God Wills It - A HPM Roman AAR - Part 17

Author: ElvenAshwin
Published: 2017-02-13, edited: 1970-01-01

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God Wills It - A HPM Roman AAR

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God Wills It - A HPM Roman AAR - Part 16

Images: 47, author: ElvenAshwin, published: 2017-02-06, edited: 1970-01-01

Long Live Alescio, he is the Dictator for Life
On the morning of September the 1st, 1920, enemies of the state, cowards and traitors were removed from power. The conspirators in the Liberal Party - who committed the Highest Treason of opposing our leader and the great Defender of the Republic, Consul Alescio - are neutralized, and as such our Republic is saved from the enemies within.

With power consolidated within the Republic, we shall now be united in the face of the Anglo Imperialists. Consul Alescio, now holding the Senate under his righteous hand, proclaims himself Dictator for Life. The Senate passes a Senatus Consultum, ceding all authority to the Consul and annuling the constitution of the Republic. These dark times call for a strong hand and strong leadership - Liberal Democracy is too weak and cannot last in the 20th Century.

Soon after the Praetorian Guard neutralized enemies of the state in the Senate, several traitors and spies for the Anglos in charge of various newspapers were stripped of their power and delivered justice. These include the billionaire oligarchs in charge of papers that frequently accused our Consul of heinous crimes. Alescio announces that these oligarchs and agents of the Great Enemies beyond our borders will be given the death penalty - as such securing the security of our Great Republic.

A New Era is here - the Romans will be Great Again.
Long Live the Consul! Long Live the Consul! Long Live the Consul!
Across the Republic, various state governments quickly fall under the control of loyalists, and enemies of the Republic are delivered in chains to Rome. The Consul, Wise and Mighty is He, passes the Loyalty and Unison Act, banning all political parties except for the Roman Front. The Socialists, in return for their loyalty, are absorbed into Roman Front and the Supreme Council maintains some degree of control over the former Socialist Senators now within the Front.

With a single consolidated Party, it is now possible for the Consul to rule without the obstruction of opportunistic oligarchs. The Establishment that once served the Oligarchy over the People of the Republic has now been decimated - the People are now in power. Elections are abolished as they are no longer necessary.

Within the Senate, Senators formerly belonging to other parties now join the Front - there is largely no change in the actual people in the Senate. Rest assured, however, that the Consul has ensured their loyalty.
News Spreads
An envoy from Rome arrives in the Republic of Savoy - which is now controlled by the Roman Front. The Front in Savoy declines to abolish the Savoyard democracy just yet - relations are damaged between the subservient Republic and the Grand Roman Republic.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world recoils in terror of our newfound power and unity. The German Empire issues a condemnation of our Dear Consul, and annuls the alliance. The British issue a statement - urging Europe to fight against the "tyranny" of our Consul. The Establishment across the world is trembling - they fear that the people will rise up in their nations just as they did in Rome. Our Consul and our People will not be fazed by their lies and destabilizing maneuvers.
The Austrian Civil War Rages On
Charles I of Austria condemns the Consul's actions, and calls for international assistance in repelling the fascists which continue to threaten Vienna. Meanwhile, Yugoslavian forces, led by the Colonel, continue to face setbacks in their invasion of Austria.

The Consul issues the Decree of Anti-German Imperialism, promising support for the Austrofascists in order to guarantee the sovereignty of the Austrian people against the pan-germanists, funded by the oligarchs more interested in wealth from economic union than the will of the people.
Dank Flag
The Republican Tricolor is abolished, and is instead replaced by the Roman Dragon, a symbol of our strength and unity. At the same time, the Consul dons purple regalia, but in a widely publicized event refuses a crown repeatedly offered to him by former Consul Nero. Truly, this is a man who cares only for the people and not for his own glory.
The Suez Traitors
The Suez Republic breaks its promise to non-neutrality, seeing an opportunity to restore the Egyptian Nation. They send their pathetic, meagre forces across the border. The Consul promises to annihilate them, and raise their Prime Minister's head on a stake outside Cairo.
Into Suez
The Roman Army approaches the city of Suez, where nothing more than a civilian guard is defending the city. The army is commanded by the Consul to level the city and take no prisoners. A media blackout is also ordered, and journalists are removed from the premises.
The Nervous Spanish Republic
The Spaniards, who initially annuled their alliance with the Romans in the wake of our overthrow of the oligarchy, see the err of their ways. Realizing that Rome has always been their greatest ally, and how dependent they are on our cooperation, they choose to join the right side of history and help found the New Roman Order.
The New World Order
In a speech in Rome, the Consul elaborates on his plan for a New World Order dominated by Rome - with Rome and her Balkan allies defeating the British in Africa, and then defeating the Germans in Europe.

