Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Five: World War One!

Published: 2018-07-14, edited: 2018-07-14

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Four: The Twin Wars

Images: 93, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-07-08

Welcome to another part of CHG Mk.8. I am /u/ThyReformer, and you are about witness a war that will engulf half the world. We start off with a quick peek at the Novgorod-Lithuania front, which is surprisingly equal. Russa has flipped via plot, but won’t stay that way for long.
And here, the war completely separate from the wars across the sea: the Geatish-Norwegian war. The front has not moved much, and with how equal the armies here seem to be, it probably won’t move any time soon.
Northern SH, a peaceful place.
More peaceful lands, but only a bit to the east, and we will find ourselves in a warzone…
The Polish-SH front seems like it won’t have much action, but Wroclaw has flipped, and very likely won’t be flipped back, unless that army around Warsaw marches westward.
Let the fighting commence! The settler-iconed units are Lithunian UUs, börked for whatever reason. I still cannot see this war going anywhere, but at least Russa flipped back, even if it wasn’t a surprise.
Finnish raid into Poznan.
Tjust flipping is a testament to Norwegian naval domination. It will likely flip back, but the damage is definitely there.
More stalemating.
Can’t blame the Poles for not trying.
A small group of SH arrives at Wroclaw to defend it in case of Polish attempts at taking it back.
Tjust flips again, while the Kattegat becomes the site of the first major naval battle. One of many, I hope.
Kernave takes minor damage from units with a malus to attacking cities.
“I’ll try embarking my army, that’s a good idea!” -Norway, probably
SH builds the Great Lighthouse for some naval sight and movement. Slesviger raiders when?
I suppose embarking your army was a good idea after all. Tjust flips again.
Both sides here seem to have retreated to their respective cities.
Kernave takes more damage, falling to yellow.
The Geatish army appears to have disappeared into the Vänern, as Norway takes a solid hold of Tjust.
Fighting continues at this front, with the Lithuanian army placing their catapults at the forefront of fighting. Ingenious tactics.
Kernave falls to red! Will the Poles take it?
This is not looking too good for the Geats, but at least the naval battle is over, with it seemingly being a Geatish victory. Getannia rules the waves!
No news from the west front.
Norway captures another worthless city. At least this one they’re burning down.
Looking worse yet.
The Norwegian army is...retreating, it looks like? Clearly, more tactical geniuses.
It would appear that the Novgorodian army is overpowering the Lithuanian one! An interesting turn of events.
Kernave has regained some health since we last checked.
An SH spearman ventures closer to Lodz while some ships bully Gdansk.
And just like that, the wind is turning! Novgorod damages Russa!
Kernave falls back to red, but Lithuanian reinforcements are here.
Hrefnesholt takes its first bit of damage. I hope I don’t have to write that city name too often.
Russa falls to yellow under the ruthless pounding of Novgorodian comp bows.
Norway has the troops to make damage here, but is certainly taking its sweet sweet time.
Kernave appears to have flipped, judging by the population. Could’ve just starved, too. But the Lithuanian army is here in full force, taking Siauliai down to yellow.

Gamerunners Note: I think Kernave's health bar was glitched because when I went into IGE it was partially still down at this point.
Lithuanian fleet of triremes seems to have exited its lair. The Poles should be very afraid!
Russa falls to red.
In a shocking turn of events, Novgorod flips the city, only for Lithuania to take it right back, and subsequently burning it down. I suppose that’s one way of keeping it out of Novgorodian hands, but it also means Lithuania has gained nothing out of this war.
Siauliai has regained health, somehow.
Poznan gets raided again, this time by Lithuanians.
The M A D L A D S in SH actually went and settled Southern Sweden. Crucial moment.
This front seems to have calmed down. Not that it was terribly active outside of Kattegat to begin with.
SH builds the Great Wall. That’d be more useful if you were at danger of getting invaded via land.
And Norway builds the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Some gold never hurt anyone, right?
Russa is gone, and both armies are in shambles. I do not remember when a warzone got this thoroughly ravaged.The two nations are hardly neighbors anymore.
Lithuania continues with trying to surround Siauliai.
Down to red now…
A Finnish scout comes in, seeing the death and destruction that has wrecked the region. A tragedy.
Href… that one city takes damage again, and Norway applies the superior strategy of embarking one’s units again.
Such a desolate land, the scout probably thinks.
Siauliai is ready to fall.
And it flips.
Is that the Geatish UU that I see? That could certainly turn this stalemate into something more exciting. Also, Norway builds the Colossus. Good for them.
The Finns build the Terracotta Army. A couple more troops, I suppose?
The Geats, of all the people, top this list. Surprising.
Norwegian core looking healthy.
Geatish core, looking not-so-big, but at least seemingly equal in quality.
SH core, with a Finnish trireme visiting Sjaelland.
More SH core. Looking really good.
Polish core, not looking too shabby.
Lithuanian core, spreading significantly farther than the other ones.
Novgorodian core. Not much room here.
Finnish core, looking a bit poor.
And here we see the Finnish influence extending itself across the sea.
A rare pic of western Estonia and Latvia. I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for an image about this region. And with that, the part is concluded. I’ve been /u/ThyReformer, enjoy the stats!
Gamerunners Note: Remembered just for you Norway

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