Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Six: The Cries of Wroclaw

Published: 2018-07-22, edited: 2018-07-22

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Five: World War One!

Images: 102, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-07-14

Welcome to another part of CHG Mk.8! I am /u/Andy0132, and just like the part before, we open with a shot of the Novgorod-Lithuania conflict. The numbers tell in favour of Lithuania, but perhaps Novgorod will pull through for yet another part? The formerly Finnish units by Svencionys look outnumbered. Will they hold?
Moving down to Poland, we see that Poland has a truly fearsome army, with 6 Norwegian Birkbeiners, as well as a host of composite bowmen. Poland will be in an excellent position to storm the completely unguarded Lithuanian cities in their south, or to turn west against Schleswig-Holsteiner Lodz, flipped by plot. Press F for the failed coup attempts. We also see the Lithuanian vassal of Riga declare against Novgorod, and Schleswig-Holstein redeclaring on Poland.
Moving to the disputed lands between S-H and Poland, we see that Poland has restored Wroclaw to their control, although if the title of the part means anything, those 9 points of population, 469 000 in all, will burn. We also see several barbarian spearmen near Warsaw, a relic of the failed coups. S-H has a small, if well-equipped army near Lodz.
Here, we move to the peaceful and prosperous S-H core, that's completely devoid of units. They seem to have committed their entire military force to defeating Poland. Will it work?
With no less than 3 settlers in Ahrensburg, S-H ambitions regarding Southern Sweden are clear. Scania, also known as Skane, looks to become Holsteiner in this world. Also note the Geatish escape hatch of Vista.
Moving on to Hrefnesholt, we see vast armies of the Norwegians and Geats clash. If history is any indication, they will continue to stalemate for another 20 turns of gameplay. That being said, the Geats have been pushed back from Tjust. Those who feel like reading city names will notice that Linkoping has been renamed to “Hrfenesholt”. Great job, Geats?
As we approach Finland, we find it completely devoid of units, because they sold their entire army to Poland and Novgorod. Their population remains low, despite their very high city count.
As we look at the Lithuanian core, it appears to be empty as well, but for some newly produced Composites and Samogitians. This would be the result of their event, which moved their armies northward. It would be very, very bad, if Poland were to come calling. Will they?
Audience, please note that present, we are exactly one turn into gameplay. In that one turn, Kholm has fallen to half health, Torzhok is about to fall, and the Finnish troops are collapsing. Also note high level Lithuanian strategies of embarking catapults. While Novgorod does possess a sizable army around Ft. Sickles, it is too far from the front.
In that same span of time, Norway seems to have made negative progress, as Hrefnesholt has gained health. We also see a suicide flank into Lodose, that will accomplish absolutely nothing.
While across the Baltic, Norway, the Geats, Lithuania, and Novgorod fight their wars, in Poland, the army shuffles around. A barbarian spearman has been destroyed, Sakerti being the last breath on their lips. Finally, we see S-H begin to spread out their comparatively sparse armies, perhaps in hopes of crossing the Vistula.
A turn later, we see the Poles making a conga line from Krakow to Plock. Many festivities are held, as the last of the Sakertist rebels are slain, never mind Lodz. Meanwhile, S-H makes landfall on the east bank of the Vistula.
That same turn, Lithuania secures Svencionys, captures Kholm, and captures Torzhok. Lithuanian troops seem to be moving towards Izborsk, as well as Lagoda. We also see several Lithuanian soldiers using the high-level military tactics of embarking into Lake Peipus. This is NOT the Battle on the Ice!
While two of the S-H settlers have remained in Ahrensburg, one has ventured out to begin perhaps settling the rest of Scania.
As we enter turn 103, Kiel hits 14 points of population, builds the Hanging Gardens, and reforms the Protestant faith all in one turn. Civilian life in S-H must be pleasant, even if its military is far from home.
While S-H is busy reforming religions and building World Wonders, Lithuania is busy wiping the floor with Finnish mercenaries, and given the decrease in Novgorodian troops in the east, their Novgorodian commanders.