The Kaiser issues a condemnation of the Consul's comments but rejects British pressure to intervene - they are interested in seeing the British Empire in Africa collapse.

As our enemies are divided, Rome Shall Rise!
The Yugoslavian-Rome Alliance!
It is time for those who know the weakness of Liberal Democracy - those who have liberated themselves from the leash of the Oligarchs - to unite together under a Roman Axis and to fight back against the traditionalists across Europe who aim to halt the Glorious Revolution of our time! The People shall Rise!
Building the Balkan Initiative
The Consul now begins pushing through his Balkan Initiative, and begins a series of diplomatic movies aimed at bringing all of the Balkans under allegiance to Rome, allowing us to strike back against the enemies to the north and spread the Revolution across all of Europe.
The War in West Africa
The Romans face temporary losses in West Africa, with the Roman Army not in place to deal with the British advance. When our armies arrive, the British will fall easily. The Spaniards attempt to defend their territory in the region, but find themselves outnumbered.
An Economic Collapse
As the foreigners pull out investment from our nation and the British enforce an embargo on trade with the Republic, the Roman economy falls deeply into the red. We will not, however, let the Oligarchs hold our economy hostage - intentionally sabotaging our economy so as the stop the rise of the people and their inevitable demise.

The Manufacturing Sector Defense Act begins the process of bailing out our major manufacturies and grant them heavy subsidies so as to defend against this economic warfare. Still, shortages caused by the withholding of crucial supplies by the oligarchs plague our state.

The Praetorian Guard sacks the offices and burns the homes of the richest individuals in the Republic - who, by pulling out investment - have placed their interests above that of the People and hence will face the wrath of the Consul. The Consul passes the Stop the Boats Act, which bans all those above a certain income from leaving the country. Many of the capitalists who for so long held the everydayman hostage with their modern day feudalism are now put under house arrest.

And then we burn down their houses.

Really, just fuck the rich, get what I'm saying?
The Necessary Evils of War
The Consul, needing money to fund the defense against the enemies of the People's Revolution, raises taxes on the poor and orders for the purchasing of military supplies.
The Battle of Gibraltar
A British transport fleet arrives in Gibraltar, where it engages with a Spanish fleet. The Spaniards manage to sink some of their ships before retreating to a safe harbour.
The Suez is Open!
By the end of September, news returns from the army in Suez that the enemy has been entirely neutralized. The Republic collapses, with the military taking control, and they negotiate for peace with Rome. In exchange for guaranteeing that the canal remains open, the Romans lift the occupation of Suez.

