Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 8

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-01-13, edited: 2019-01-13

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 7

Images: 69, author: Vanadius, published: 2018-12-23

Welcome to the part, complete with your host Bobsss since Supe is a lazy arse who ditched the responsibility the moment he got an opportunity. So to start us off we seem to have a peaceful British isles, for the first time in a while. Except Ostrogoths. Why are there Ostrogoths.
SHITS THIIIIIIIIIIIC. Except WRE. Also can we have a big F for the lombads, they didn’t last long at all did they. Also looks like Supe isn’t going to be expanding any more.
Hey look its Hispania……

Oh boi is that a thick carpet, I would almost be scared if the civ ai used ships in any meaningful manner. If I didn’t have the benefit of foresight I would be worried for Palma and Carales.
Slide 5.5 tbh
Here we Have Egypt, not a lot has changed here except the obligatory Sassanid scout.
Hey look there’s people living in the desert. Featuring barbarians and merger shit.
Apparently the Aksum like spearmen
Here we go bois, the vandal navy commences its attack on the Romans, who comparatively only have a handful of ships defending their cities after all the surprise attacks. None of the Roman cities look like they are going to fall yet however.
The remnants of the Lombards can’t get along apparently.
The Vandalic navy is starting to look considerably less healthy, but there could possibly be a captured city at Palma in the works.
Oh that’s right Egypt and the vandals are fighting too.
Big f for ostrogoths.
Continued collapse of the ex-Lombard state
Oh look, they did capture Palma. Caralis and Syracuse are well and truly fine however. There is still a notable amount of vandal boats still floating around.
Scary barbarians attack the ERE circa 5809ad, colourized

The Vandal navy sets up a cordon around Palma, and looks like they might keep it, but the WRE navy looks well placed to protect the rest of the cities.
See above, notice the cutie catapult boi hiding on an island.
Change tm
Banthaib is gradually losing health, also theres a fair few ostrogoths lurking around.
The WRE sniped Palma back, and there really doesn’t seem to be enough Vandal ships to continue the war.
And Bantheib falls.
Aksum does some cute flexing in the east
Yeah this invasions is over for the part.
Slide 25.5 tbh
Carpet 2, electric Boogaloo
The isles are more or less what they were at the start of the part, minus the Ostrogoths.
Yeah the carpet strats are back, time for more boat based cold wars.
Slide 30.5 tbh. And with that I conclude my low effort part narration, mainly because for a fall of Rome mark there really isn’t much falling going on. #Reeeeeformer.

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