MEIOU&Taxes 2.0 Brittany AAR/Mod Showcase -- Part 15: Defence of Ireland

Author: Findan
Published: 2017-11-04, edited: 2017-11-04
Rather Death Than Dishonor -- Europa Universalis IV AAR with MEIOU & Taxes 2.0 modification

Follow a lone man's epic quest to make Brittany a great power and learn a thing or two about the freaking amazing mod MEIOU & Taxes.

About the AAR in general:
- Read with vertical scrolling on, contains lots of text
-"""comedic""" and historical
- narrative, roleplay, gameplay
- Mostly screenshots instead of photos or paintings
- Some crude language
- Lengthy explanations of M&T mechanics
- Advice for new players of M&T
- The writer isn't a native speaker
- How i do talk england?

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MEIOU&Taxes 2.0 Brittany AAR/Mod Showcase

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

MEIOU&Taxes 2.0 Brittany AAR/Mod Showcase -- Part 14: French Civil War

Images: 121, author: Findan, published: 2017-10-27

Last part we had a long period of peace, so now it's once again time for war! This time with the English and the Scots. It is Brittany's duty to defend the poor helpless Irishmen of Tyrconnell from the cruel invaders.

Our enemies wield a larger army so Francois turns to the nobility for aid. Because the nobles know that their own farm estates are in direct danger, they're willing to raise levies to aid the Ducal army in the defence of the country.
We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Ireland, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength on land, we shall defend our peninsula, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the castles, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Bretons hate the Anglos so much that this modifier was triggered. That 100% manpower recovery speed is sweet.

Breton merchant ships are immediately conscripted into the navy and sent to attack the English fleet in the Channel.
Francois says nothing about looting, thus giving it his silent approval. Construction projects are expensive and money is always needed for them. He doesn't particularly care where the money comes from.

The English wisely decide to retreat before losing any ships. The Channel is now in Breton control.
While nobles raise their levies, the ducal army embarks on transports and prepare for a journey to Ireland, praying to God and asking the storms to leave them alone during their trip.
The way seems clear, but I do not trust the fog of war and send the light ships to escort the transports. The English may slip out of port if they want to.
No enemy ships are in sight as the transport ships approach the coast of the Emerald isle.

I'm glad the greener Irish nations revolted. Imagine Ireland almost completely controlled by a brown or dark green country. Ugh.

Meanwhile the Irish confederation headed by Tyrconnell has sent troops to occupy the last English holdings on the isle.
The lone ship of the Irish has retreated to port and now Scotland's soldiers are making landfall in northern Ireland. Can my army make it in time to meet them before they land?
The ducal army has safely landed on Ireland and disembarked from their ships. But the locals do not run out to welcome their Breton defenders, for there are no locals around, only burnt husks of buildings scattered in the empty countryside. The province has had terrible province trauma for decades now due to constant occupations by rebels and the English and shows no sign of recovering any time soon.

The fleet returns to Saint-Malo, where they will grab some reinforcements for the army. The nobles leading the military are confident that the English will attack Ireland first, for their ultimate war goal is there as well as an occupied province. And so Brittany will be left defenceless.
In Saint-Malo, a letter arrives from Nantes. Francois promotes a loyal admiral to lead the fleet, whose name is Patern Rolland.

Jesus it's been a looong time since I last hired an admiral. Kinda unnecessary most of the time, but I'm afraid of the enemy navy and thus want to buff my ships as much as possible.
The levies from Bro Gernev still haven't assembled, because a ship is being built in Brest. Yeah, that makes sense.
While the levies are gathering in Saint-Malo, the local nobles also offer some troops for their liege.
Francois hears of noble officers of his army squabbling about what they should do and decides to promote one of them to a higher position whose word will be law. That way the arguments will hopefully come to a stop.

I've had bad luck recruiting noble generals before, but hey, third time's the charm, right?
Eeeey, luck of the irish I guess!

Yann Carne is a noble officer who fought in the last war, where he proved to be a competent leader while in charge of a regiment. Now it's time for him to lead an entire army to battle against the invading Scots and Anglos.

Wait, does Yann have something to do with John?