Some foreign media spin stories of "wholesale massacres" of civilian populaces. Instead, what actually occurred was that the cowardly Egyptian forces hid among civilians, forcing the hands of the Romans in order to ensure the final victory.
Somebody I Used to Know
The Swedes annulled their alliance and turned their backs on us when the Great Revolution occurred. The Consul is forgiving, and seeks to offer them a chance to join the new leaders of Europe.
The Situation in Africa
The Spanish army in West Africa is defeated by the British, and now finds itself surrounded as the Anglos continue their lightning advance.
The Ancient Enemy
The Persians - enemies of old of the Romans - join the Anglos in their misguided attempt to stop the rise of the People. They open up a new front in the Middle-East with the beginning of the Invasion of Iraq in early October. The Armenians - our brave brothers in arms - charge headfirst into oblivion and attack the Persians so as to buy us time.
And the Seas will be stained red with Maple Syrup
The Roman Navy is sent, under the command of Nicola Anfora, to the Straits of Gibraltar to defend the Spanish Republic and perhaps sink undefended British fleets. We unexpectedly engage with a fleet from Canada - they are hopelessly outmatched.
The Battle of the Atlantic
The Morroccans and the Algerians sacrifice their fleets in the waters of the Atlantic in an effort to deal some damage to the British and soften them up for the Roman Arrival. Meanwhile, Spanish troops begin moving through Morocco into the Western Sahara and towards the British invaders.
Austria and Greece Surrender
The Austrians capitulate as the Yugoslavian forces approach Vienna, and allow the Yugoslavians to annex Northern Macedonia off the Greeks.
Sweden is Lost
The Swedes refuse our generous offer to join the People's Revolution. Their oligarchy is too entrenched - their politicians dance around as puppets to their capitalist masters.
Rome Will Rise Alone!
The Consul exposes the Swedes for what they are - filthy northern degenerates who would sooner surrender their rights to their puppetmasters than ever try to fight against the powers that be. The scum are not welcomed in our nation.

In response to this, the Swedish embassy is firebombed by several concerned citizens.
Fire is great for northerners
Several Swedish spies in the embassy are killed, prompting outrage from the Swedish puppetmasters.
Back to the North You Go
The Canadians are defeated, and the remnants of their fleet manage to escape north to friendly British ports.
Our fleet docks in Granada for repairs before it begins its great operation in the Atlantic.
Admiral Anfora
Admiral Nicola Anfora is praised for leading the Roman Navy so effectively - the Consul believes he will lead us to victory against the British Empire.
The New Battleships Arrive
Just in time for the war, new battleships finish construction. The British will tremble before our might!
> Jews
> 3.0%

I didn't liberate Israel for you to *stay* in my borders.
The oligarchy-funded Brits currently hold the lead on our nation, due to "lost battles". The Consul isn't sure where this idea comes from, given that we have never, historically speaking, lost a battle. Retreating strategically so as to lure the enemy into our traps is a very well respected strategy.
The Balkans are coming!

The Colonel, the most illustrious leader of the Yugoslavian peoples, offers their mighty army in the struggle against the enemies of the revolution.
We're in the green!

Thanks to the wise fiscal policies of our Consul (with some assistance from the 15 economists he keeps in his dungeon), we are now both in a war and still running a surplus.
The esteemed fuck-up General Lunardi leads the 5th Legion, having just landed in the North African Coast, to Morocco, from whence we shall push south an end the British once and for all!
The Breton Army has marched through the Pyrenees, mainly because the Spanish Premier did not account for the possibility that the country would be invaded through the only land border they have. Could happen to anyone, really.

Nevertheless, Bretons are merely Frenchmen in disguise, and we have a long and proud tradition of defeating Frenchmen. Now while we could send over some of our troops enjoying a vacation in the Alps, vigilantly watching for an invasion from the over 120 members left in the Austrian army, the wise and illustrious Consul decides that would involve too much clicking.
Onwards, to the Ocean!

We spot a helpless, massive British fleet of 2, possible 3 transports ominously lurking outside Our Sea. We will neutralize this threat immediately.
As the Consul has neglected to eliminate *all* institutions that involve representing the interests of people other than the Revolution, our Chamber of Commerce protests against government policy.

These men are guilty of two great crimes: being capitalist, and not enthusiastically supporting the state. The Consul refuses to submit, and wins a major victory for the people as he orders the slaughter of these oppressors, and their dangerous wives and children. The Republic is safe!

After a chaotic battle against the best 3 transports of the mighty and so-called "unbeatable" British Navy, we annihilate all opposition and the plant the flag of the Roman Republic atop their sinking ships.
The Roman Navy, fresh from our epic and game-changing battle with the British Empire, heads north of Spain to begin an operation closer to British waters. We will find the remnants of their sad naval force and get rid of them, in the name of the People's Revolution! What will they do now, without those 3 transports?
The British Armies pour in through the Persian front line. Our Armenian allies choose to strategically temporarily halt fighting, so as to deceive British forces, who the Armenians tricked into believing were "occupying the capital", to leave the country. The British will never see it coming when the Armenians return with their replenished army of 300 men with the sharpest pitchfork technology.

