France IA Redux: Part 0 - Introductions

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France IA Redux

Bonjour les amis! Je suis u/porkpot and I'm here with France IA redux. We've got 40 civs, so this will be a great match! I say will as this game has been run to completion and a winner has been decided.
We'll start off the introductions with Cornwall in Truro led by Michael An Gof. His UA is is simply the Celts Vanilla UA.

To their east is Alfred's Anglo-Saxons in Winchester. They get golden ages faster, and policies are cheaper during those same golden ages.
Across the Channel lies Charles de Gaulle's France in Brest. Great generals grant the amphibious promotion and can be expended for culture, and for each city controlled by an enemy they get +10% great general production (up to 50%).

St. Malo is the home of Samuel de Champlain's New France. They get double furs, and rivers extend trade routes and units move along them as if they were flat terrain.

Anne of Brittany is in Naoned. I'll keep it short, as SMAN gave her a bunch of bonuses, she gets a bunch of naval bonuses and some to gold as well.

Lastly on this slide is Margaret of Anjou in Laval. Technically she's the House of Lancaster, but seeing as she's from Anjou, she's in the game. Every time she conquers a city she gains a large amount of gold.
In Rouen is Normandy led by William the Conqueror. If you own another civ's capital and capture one of their cities, you get a free courthouse. Every city is also given a free castle.

In Tours is Catherine de Medici. Spies are less likely to be caught and negative spy stealing rate modifiers are only half as effective against them.

Louis XVI is in Orleans, and the second of our France civs. They gain faith and gold based on global happiness and golden age points based on local happiness when adopting a new social policy.

Another France civ is led by Louis XIV. Unfortunately for them, they have Vanilla France's UA.
In Bruges is Flanders led by Robert III. They get +1 food from every food providing tile within working radius worked by another city.

The Hainaut led by Guillaume I are located in Mons. They start with mining, get double coal, and when their unique worker is located on a mine they get bonus production until the modern age.

Leopold II's Belgium is in Brussels. When a city is founded, all plantations within 2 tiles of the city are improved, gold from plantations worked outside the capital are added to the palace, and they gain golden age points when spending gold on buildings.

Lastly, Georges Clemenceau's France is located in Chavonne. During peace production automatically contributes to defence and military buildings, and when they make peace, all cities claim new tiles.
In Liege is Erard de la Marck's Liege. The first 3 cities reaching +7 faith or culture per turn become Bonnes Villes, boosting religious pressure by 50% and their capital's science by 25%.

Konrad Adenauer's West Germany is located in Bonn. Declarations of friendship grant +5% production in all cities (up to +25%) and both sides gain +5% gold in all cities.

Luxembourg is in Luxembourg, and is led by Ermisinde II. Forts give money, citadels more, and for each friendly military unit that enters your borders, the nearest city gets its combat strength in gold.

Otto Henry leads the Palatinate from Heidelberg. Libraries, universities, and public schools yield faith.
In Metz is the first Charlemagne, representing the Carolingians. Golden ages are 50% longer, and capturing a city grants a free courthouse.

Our other Charlemagne leads the Franks from Troyes. He gains faith from capturing cities, and when a great prophet is born through faith, they can choose a free social policy.

Otto I's Holy Roman Empire is in Freiburg im Breisgau. Fun fact, Freiburg corrects to beefburger in FireFox's spellcheck. Anyway, when a city is converted to their religion they gain great artist points, and they gain science for every capital they control.

Dijon is the home of the Duchy of Burgundy led by Philip III. They gain gold when creating a great work and have city-state bonuses.
Bibracte hold the seat of power for Vercingetorix's Gauls. Winner of of the original France IA, odds are we can expect good things from them. They can discover metal based luxury resources when a mine is constructed, and silver, gold, copper, iron, and aluminum provide +1 culture when improved.

The Swiss are in Bern, and are led by Henri Dufour. Their cities have city-state-like bonuses that can be bought with gold or sold to other civs.

Lugdunum holds Gundahar's Burgundia. Melee units that capture cities can be expended similarly to great writers. Defensive pacts and friendships add 5% great people generation (up to 50%).
Louis XI's France is based in Grenoble. They gain an extra spy in the Medieval Era, and gain production in their capital when a city they're spying on trains a unit. If its in their city, the unit begins with +15XP.

Monaco is based in Monaco-Ville, and led by Albert I. Their capital yields +2 tourism per gold building that is in all cities, and excess happiness converts a percentage of tourism into gold.

Avignon is host to Innocent III's Papal States. Every great prophet comes with a free missionary, and civilisations with their religion spread it when settling or conquering. They also start with 1 faith instead of one culture.
Napoleon I is in Bourges, and should also be a force to be reckoned with, as he is the half-winner of Mediterranean AI. He gets great generals every time he goes to war, and can use them to instantly assimilate conquered cities.

Limoges houses Napoleon III's France. They get golden age points from adopting policies and conquering enemy cities. During golden ages, improvements are built twice as fast, and the capital get an extra 50% production and culture.

Richelieu's France is in Lucon. His bonuses are all city-state based, so hopefully he can use them with Switzerland: he gets golden age points when he replaces other civs as a city-state ally.

Francois I (or Francis as the mod calls him) is based in Cognac. Creating a great work speeds up the generation of future great persons of that type, and grants a free building with the requisite slot in a city.

Eleanor of Aquitaine is based in Bordeaux, even though her capital is Poitier. Her cultural guilds grant an extra great person point and have a music slot. Great works of music in the capital yield influence with neutral city-states.

The second Vercingetorix leads Gallia from Clermont-Ferrand. Instant heal promotions don't add to a unit's level, and barbarians don't attack them.
Aurillac houses Julius Caesar's Rome. They have combat bonuses against barbarians and earn great general points when doing so. They also receive culture when a great general is born.

Leovigild's Visigoths are based in Toulouse. If a slot is available, they'll receive a great work of writing upon finishing a policy tree, or adopting any policy once per era. Base tourism yields production in cities as well.

Andorra returns to France IA, led by Roger-Bernard III from Andorra la Vella. Great works yield an extra culture, and he gets a free policy when completing a social policy tree.
We'll end our tour of the contenders in Spain.Navarre under Sancho III in Pamplona. Cities with outgoing trade routes generate cultural great people points, and they gain golden age points when selecting a social policy for ever civ without that policy.

Francisco Franco's Spain is based in Santander, site of a famous Spanish Civil War battle. Their religion's pressure weakens enemy cities and followers of their religion aren't lost when capturing a city. When a military garrison is present in a city, the city provides a portion of their culture as faith in the capital.

The final civ in this game is Asturias under Pelagius in Oviedo. Conquered cities immediately convert to his religion, and faith is stolen for each convert. Though not relevant to this game, allied city-states join his empire when at war. I've heard that I should have used Grant's Asturias, but I forgot they existed. Oops.

Anyway, here's a poll, tell me who you think will win! Civs will be listed in order of their appearance in this AAR.

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