Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Parts One and Two: The Rerun

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

Hello, it’s me Moonie narrating this part. In the first slide, we see Novgorod settle a city by Lake Peipus.
Helsinki has settled by the Gulf of Finland, as expected. Has Sugar, Cotton and Fish. Not too growth healthy but should be good.
Glorious lithuania has settled Vilnius in the middle of Litva. Wherever the fuck it is. Has Dye though.
Warsaw has settled by the sea. Doesn’t look bad, has Cotton, copper and nice tiles.
Schleswig-Holstein also settles by the sea. Not a bad start, has plenty of deer, incense and fish. They literally didn’t settle the river tho wtf
We see 2 cities this slide! Norway with oslo, looks like a very nice city - Bison, cattle and deer, along with Whales. The Geats have settled their city inland, but have access to valuable metals such as gold and gems. Not much else, though
City states and unloaded tiles. This is in the north, where geats/norway are prolly gonna expand.
(moonie cmon)

Gamerunner's note: Finnish capital is kewl
Okay this slide is even more useless than the previous one. Who the hell cares about a city state stuck on a god damn island?
Hey, we have a second city! Eh though. Only cattle :/. Also Vilnius is 2 pop
As expected, Krakow is settled across the river. Has sheep, bison and wine in the range, seems like a nice city. Also warsaw is 2 pop
S-H settle a second city in one of the geopolitically worst positions. Resources-wise it’s very nice though, having bison, deer and atols. Just that the river is useless (unless its connected to the sea somehow in the bottom) Also Kiel is 2 pop
The geats settle second city, this time by the coast. Not that the lake is of any use, but they get to get gems earlier, and some bison. The river to the south should give sone nice food tiles, goven forests are chopped down. Also Skara is 2 pop
Novgorod settles a second city down the river. They get truffles and bison, seems like quite a nice city. Also Novgorod has 2 pop.
Norway settles a second city. Can’t say it’s a good spot, has bison and deer, marble and gold in the range. Also Oslo has 2 pop.
Finally, Helsinki settle Espoo by the big lake. The small lake should gib good food, gems and gold are gut luxes, and the one bison is nice. Helsinki has 3 pop? Oh wait it’s turn 10
Oh shit Kiel as 5 pop, Lubeck has 3. Wow. Also workers have been putting in work, these 2 cities seem super nice atm. S-H doing very well
Warsaw is 4 pop, and Krakow at 3. Decent, Krakow might even outgrow Warsaw. Also that ivory is tempting
4 pop Vilnius, along with a 2 pop kaunas. The Lithuanian UA claims tiles, so they have claimed 3 deer and 2 dyes.
Novgorod with their GG UA. This will actually help them, since it boosts prod of buildings in a city during peacetime and of military units during the wartime. Novgorod has grown to 4 pop, while russa at 2.
Helsinki is at 4 pop, and Espoo at 2. Both cities are far away from each other, this doesn’t look too good for them.
Both of Geats’ cities are at 3 pop. The shitty marsh tiles explain that enigma. Another GG, meaning one more civ opening honor.
Oslo at 5 pop, trondheim at 3. Oslo seems to be growing nicely.
Finally, we get to part 2. First slide is Vilnius - 6 pop in cap, 4 in caunas, a city by the river (positioning not as good this time), 2 settlers with warriors across the sea, and one more going southwards. Interesting.
Poland is also at 3 cities, with 1 more settler. Warsaw is at 5 pop, while Krakow is at 4. Olsztyn seems good - has Furs and Salt, along with an extra copy of Wine. Could be possible to expand to that Incense too. It’s by a river too. Could grow nicely.
Woah. S-H has settled 2 more cities, which is amazing - except that they’re far away from the mainland. Could be problematic.
Big slide. Norway already has 5 cities, along with an extra settler - these cities seem good. Geats have 3 cities, along with 3 more on their way. That poor dude won’t be able to settle tho
Oh my, this new Yrjola city. That amount of cows will definitely help it grow big. + that bison and furs. Doesn’t look very nice of them to do.