The newly built ship leaves the safe harbour of Brest and is immediately attacked by the Scottish fleet. It retreats, but the Scots have no time to celebrate their victory as the rest of the Breton fleet arrives to fuck them up.
In Ireland, the Scots finally make landfall, only to soon be attacked by angry Bretons and drunk Irishmen.
The Scottish forces, lacking a commander, quickly surrender. Hundreds of them are taken prisoner or killed. The bodies of the dead are thrown into the sea.

Yann and the leader of the brave Irish clansmen, Mainchín, celebrate by drinking home-brewed Guinness together.
The Scots are also defeated on the sea, off the coast of Brittany. Two ships are captured and one is sunk, while Patern doesn't lose a single ship.

I have always wondered why naval battles give so little warscore in comparison to land battles. Almost half of the Scottish light ships were eliminated, yet I'm rewarded with a quarter of a single warscore point? Fuck off.
Now that the coast is clear (literally), the reinforcements of the Breton nobility embark.
The English soldiers land, expecting to be reinforcing the Scottish army, but only find a host of Bretons and Irishmen. A battle ensues, and this time the Irish occupy the frontline.

The age of Welsh longbowmen is over and now the English wield pikemen, like the Irish do.
Somehow we take less casualties than against the Scottish and defeat the English with ease. Again, thousands of prisoners are taken and more Guinness is drunk in celebration.
Oh come on not again

King Louis of France, like his predecessor, thinks the bride from Brittany is barren and unable to bear children and wants a divorce.
He has a right to be pissed, for he still doesn't have an heir. Kind of surprising for him to be childless. He's a massive pussy, after all.
The Scots, once again, try to land on Ireland. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the isle Breton reinforcements arrive.
This time the scotsmen are not leaderless. The skillful commander Duncan Adam seems to overestimate his own abilities and thinks his two regiments can defeat a force more than twice as large.
The end results are not surprising for anyone besides him.
The newly captured ship Union (referring to the union between Scotland and England), which has been renamed to "Victoire", sails to Brest for repairs and resupplies. The rest of the fleet goes north to stop the enemy from trying to land again.
A single Scottish ship is ambushed and sunk. In the south, a large English fleet consisting of 11 ships is spotted.
Patern Rolland does not fear the Anglos. In this timeline, they don't have a reputation of ruling the waves.

The holy man with a silly hat allows Louis to divorce his waifu. How embarrasing for the Blois.
But Louis doesn't want this to hurt the relations between the French and the Bretons and thus soon sends a letter to Nantes asking for a replacement waifu.

Rolland's fleet engages the English and has nearly double their morale.
The English retreat, leaving behind one badly damaged vessel that soon sinks beneath the waves. Victory is ours.

Rolland begins the blockade of the English coast and shows no mercy to the local populace.
The English now have an army of four thousand stuck on the isle of Man. Rolland intends to keep them there. In Ireland, Yann Carnen's army marches to Dublin, planning to embark from there, cross the sea and invade the invaders.

Offence is the best defence, like they say. It's time I let the Scots and the Anglos taste their own medicine.
Now that the Breton navy is larger thanks to involuntary donations by the scots, more timber is needed for maintenance. Francois also wants timber for his ambitious building projects. Thus, laws are made and a national protected forest is established at Bro Wened.

To help with your timber issues, you can plant a national forest in provinces with trees. Don't remeber which terrain exactly, but you can easily check in the timber management menu available in the State estate.
A protected forest gives some penalties to the province. You might not want it in provinces that have a large amount of rural production going on.
Most of Scotland is poor as dirt, but Inbhir Àir (good luck pronouncing that correctly) has decent wealth and also a nice bay where it's easy to land thousands of troops.
So Yann decides to land there. He takes expendable noble levies with him, just in case the enemy comes to welcome him with a larger army.
Right now Brittany is buying 1.1 units of timber from abroad. Bretons love shipping goods (no they don't like shipping fictional characters, they're not weirdos) on the sea and thus the civilian consumption is a little greater than the state consumption.

