Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Three: War in the Air?

Published: 2018-06-30, edited: 2018-06-30

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Parts One and Two: The Rerun

Images: 94, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-06-24

Hullo, am /u/ThyReformer, here to narrate the third part of the Civ Hybrid Games. We start off with a quick view into pantheons, which only Finland and Poland are missing out on at this point. Bums!
An entourage into Norway shows us the aftermath of what can only be called a very sad day for the Norwegians, as their capital, Oslo, drops from 7 pop to 3 pop due to foreign plots. That is equal to 211,000 people dying. What a slaughter, especially in this era.
And a bit to the south, the Geats sit fairly comfortably. Falköping looks as salty as the discord server.
Even further south, the far-less-packed core of Slesvig-Holstein.
And to the east, the nation of Poland, divided in more than one way.
The Lithuanian core, in all its pretty colors, still struggling to cross the river.
A Novgorodian core, with a Ladoga that I heard had been attempted to settle in range of another city. I wonder what city that was, and I truly wonder what the intention behind that was.
Lego barely has to move the map to let us look at the Finnish core. Quite telling.
A Great Library for the Poles! A temporary advantage at best, but still one.
Oslo grows to pop 4. Some recovery.
A contentious border?
Goodness me, that is a lot of settlers.
Another contentious border, I take it.
A conglomeration of Polish scouts. I wonder what they're plotting and scheming. Hopefully not a rebellion.
Pyramids in Kiel! A more long-term benefit than that of the Great Library, sure, but not as significant.
Finnish horde of settlers not moving.
A Norwegian settler looking to flank the Geats. Worrying, if you're a Geat.
Oslo has almost recovered, now. But all those dead women and children won't come back.
Poles and Norwegians are fat. Everyone else is almost starving. Happiness issues might have had an effect on this list.
Novgorod settles another city, naming it Torzhok.
Lithuania settles one as well: Trakai to the south.
Stonehenge in Trondheim! Norwegian religion incoming. The city looks idyllic, if I'm asked.
A quick glance at Sweden, including Stockholm, but the important thing here is that Norwegian settler still continuing westward. Maybe it has mistaken itself for a Finnish settler and yearns to sit around next to Helsinki?
Lego doesn't know how to use a calendar.
But the Poles do, and even more, judging by that progress to the Classical Era.
Lithuanian cities on the river growing fairly slowly. Probably happiness issues.
Novgorod-Lithuania border, and Lego gets a golden age, despite the lack of calendar-related knowledge.
Oh hey, the Finnish settlers are finally moving. Now I also finally get to see the map north of Espoo. Praise be the Neutral Gods.
And one more is going this way.
Oops, looks like the AI is getting into unwarranted wars. The AI is such a fucking child.
I imagine the same has, or will, occur here as well.
Oh god why. Stavanger is settled on the Baltic Sea. I guess the Norwegian AI wasn't happy about being in a game based on the Baltic Sea without having direct access to said sea.
Jyväskylä and Turku are settled, and compared to the rest of the great placement work done by the AI, Jyväskylä is practically right where it should be. Turku, on the other hand...
SH-Poland border. With a river nigh-uncrossable, this region won't see much activity until, say, the Modern era. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
Finnish build-up on this possibly contentious border. Fascinating what the silly AIs are capable of when their players are not watching over them.
Another wonder in Kiel: Temple of Artemis! A personal favorite of the Ancient era wonders, this baby should help SH city growth.
And while SH was being a nice guy and building some wonders that might or might not make an impact, Lithuania gets frustrated that Novgorod didn't keel over and die, and calls their buddy, the Finland, to bully the pseudo-Russians into submission. Want to guess how successful it was?
About this successful.
And it's about as good as over, with gamerunner-ordained peace. Novgorod celebrates by being the second entrant to Classical era.
Oslo is now finally bigger than it was at the end of last part. Sad!
I bet historians will say that the Geats were famous for their expansiveness. In that they didn't expand at all beyond whatever their players forced them to.
Geatish scouts and an SH trireme.
Another shot of Finland. The region, not the nation.
And more pseudo-Russians. Riga looks nice.
Big fat Vilnius at 9 pop! Quite something.
Polish-Lithuanian "border". Still probably more active than the SH-Poland border.
Loads of Polish archers. Notably, all of the Polish cities seem to be growing quite nicely.
A similar situation in SH. Lübeck is bigger than the capital, but they now have Optics, and even a pretty nice looking navy there! Be afraid, uh, someone.
Northern Denmark looks like a nice place for the Geats to settle.
So does Southern Sweden, and OH WHAT'S THIS? IT'S A GEATISH SETTLER DOING SOMETHING! Still utter and complete bums. On that note, here's the end. Enjoy some stats, I know you will. Up and awayyyyyy

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