Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Part 3

Published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Part 2

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I'm President Donald Trump and welcome back to Making America Great Again. I finish industrial focus because no one constructs buildings better than Donald Trump. The secret is not paying you workers and switching them out so you never loose money. Those looser's don't` need the money anyway.
I am going to build the best infrastructure you can imagine. And guess what. The Mexican's are gonna pay for it. All Mexicans have to pay an extra tax because they need to buy the right of being an American.
Continuing to upgrade our tanks. Damn I love tanks almost as much as i love winning.
We start preparing for war against the Canadian's. This war is going to be fantastic. Its gonna be yuuuge.
I get along so well with Russia. People said that I shouldn't talk to a dictator but he must be popular. He got 142% in the last election. Real winner there.
India ask's to join NATO, as long as they bring some spicy food i'm down with it. Also they are close too...
We just keep getting better at building thing's, its fantastic. No one builds better then Donald Trump.
Our airplane research continues.
Our infrastructure before this sucked. It lost. It wasn't a real American. But under Trump, everything is going to be great. It going to be fantastic. Believe me.
Tank's are fun. Gonna need a few for the upcoming steamroll.
I have the best plan for invading Canada, This plan is gonna win so fast, your head is gonna spin!
The American-Moose war begins. Their maple syrup will go great with a Trump Pancake which you can order a pack of 6 for only $119.99. Limited Time Offer. Aunt Jemimah won't give us pancakes for long so buy while she still does!
Ottawa is turned into a nuclear wasteland as show Canada the true power of being great.
Ottawa fall's the American army, is your head spinning yet?
We take Montreal. Canada is a nation of losers, that's why they can't fight back. Too busy apologizing for getting in the way.
Toronto, the last major city in Canada fall's to the United States. This war is going so great. It's fantastic.
And Canada, apologizes so much that they surrender to us, Told you they were losers.
We just annex Canada.
And in less then a month we win. I won so fast that your head better be spinning.
The new United States Of America, Moose, and Free Labor. Or USAMFL.

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Making America Great Again| A Millennium Dawn AAR: Part 4

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