Once the national forest gets up and running, expect this ratio to change.
Here's the penalty I was looking for a while ago. Importing one unit of timber is fairly cheap, but nonetheless I would rather rely on my own production and receive bonuses from it.
Also, Brittany's development level has risen to average thanks to all the new urban infrastructure. Yay! I lost a bunch of annoying penalties!
Leaving Brittany defenceless turned out to be a dumb move in the end. The noble reinforcements were ultimately unnecessary and should've stayed home, but hey, that's pretty much hindsight.
Yann's army has already landed in Scotland, so the troops that remained in Ireland head back home to protect it from invaders.
Rolland's ships sail faster than the slow transports ships and accidentally leave them behind. The english immediately take advantage of this and attack the defenceless holks.Rolland does a 180 degree turn and sails north as fast as the winds allow.
Rolland comes to the rescue and soundly defeats the English fleet in a great sea battle. Seven enemy ships total now lie in the bottom of the ocean. The last three barely manage to escape into the safety of their port. Meanwhile the Bretons didn't lose a single vessel. The surface of a couple of boats was scratched, that's all.
Duncan Adam and his angry half-naked scotsmen lay siege to Saint-Malo.
Once that Scottish province with a silly name is occupied, Yann decides to go defeat the invaders on his home peninsula.
The religious scandal is over and Francois' legitimacy is in fairly poor shape.

Wait, "the more pious the country, the worse it was"? Does that mean my high piety results in worse religious scandals? Oh god dammit. Brittany is pretty dang pious, about 75% or so.
The scots try to bring reinforcements, but are rudely interrupted by Patern Rolland.

Yann's army has landed in Brest and begins its march east.
Patern does not let a single scottish ship escape. He rescues some drowning scotsmen, but only after demanding them to pay large sums. Those who cannot afford to pay them are left in the water and the rescued sailors are taken prisoner.
Francois is not exactly happy with his personal castle in Nantes, and decides to renovate it extensively. He's also confident that will please the nobles quite a bit.

Twenty free legitimacy? I just complained about it being low. What a coincidence.
Having sunk the Scottish transports, Rolland returns north, confident that no more enemies will invade Brittany. A small scottish fleet is blockading the irish coastline, and Rolland intends drive it away.

Duncan Adam wisely abandons the siege of Saint-Malo and bravely runs away as Yann approaches with his men.
Duncan strategically retreats across western France, marching around Anjou all the way to Aunis. See? The Scots weren't running away, they were strategically relocating to a new position!
Another ship is generously donated by the Scots after its crew surrenders. One more ship is sunk and the scotsmen retreat back to their ports.
The newly captured ship is renamed "Francois". Patern really wants a promotion, doesn't he?
Duncan's courageous retreat is cut short when Yann's army finally manages to catch him by surprise in Haut-Poetou.

I'm sure the French King won't mind us having a bit of a tussle in their backyard. We Bretons promise to clean afterwards and leave behind no rotting disemboveled corpses.
While Yann and Duncan are duking it out outside the duchy, Francois receives some worrying news: for the eigthieth time in the 15th century, people are predicting that the world will end. The bishop of Rennes recommends that Francois repents for the sins of his subjects in their behalf, thus confirming that the end of the world might indeed come. This wouldn't exactly make the troops confident about winning the war.

You might think constant predictions by nutjobs that the end of the world is nigh (member 2012 anyone? I member) are a yet another variety of cancer introduced by the internet, but you'd be fucking wrong. The amount of apocalyptic predictions made in europe peaked in the 17th century and it's been downhill since.

yeah i know that might not exactly be true, fuck off i'm not writing a peer-reviewed academical article
To keep the spirits of the troops high, Francois decides to instead condemn the claims of apocalypse as blasphemy, thus shocking many religious folk in Brittany.

another scandal, fuck my life

Judging by those values, a scandal at 100% piety would result in +10% stability increase interval, -1% missionary strength and so on. I'm just guessing though.
Duncan's army, despite being surprised by the enemy, manages to reform its ranks and hold the line for a long time before finally retreating. The scots only took 300 more casualties than we did.
Duncan bravely runs away only to be caught and surrounded in Berry. Before a single shot is fired or a single pike plunged into an enemy, negotiations begin. The scots surrender, Duncan pays his own ransom and is allowed to leave while the rest are taken prisoner.
The soldiers of Yann's victorious army do not get to rest and are forced to march westward, toward Brest. Yann promises that much loot awaits them on the isle of Britain, which motivates them greatly.
The annual support from the nobles comes in. It doesn't account for the cost of reinforcing damaged units, but eh, free money is free money.
Oh yeah, forgot that Renaissance popped up in Bologna, the home of the pasta bolognese. I'm playing without Brave New World submod so it'll spread fairly slowly.
At first I was surprised to see Bologne get it, but then I saw it has a renowned university. It's packed full of both domestic and foreign students.
Further south, Florence is quickly embracing the renaissance thanks to their one million institution spread modifiers and the Continental art and intellectual centre.