Meanwhile, the incompetent Arab shmucks in our Iraqi Protectorate are overrun by British expeditionary armies.
Worried about the incompetence of our Middle-Eastern puppets, the Wise Consul moves several of our troops to the edges of the Suez Republic, as well as to Ethiopia, so as to ensure British forces cannot cross into Africa from the East. Once the paltry armies in West Africa are annihilated, the continent will be ours and the imperialists will be forced to surrender.

Meanwhile, one of our Arab protectorates invade Israel and occupy Jerusalem.
The Israeli Communist Party collapses as our Arab armies seize the capital. We convince them to stand down, with no further punitive action. The Jews agree.

The Consul will take back the Palestinian lands one day, but for now it is better to keep their Jews in their cage.
You will be crushed! A British fleet makes the bad decision of engaging us north of Spain, with no competent commander to lead them. Meanwhile, our glories Nicola Anfora leads the charge against their mess of transports.
The British apparently have cruisers! What a joke, all the more for them to lose!
The British suicidally send in more ships as the battle rages on. They are hell-bent on losing their entire navy in one go! We are winning so hard, you won't believe it! We might even get tired of winning soon.
So. Much. Winning.
A decisive battle in Africa shapes up. 68 000 British men march through desert in the middle of nowhere. Clearly, with the impossibility of sustaining supply trains through the Sahel, they will soon succumb to thirst, starvation, and a severe tea withdrawal.

Meanwhile, in case they magically do manage to receive supplies, the Spanish Republic prepares an army of almost double the size to invade Wadata and turn the tide of the war.
1920 will be remembered as the end of our corrupt, oligarchic "democracy". Now, decisions will not be made by estalishment politicians looking to make a quick buck, or merely hanging on for re-election, but rather by men who are wholly dedicated to the State and the Revolution. The Senate now exists to serve the people, and as a result the concept of parties is entirely outdated. All sitting Senators who survive after the traitors were weeded out last September join the Roman Front, or book an extended holiday to explore the bottom of the Mediterranean.

The Socialist Supreme Council is absorbed into the Roman Front. Now, nobody will stand in the way of progress by our Glorious Consul.
Our Savoyard armies march through the anarchy in Austria to meet allies of the Imperialists in battle. We crush them convincingly, and continue our never ending streak of victorious under the Consul.
We inflict huge damage on the British fleet in the Battle of the Cantabrian Sea. After winning so much, we get tired of winning. We decide to sail back to a safe harbor to plan our next move. In this alternative victory, we eliminate 5 highly valued British ships, losing no ships of our own. After the battle, we make an unrelated decision to decommission one of our transport ships. Everything is going extremely well in the War in the Atlantic.
The Spanish turn the tides in West Africa and march straight into British territories, annihilating British armies left and right. Our troops prepare to enter the fray.
The Balkan Initiative scores its first major victory as we sign a major trade agreement with the Yugoslavians, integrating their economy with ours and strengthening ties. The Consul and The Colonel sign a mutual self-defence pact, as we prepare to spread the Revolution across all of Europe, and bring an end to the sham of the "liberal democracy".
The Corsican Army, terribly upset with the fact that they are not part of the Roman Republic, and under the wise rule of the Revolution, decide to commit suicide by naval landing into a Roman army three times as big. We oblige to their desires.
Over 11 000 Corsicans are slaughtered and our troops receive excellent target practice. We suffer, once again, no losses.

Reports now emerge that losses were in fact sustained in the Battle in Sardinia. These have sparked fears that reports elsewhere may also be inaccurate. Fake pictures of purported deaths during the invasion have been spread. The Consul's office can assure the Republic that it is an ally of the People, and it was put in power by the people, for the people. Those who seek to contradict the word of the Consul are merely enemies of the Revolution, and servants of the Capitalists who once enslaved us. They threaten to undo years of progress.

The Consul hence asks you to forget all the evidence of your eyes and ears; for they lead you astray. Instead, only trust your heart, and what you know is right. Do not buy into the "truth" that these snake oil salesmen spread; follow the truth that you know is real. You are the People! Your voices will not be silenced by mediamen and biased "fact-checkers"!