Blood for the Blood God! Mass death scenarios seem to be the name of the game in this grim remake of WWI but in BC. The borders of Hrefnesholt have become trenches, and the war a bloody, bloody stalemate. Norway cannot break through, and the Geats cannot advance. We also see Riga peace out with Novgorod, only for Lego to remind then who they serve.
On turn 104, the long arm of Lithuania reaches to slap Izborsk out of Novgorodian control. While Novgorod has a substantial army around their capital, and Kholm is unguarded, it doesn’t look like they’ll be advancing.
On turn 105, Izborsk falls to a Lithuanian trireme, and Lithuanian troops move on to Lagoda. However, it seems like Novgorod may be mounting a counteroffensive. We also see Riga make peace, and Lego give up on forcing them into a war.
While Lithuania is meeting with great success, Norway is meeting with even Geater failure. The deadlock continues to be locked dead with the blood and corpses of most of the Geatish and Norwegian militaries by this point.
Poland has finally figured out what they want to do, and it’s not invade unguarded Southern Lithuania. Poland moves to reclaim Lodz, and SH has no more troops in the area.
Itzehoe is settled, and the other two settlers move out. We also see Norwegian and Geatish boats dueling outside of Gotland, and outside Vista.
We get a close-up of this naval combat, and it looks like the numbers are in favour of Norway. Despite having one of their boats near death, Norway still has two more boats at equal strength with the Geats, and their damaged boat won’t go down fighting.
Novgorod counterattacks! The entire Novgorodian army moves to retake Kholm, even as Lagoda reaches half health, and begins to fall to Lithuania. We also see Poland try to make peace with S-H, despite S-H holding Lodz and having no army in the area.
Conga line of Birkbeiners aside, the war around Hrefnesholt(s?) continues on. Neither Norway nor the Geats can make a breakthrough.
It’s fortunate for Poland that we don’t let the AI make peace as it wishes, else they would have lost Lodz. Lithuania’s southern border remains completely untouched.
Lagoda falls, and the Novgorodian counteroffensive peters out. If these troops are destroyed, then Novgorod will have no army remaining. LITHUANIA INVICTA!
Norway produces a settler near Bergen, off to settle some other part of Norway, while they also launch a flank attack on Lodose, at the same time striking against the Hrefnesholts. Unfortunately, 14 strength Birkbeiners lacking any ranged or siege support whatsoever will be insufficient.
Lodz is surrounded, and still in resistance. While it will be free to fire away at the Poles next turn, it may be too late for S-H to hold the city. We continue to see Wroclaw, proudly Polish. Will it really burn this part?
On turn 109, Lodz goes out of resistance and starts blasting at the Polish attackers. However, it’s no use. S-H has been reduced to no more than 2 Composites, against half the Polish army. Even though the Poles are using high level tactics like embarking into the Vistula, the city will not hold. Oh, and there’s a Lithuanian raiding fleet north of Poznan.
The counteroffensive continues to peter out, although with the Lithuanian armies at Torzhok, it will be difficult for them to carry the war further, to Ft. Sickles. That being said, the loss of four western cities will be devastating for Novgorod.
Norway must have taken my advice, as Hrefnesholt begins to take damage from two catapults and an archer. We also see lake Birkbeiners, A Geat settler by Falkoping, and quite a few Norwegian missionaries.
Lodz bleeds, as the S-H defence force falls back behind the city walls. The whole Polish army has concentrated its might on it. Looks like there’s no saving the city now.
It seems that Lithuania has successfully captured a formerly Norwegian Birkbeiner from Novgorod, and begins to assault V-L and No U Pskov by Lake Peipus. Let’s see how well that works. Spoiler: Probably not that well. LITHUANIA INVICTA ANYWAY!
Under the withering barrage of catapult fire, Hrefnesholt falls to half health. Will Norway break the stalemate?
Geesthacht is founded in Scane, and the third S-H settler goes north. It looks like the Geats won the naval battle earlier.
There are currently three units within range with the capability to capture Lodz. Unless the Polish AI tries to make peace this turn, Lodz will fall.
At the worst possible moment for Norway, their AI makes peace. Hrefnesholt had fallen down to red, regular melee units and horsemen were in position to capture, and Norway decided to give peace a chance. Why no immediate re-declaration of war?