Florence is truly the most glorious city in Europe. Look at it. It has so many foreign students, NINE, that there's no icon for it (the one on the right edge, next to Farming Efficiency). Hundreds of young nobles from all over Italy are discussing philosophy like the Greeks of the Platonic Academy and igniting a flame that will enlighten all of Europe.
People have said that Bavaria has food issues in the latest patch, but I haven't seen any problems. Then again, neither have I seen any famines in Europe.






Aaaand it's in Finland, my home country. Fuck you, game. This isn't funny.
Recently the weather in the kingdom of Sweden has been unfavourable, and the last harvest failed horribly, quickly making food prices grow especially in Finland and Gotland.
One major cause for the famine was high rural density. The provinces in Finland can only support a tiny population, and recently many 2-pop provinces grew to 3-pop provinces. And so there was not enough food for all the new mouths to feed.

This is, of course, historically inaccurate as Finland experienced a period of population growth and colonization in the 15th and 16th centuries, meaning that in-game many Finnish provinces, especially on the west coast, should start underpopulated and reach the idealpopulation gradually.

I might swear like a sailor but I know my motherfucking history, alright.
Famine has very negative effects on your country. Provinces have unrest, production efficienty penalties and smaller supply limits and the nations have stability drops. Like plague, famine can be fought via the State estate's menu. It's been a long time since I've had famine (gee I wonder why) so I don't remember what the options were exactly.

So, devastation, rural density and poor weather increase the risk of famine, which can randomly trigger and kill population over time. Famine usually affects one or two regions at a time, but can be more expansive than that. Simple, really.

phew finally that's done
Bretons have bigger things to worry about than some swamp people who live in a cold forest dying of hunger. They have a country to invade.

Francois knows the English King will refuse to capitulate voluntarily, so he'll have to force him to do so.
Prague has been utterly raped and has one urban pop left. But it still is a local art and intellectual centre and thus gets banking from abroad. Now it will spread to the rest of Bohemia, and then to neighbouring provinces with plenty of trade power.
The scots have sent a regiment to retake the occupied province, but then the soldiers see white sails in the horizon and rethink their strategy.
Bravely bold Sir Duncan
Rode forth from Edinburgh.
He was not afraid to die,
Oh brave Sir Duncan,
He was not at all afraid
To be killed in nasty ways.
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Duncan.
He was not in the least bit scared
To be mashed into a pulp.
Or to have his eyes gouged out,
And his elbows broken.
To have his kneecaps split
And his body burned away,
And his limbs all hacked and mangled
Brave Sir Duncan.
His head smashed in
And his heart cut out
And his liver removed
And his bowls unplugged
And his nostrils raped
And his bottom burnt off
And his penis--

sorry did I interrupt something? I just wanted to say, exploration ideas are pretty much unlockable now, I think
Yann's forces land, and he's surprised to see no one coming to meet them. After shrugging, he allows his men to loot and pillage to their hearts' content, to celebrate the end of long marches and perilous and nauseating journeys over the seas.
Meanwhile in Saint-Malo, ideas of circumventing the church's restriction on giving loans have spread everywhere. All you needed to get a loan (except you didn't technically get a loan so it was 100% legal and free of sin, trust me) was three contracts. Suddenly local Jews are facing competition in one of the few professions they're allowed to have as "Lombards" found pawn shops in Saint-Malo.

Wikipedia explains this clever fuckery well:

"The way this procedure worked was as follows: The lender would invest a sum equal to the amount of financing required by the borrower for one year. The lender would then purchase insurance for the investment from the borrower, and finally sell to the borrower the right to any profit made over a pre-arranged percentage of the investment. This system replicated the effects of a loan with any interest rate agreed between the two, yet provided protection to the lender against default, while the borrower remained under the protection of the law when it came to collection of the money by threats or force."

Everyone in the medieval ages wasn't fucking stupid. There were some smart little fuckers. Nothing has changed in five hundred years.
Yann's men loot and rape their way across Scotland, avoiding the poorer parts of the Highlands as they have almost nothing of value. In January, Yann decides to order his soldiers to stop looting for a moment and march to Edinburgh, which he promises to be a true cornucopia of wealth in Scotland.