We are winning this war, and we are winning so hard. The Revolution marches forth!
To North Africa!

Our troops in Sardinia are immediately transferred away from the island, and sent to the Algerian coast, where they will lead a separate invasion force to end British rule of West Africa.
A small British Army has been spotted in Araouane. In order to avoid needless casualties, we have chosen not to engage with it, as it poses no threat.
This may be a bit harder than anticipated.
The Roman Republic, with its strong support for education and free intellectual discourse, produces yet another Nobel laureate!
A British expeditionary force crosses into Roman Central Africa, threatening a flare-up in a region that has remained mostly free from the war. The Consul does not alter his strategy: reclaiming West Africa, and stopping the invasion of the Middle-East from entering the African Continent, remains the top priority of the war. Only after this shall we end the South African protectorates.
En garde!

British troops have largely occupied the Middle-East, and now begin to sweep into Africa. They face a meat grinder, as our overwhelming forces, led by esteemed offensive general Orsini, attacks them as they attempt to cross in Dumyat.
The Consul loves you and the Republic.
The Consul loves you and the Republic.
The Consul loves you and the Republic.
The Revolution will never die.
The British Army is quickly surrounded, and huge sects surrender or are cut down by our invicible armies. A small contingent break through and attempt to flee back into the Suez Republic.
The tables are turning...

What once began as British aggression, may now be and the end of the Empire. The Consul waits, however, before pushing the cause. First, we must crush and occupy all of Africa.
More troops for the war!

In order to hasten the end of the war, end the great question of European dominance and return our society to peacetime prosperity, we begin to deploy larger and larger troop numbers to the war in Africa.

Readers who may be concerned that this is because we are possibly not winning the war as hard as we claim, are merely being deluded by foreign agents. As thinking these thoughts is dangerous to the Revolution, the State encourages that you suspend these ideas and focus on the bread line.
Rule Alescio, Alescio rules the waves!

In order to extend our dominance of the seas after annihilating several British ships, the Consul orders the construction of numerous cruisers.
On par with the Battle of Leipzig

We win a massive battle in Ras Gharib that severely incapacitates British fighting. With those 39 top tier British forces, alongside esteemed British General William French (winner of a number, possibly 0, awards for gallantry) eliminated, there is no hope for their imperialist agenda.
Ethiopia, no

Ethiopia come back over the strait

Ethiopia please there's no defensive terrain there

The First Major West African Engagement

As of four o'clock this evening, our troops are poised to begin relieving the siege of the isolated village of Chenachene, which has high strategic importance.
The war has been astounding for Roman military industry, with profit margins surging to 56%, and the hardworking blue-collar workers collect ever-larger paychecks. This is because of massively increased demand for these goods by the Roman and British militaries - wait no I mean "independent businessmen who most definitely aren't selling these arms to the British"
The Balkan Initiative stops here

Tensions erupt over Roman courting of influence in Czechoslovakia, with the state Foreign Investment Board investing huge quantities of money into Czechslovakian industry. While the Consul maintains this is merely an act of friendship, supporting vital Czechoslovakian jobs like "caviar chefs for state officials" and "ten thousand dollar liquor not-a-front-for-laundering salesmen", the Germans feel that the continental balance is now threatened.

The Consul, of course, didn't want Czechoslovakia anyway; he was merely testing German resolve. We withdraw, suffering no losses, and the Germans love us all the more. Stability in Europe, in fact, has been strengthened.
The unimportant village of Chenachene is taken by British troops, who waste time on such a pointless endeavor. They begin to march on our forces in nearby settlements, thus walking into a cleverly orchestrated trap.
The war in Africa is going well, with the British retreating on all front. Absolutely no Roman territory has been at risk throughout this entire war, much to the glee of the Consul.
The Hungarian National Assembly, having been liberated by Roman troops during the Great War, votes to join the Balkan Common Market. Their Nemzetvezető, as he is known, is a fan of the Consul.
It seems that the People's Revolution has spread to Hungary, where one former soldier known by Ferenc Szalasi has seized control of the state. He urges for war with the Romanians, to reclaim territory that was wrongfully granted to Romania in the Treaty of Vienna, by the imperialists in Germany. The Consul supports their vision of the restoration of the Hungarian Nation, and hopes to establish a strong Fascist bloc in Europe, to continue to spread the revolution throughout the Continent.
Our Bulgarian Brothers

The allies of the People's Revolution in Bulgaria declare war on the British Empire, in staunch support of the Roman Republic and against the imperialists who seek to reimpose the capitalist feudalism that plagues our society.
Right into the trap!