Gamerunners Note: Yeah... totally missed this dunno how. I think I was paying attention to Poland more. I continued to take 2 more screens before realizing something was up....
Lodz falls, and with it half its population dies. Congratulations, Poland. You’ve managed to make it through half the part with all your cities.
Lithuania sweeps through the forests of Western Novgorod to launch an all-out assault on Ft. Sickles. Novgorod hurriedly makes a settler in an effort to survive. May it be crushed by Lithuanian power!
A turn later, the war still doesn’t seem to be re-declared. The Geat settler by Falkoping continues south, Hrefnesholt recovers.
Two turns later, the war continues to not be re-declared. Hrefnesholt continues to recover. Norway makes another settler for city spamming by Gynt. Fun fact - when I was narrating this, I couldn’t tell a difference between this slide and the previous one at first.
S-H sends out a small force to siege Wroclaw. Would they seriously burn the city down? Also, Poland has another settler.
Wroclaw has fallen to low health - will it actually happen? Also, we see superior Lithuanian navy raiding inferior Polish shores. LONG LIVE LITHUANIA!
Welcome to Novgorod, Novgorod! The newly founded city may very well be as a fly before a storm.
As the Lithuanian armies approach Novgorod, Novgorod, the Novgorodian vanguard strides forth to meet them, and dies. You tried, guys.
We see S-H being the first to field pikemen, while Wroclaw remains at 0 hp. Will they do it?
The S-H siege force is almost dead. Can Poland maintain their hold on Wroclaw?
I was told that the Norwegian-Geatish war was redeclared Turn 115, but you could’ve fooled me. Norway’s so incompetent they may as well be at peace.

Gamerunners Note: They are fighting. Don't ask me why nothing is happening here.
Oslo creates the Oracle, so that now Oslo may tell who is the wisest of the Geats! Wait, that was the quote. Right? Right?
Holy shit holy shit holy shit
In another break from regular programming, we take you to Norway where they build the Parthenon! Such refined culture! S-H also builds the Petra on the sandy beaches of Sweden.

Gamerunners Note: There they go
The madmen. They actually did it. Wroclaw is three turns from burning to the ground, and the Polish troops are too little, too late. Though the S-H Pikeman and Composite will certainly die, they have left their mark upon this world.
Lithuania has already begun integrating Torzhok and Izborsk to Lithuanian administration, even as their army surrounds Novgorod, Novgorod. This is the last turn, and alas, it looks like Novgorod will keep Novgorod for another day.
Lego, there’s no way the Petra was built here. I’m not seeing any desert tiles.

Gamerunners Note: Was in rush
Can’t tell if Norway built the Parthenon in Oslo, but you can see the Colossus of Rhodes in the harbour.
Lithuania’s core is empty, although they’ve produced yet another settler, and another Great Prophet.
Finland has massed a massive army by Lagoda and VL, and for all we know could be aiming to declare war on either Novgorod or Lithuania.
With the clearing of marshes, Finnish population rises! The Finnish core is pretty empty as well.
Various Finnish settlements on Aland and into Sweden.
Norway holds a large army around Tonsberg, and Lithuania has a very lost spearman around Lillehammer. There’s also an undefended Norwegian settler southeast of Mora!
Norway has settled Sarpsborg this part!
S-H looks to settle the Sjaelland!
S-H, despite possessing a large navy, has a very small army nowadays in Denmark.
Between that gap in Denmark, Southern Sweden, and this gap in Northern Germany, S-H has large amounts of land to settle. In addition, look at their absolutely monstrous army! Between Kiel and Lubeck, S-H has no less than 11 Composite Bowmen.
RIP Wroclaw. Press F to pay respects. Fortunately for Poland’s city count, they manage to found Bydgoszcz, with yet another settler on the way. With that, we end the part! I am /u/Andy0132, and it was a pleasure to narrate this blood-filled part of the Civ Hybrid Games, Mark 8!

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