“Ft. Sickles” is this some fucking song? “Novgorod Ft. Sickles - The Top Dogg”. Anyways, who needs settlers when you can just annex the cities? (though there are 3 settlers of them)

Geats get first Pantheon - and it’s a shitty one lmfao. Whatever, will help against Norway. Also norway is into 5 cities now
S-H get the second pantheon - Religious settlement. Another bad pantheon. Trying to take example from Litva, I see?
A closer shot of Finnish Yrjola. This is Reformer’s favorite city now.
We see a shot of the Finnish core. Not impressive, considering they’ll have 4 cities max atm. Tallinn is just that photobomber who loves to ruin a good picture.
Wilno can into 6 pop! Though those settlers haven’t moved. Kaunas is at 4 pop now.
A nice shot of the Norway core. 5 cities, one of them grown to 2 pop. Very nice.
Novgorod just be settling by that river. Russa is nice tho, it has 3 copper, ivory and cattle. Also some deer. Should be a gut city. Also lithuanian settler photobombing in the corner
Kiel and Lubeck are connected by road, and a caravan has been made. Quite nice, eh?
Finally that geatish settler has moved somewhere that is not next to the big bad Norway. Another caravan, and not much else.
Krakow has reached the same amount of pop as warsaw. That city is perfect for rebellion (Polish players note that)
Finally the Lithuanians have settled a city across the rivr. Has Crab, Atolls, bison, cattle and silk in the range. Idk what’ll happen to that wheat tile, Siauliai will probably grab it too.
Finland has 5 cities with 1 more settler rolling out. That looks very nice for them. Tampere isn’t bad off, too.
S-H has rolled out 2 more settlers, are gonna settle somewhere. Hopefully its by those nice atolls and sugar.
This looks very nice. Poland has some solidly placed cities, that will help them a lot.
A shot of the Lit-Nov cores. Novgorod is stuck at 4 pop, while Wilno is at 6. Also Lithuanian settlers have settled those 2 cities on the far side, not too bad off. Lithuanians are moving 1 more settler, and finally Novgorod has 3 more settlers rolled out. This looks like it’ll be a fierce competition between the two.
Those settlers are stuck, rip. Not much has changed, except Tallinn gained a pop.
This is a shot of a S-H settler. Literally. More interesting thing to note is the 6 pop capital.
We see a better look of Novgorod. They have settled another city along the Peipus.
We see glorious Lithuanian core. 7 cities, though most of them are at 1 pop. Still quite nice! Also, lego in VC mistook the Chariot Archer for the UU lmao. Lithuania has a caravan too now
We see 2 Norwegian settlers, making their way. Somewhere. They’re on their way to 7 cities, either way.
Lithuania can into navy. That’s all there is to it. Look at the minimap instead, it’s more interesting.
We see Finnish cities. Reformer’s favorite is at 3 pop, that other one is at 3 pop, Helsinki at 5. One of the settlers has finally moved.
Another slide of the S-H core. One of their settlers has moved to Kiel for whatever reason. The other is exploring and trying to find a place to settle at.
Oh shit Lithuania is etting barbs. That’s not good. Looks like they have their happiness in the shitter. Also if you notice at the bottom right corner,
LMAO NORWAY AI HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE GEATS. This is so ironic. It’s like the AI is trying to predict what’ll happen, and save the Norwegians the effort of having to do plots for invasion. (Also Lego told me afterwards that norway declared on someone else, idk tho it’s not in the slides)

Gamerunners note: They simultaneously attacked S-H. Is this a warning?
Another show of norway cities, Bergen is settled at a nice spot.
The Polish core. Looks sexily solid. Only 4 cities tho
The S-H core. They’re doing really well. A city with 7 pop (!!!), one with 6, one with 3, 2 more cities, and one going to be settled. Quite nice.
The Geatish core. 6 cities, Lodose having more pop than the capital. Not bad, Falkoping looks like it’s gonna be a very nice city.
The Norwegian core. They have units! Also decently populated cities: capital at 7, one at 6, and nanother one at 5. They’re probably doing the best atm. Geats might be screwed.
The Finnish core. 5 cities, decently populated, 2 more settlers heading outwards. (also lmao novgorod sending trade route to finland)
Novgorod core. They settled the Daugava, too. 7 cities, 1 more settler, they’ll probably be first to 8. Looks quite solid, not so much on the pop side though. That puppet will cause them trouble too.
And finally, the Lithuanian core. Capital at 7, other city at 4, the rest are doing awfully. Though, their military is on the good side. And this has been Moonie with the narration, next up is infoslides.

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