By taking the Scottish capital, the Breton-Irish alliance will hopefully force Scotland out of the war.
Meanwhile in England the nobles are furious at King Edward. The war he started and promised to be an easy one is turning out to be a catastrophe. Much of the navy has been sunk, thousands of soldiers have been lost, an army of four thousand is stuck on an island, not a single objective has been met and now the enemy is pillaging their trusted ally. And so they turn against him and start sending conspiratorial letters to Yann.
Edinburgh falls after a half a year. The city surrendered, but the soldiers still looted the place because Yann had promised them wealth. Hundreds were killed, tortured and raped. News of this arrive in London and Nantes. The English nobles start sending more secret letters to Yann while Francois shrugs, not giving a fuck about the looting of Scottish archbishoprics and churches and the killing of civilians, and returns back to work planning his next project.
The morale is high and the troops are eager and well-fed (after emptying local granaries), but Yann still decides to ask for reinforcements from Ireland. A stronghold remains in Scottish hands, as do many scattered castles in the countryside.
The war is in our favour, even if the enemy slightly outnumbers us on land.
The reinforcements turn out to be unnecessary as the King of Scotland enters peace talks with Yann and diplomatic representatives of Brittany and Ireland. Scotland will leave the war and pay war reparations. The terms are light, but we just want Scotland out of the war so it's fine. Would've been nice for Tyrconnell to break the alliance between england and Scotland, but I guess there wasn't enough warscore for that.
The reinforcements are redirected to Wales. Yann's army leaves Scotland and plans to reinforce the reinforcements.
In Nantes, at the Estates meeting, Francois reveals his next project: redoing the street plan of Nantes and connecting the capital with all other towns and large villages in the province with basic roads, which will be maintained by the locals. Thanks to Scotland's war reparations, there's enough money for it... but then there'd be no money to reinforce the troops with.
And so Francois asks the local nobles, landowners and peasants to contribute to the project. They agree to cover a quarter of the expenses.
Now there will be some money left over for the military. Perfect.
Like with forts, roads are finished once this temporary province modifier disappears. It will take 5 years.
The former reinforcements find themselves in mild trouble as hundreds of men-at-arms and knights fall ill and perish because of a widespread epidemic.
Further north, Yann's forces have taken Lancaster and decide to march east to prosperous York. Yann would like to reinforce the troops in Wales, but at this point he's not really in command. Greed is. You could say it's in charge of most pre-modern armies and most modern nations.
Caernarfon falls and only half of the original army remains. The former reinforcements receive reinforcements over time as they march east.

The english army in Man must be getting pretty frustrated at this point.
Noble disloyalty and local autonomy make the siege of York a rather quick affair.
England isn't the wealthiest place around, but it has barely any local fortifications. So there's a lot of wealth just sitting there, begging to be taken.
York falls within months, and in the mean time the other army has occupied and looted three undefended provinces.

Some worried officers send a letter to Nantes, asking Francois if he's okay with the soldiers looting so much. Francois writes back: "Sure, whatever".

Those two words result in the deaths of tens of thousands.
the pope is once again fucking dead and this time Portugal of all places controls the Papacy.
So far the two Breton armies are carrying 390 ducats worth of loot. Some soldiers are sending it back home on ships. Cattle, food, alcohol, clothing, tools, weapons, armour, carpets, furniture, books, jewelry, precious metal, coins and so on are sent to Brittany across the ocean on dozens of ships.

Oddly, many castles of wealthy nobles are left completely alone and their garrisons likewise do not touch the invading enemies. It's almost like there's some kind of secret agreement...
Of Edinburgh's wealth, very little remains after the Bretons came for a visit. Many formerly wealthy burghers and landowners are forced to become beggars wearing rags. And now England will face the same fate.
At this very moment, Britannia burns.

+1 upvote if you get this obscure reference.
The soldiers are hauling so many valuables that it's having an effect on the army's performance.

This is a penalty imposed upon you if you're too eager to loot. But by the time you've looted so much, it's usually safe to assume that little remains of the enemy army.
England hasn't gone bankrupt yet, but the Mamluks sure have.

I will run this joke to the ground so hard it'll come out of the other side of the globe.

the AI just has this big 9k stack sitting here, sipping tea -- wait, the english didn't have tea back then, I forgot again -- having a wank. What the fuck?

