the uninhabited desert. Also Oman has tanks of some sort.
Of course glorious Byzantine athletes won the Olympics. Git reky scrubs.
Byzantium’s AI captures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
All is quiet at the far northeastern edge of the map.
If it weren’t for all the smoldering wreckage of pillaged tile improvements all over the map, you might not even be able to tell that there’s a war going on here.
The Samail moshpit continues.
Persian forces advance on Telavi. Looks like glorious Byzantine support every twenty turns was crucial to Georgian successes on this front.
Oman’s AI recaptures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
Yep; rip Telavi.
Byzantium’s AI re-recaptures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
A spooky invisible Persian city is settled in the desert wastelands.
Egypt appears to be holding up just fine against the Omani menace.
Senaki is under seige.
Looks like the Samail moshpit has finally dissapated. Susa now apears to be under seige, as well.

CC's Note: heh heh. heh.
Press F to pay respects to west Georgia’s east Georgian holdings.
“Work has now begun on Walls.”

CC's Note: it's to keep the rioters out.
Persia’s AI re-re-recaptures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
Kutaisi was supposed to have been transferred to Byzantium. Silly Gamerunner.
Senaki has been re-liberated by Georgia! Glory be!

Byzantium’s AI re-re-re-recaptures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
Embarked Byzantine rocket artillery move to engage Susa at point-blank range.
Looks like Byzantine aquatic artillery charge strats were a success. Susa is liberated.

The Persian fleet in the Caspian slowly moves westwards.
The Omani navy is deployed in full force against the 1-pop Egyptian city of Dor.
Persia’s AI de-liberates Susa. Also the Samail moshpit looks to be starting up again.
The previous slide, but zoomed in a bit.
Egypt keeps holding their own against Oman’s navy.
Susa and Mari swap owndership. Looks like Persia’s “””trench””” opened up some room for naval warfare.
The Persian invasion fleet descends upon Georgia.
Mari is re-liberated by Byzantium. Samail still ramains solidly Omani.
Mari is re-liberated by Byzantium. Samail still ramains solidly Omani.
Oman’s AI re-re-re-re-recaptures that low-pop desert city. Good for them.
The Persian invasion fleet lays seige to Khashuri.
Byzantium’s liberation of Samail was short-lived.
Oman can into military-industrial complex.
Samail is once again free of Omani misrule.
Oman has conquered Dor, a city of tremendous strategic importance.
Byzantium captures the actually strategically important city of Ecbatana. Persian troops appear to be in position to immediately retake it, however.
What did I tell you? Susa and Samail now seem to be solidly Byzantine, however.
I don’t even know what to say here.

CC's Note: new cities anyone? No? Okay...
Byzantium again takes Ecbatana, and Persia again is prepared to imeditely retake it.
“The Achaemenids has [sic] denounced Oman!”
Bampur is free!
Oman continues their proud tradition of wanton destruction by inventing the atom bomb.
A few cities flip.
Dafuq is even happening here?
Byzantium and Persia trade Susa and Bampur.
Tehran enters the fray. Good luck with that m8.
The Byzantine advance is rebuffed, with Samail and Bampur falling to the Omani-Persian hordes.
Good use of your production, Georgia.
Mari falls too. Silly trench-sea.
Samail is again liberated by the Byzantines, but the Omani navy looks ready to de-liberated them.
I am again at a loss for words.
Oman the wonderwhore. Not that a shmancy theatre will do them much good atm.
Byzantium can into space.
Oman can into internet censorship.
Looks like Ecbatana is back in the hands of the Persian menace. And with that, this part is at an end. Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion to the Byzantine-Egyptian-Georgian-Babylonian-Omani-Persian war next time on CHGball Z!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Thirteen and a Half

Images: 37, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-06-12, edited: 2018-06-13

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