The British army falls for the oldest trick in the boom, slamming into our army in highly defensible desert terrain, while we have already entrenched our position with one, no two, barbed wire fences. No technology will save them now!
The Battle of Timimoun is quickly resolved in our favor. We get reports of British troops to the south heading towards Timimoun. Once again, they will be outwitted and destroyed.
Over 27 000 British troops meet their deaths at the hands of the Armies of the Revolution. Newly arrived Roman forces head south to reinforce our position in this highly strategic and important city of 7000 confused Algerian farmers who had nothing to do with this.
The Underground

Already, there are... whispers. The Socialist Supreme Council, once a political hegemon in Rome, has been allowed to remain intact as an association within the Roman Front. But the voices... the voices say something. Rumours, speculation - nothing is confirmed. But... there could be a risk.

Anyone, your neighbor, your wife, or even your own son could be a member of this vast conspiracy lurking in the background. Constantly waiting to pounce, the destroy the state, to send us into anarchic despair, they cannot be allowed to enact their reign of tyranny upon us. The State is always vulnerable - those capitalists whose yokes we threw off not too long ago are masquerading as bleeding-heart socialists, aiming to undermine the strength of the State and the Nation.

If you know anyone who has expressed support, or a desire to support a movement against the State; he is already compromised. It does not matter whether he is kind and peaceful to you - for anyone consumed by the Propaganda of the reactionaries and enemies of the revolution are dangerous to the Revolution and hence to you.

The Consul, The State, The Revolution and The People of this Republic will thank you for turning them over. The rebellious reactionaries must be crushed and slaughtered, or else blood will run in the streets, and our peace and stability will be threatened.
Oh wow the Bulgarians are actually helping.

It turns out we were at war with those guys.
Ferenc Szálasi, the 24 year old Leader of the Hungarian People's Revolution, agrees to an alliance with the Roman Republic, in defense of the Commonmen across the world.
Get fucked with my +5 dig-in.
Reinforcements arrive, though my dig in bonus disappears (??? Help how to combat in Vicky)
Don't mind me, just deploying a few more troops.

We are most definitely winning in Africa, but we just want to win a little harder and humiliate them.
The Counter-Offensive

We begin a massive push in Libya to force the British back to their holdings in West Africa, now that the East is secure.
The Timimoun Massacre

General Zunica leads the Roman Army to a major, pivotal victory in West Africa, turning the tides against the British, from winning to winning harder. Meanwhile, another force from Bechar moves to dislodge us from our impenetrable fortress in Timumoun.
The Second Timimoun Offensive

General Roberts of the First British West African Army leads an attack on our ever triumphant men in Timimoun. Quickly, however, our infantrymen find that, having been triumphant so much, they want to give someone else a chance to be triumphant, and General Turrisi calls for reinforcements.
Our nearest, troops, however, are far away in the north of Algeria. It is clear to all involved that, especially with another large British army nearby, that this battle will likely determine Algeria's near term fate.

Meanwhile, in the East, the massive British armies that led the Middle-Eastern conquest begin to invade Roman Africa. In Libya, two more pivotal battles rage on in order to secure the Roman Libyan-Algerian border.

The British Empire, far greater than ours in all metrics but the support of the People, has thus far failed to oust us from Africa. This, of course, is a victory for our Republic, and for the Revolution.

It is, of course, not enough. Our armies will push on, the Empire will fall, and the Revolution will rise. This is what the Consul has decreed; and thus it shall be so.

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God Wills It - A HPM Roman AAR - Part 18

Images: 46, author: ElvenAshwin, published: 2017-02-20, edited: 1970-01-01

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