I suspect it has something to do with the other english army being stuck on the isle of man. I dunno, I have no other explanation for this. Well, I do have a narrative explanation.

Yann's army has left behind a trail of burned buildings and bloody corpses as it arrives in Sussex. Some scouts report of a huge camp in Kent, not too far away, but Yann tells his officers not to worry about it. The noble in command, Francis Edington, has promised not to do anything as long as his estates in Oxford are left alone.

Meanwhile in London, letters arrive from Francis saying how the Bretons have surrounded his army and blocked off all supplies and that they are forced to remain in place. Edward hesitantly believes him and abandons hope of victory.
I've never had this much loot. Holy fucking shit.
Yann's army arrives in London, which has been abandoned by King Edward and much of the local populace. A garrison of one thousand men remains, desperately trying to protect the capital.

I could move my fleet to blockade the port, but I'm afraid that if I leave the AI will rescue its troops from Man and activate its army of 9000. And no, I can't split the fleet and send some of the ships. Remember how I told you that ships are really bad at blockading because of high population in many places? I'd need every single ship I own to blockade London.
While London is under siege, I prepare to unlock exploration ideas.




I'm very happy as I thought I'd need more tech to unlock this. Regular nations need 16 admin and 20 diplo to unlock exploration, I think, but historical colonizers get it earlier. Maybe Brittany is considered to be one of these special countries?
The stone walls surrounding London have been breached and Breton troops pour in, slaying everyone in their path. But the defenders eventually manage to drive them back. The siege continues.
Kind Edward of house Bruce is having a very bad day. His cousin in Scotland has abandoned him, and so have many of his nobles. Tens of thousands of his loyal subjects are dead, his kingdom's economy is in tatters and defeat is inevitable.

The martial educator trait makes it likelier for the AI to declare war on weaker targets. I suppose Edward thought Tyrconnell and Brittany were weak. He was fucking wrong.
After 121 days, the surviving garrison of London surrenders. Yann once more lets his troops loot the city, like Francois had said they could do.

King Edward has fled to safety and is sending envoys to the capital of the Irish confederation. This war has brought enough ruin to England.

i don't know what to type

oh wait, now I know

After four years of war, England capitulates. The last Irish clans loyal to the crown are forced to join the Irish confederation. Edward acknowledges that many parts of Ireland no longer belong to the titular Lordship and are free and independent. The Isle of Man is made independent and some war reparations are paid.

Mhaigh Eo (County Mayo in English) (No, mayonnaise wasn't invented there) is now a reluctant member of the Irish confederation headed by the King of Tyrconnell. Now, the confederation will be able to turn from an irish monarchy into a true feudal monarchy, which Brittany can then ally.
This feels like some kind of insult. England's defeat was kind of brought by this army being stuck here, and now they're forced to leave as the isle is independent.
Yann, Patern Rolland and all the soldiers sail home with the huge amount of loot they've gotten. They care little for the thousands of people they robbed blind, the thousands of lost children whose parents were killed, the thousands of torture victims who only revealed the location of their hidden wealth once a body part of theirs had been broken, the thousands of new beggars and cripples and orphans. Because they were enemies, and enemies aren't humans.
Compare this screenshot with the previous screenshot of this mapmode to note just how badly Bretons raped England.

If I hadn't called a previous part "The Rape of Aquitaine", I would've called this one "The Rape of England". But I guess that's too spoilery.

The AI immediately builds a fort in Wessex after the war ends, hehe. Should've done that before the war.
Finland is back to 100% rural density after the famine. Like plague, famine solves overcrowding problems with great efficiency.
Francois never left Brittany during the war, but still claims a fifth of the loot for the state. This doesn't exactly make people happy, but Francois needs money for his construction projects.

Sure, all the wealth was stolen from innocent civilians, but Francois doesn't particularly care. He assassinated his own mother, why would he give a single fuck about some foreign mud farmers?
Breton troops return home and are welcomed in a great ceremony held in Saint-Malo. Francois awards Yann, Rolland and many officers with fancy titles and other rewards while the soldiers flaunt their newly acquired wealth and spend much of it on booze and whores.

Isn't it nice how war turns robbers and murderers into heroes? And isn't it nice how the defence of Ireland from cruel invaders turned into a cruel invasion of defenceless Scots and Anglos?

And on that bombshell, it's time to end. Good bye!

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