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The Song of Prussia: Chapter 1

Images: 9, author: inocomprendo, published: 2019-04-17

An AAR following the (hopeful) rise of a tribe of Prussians surviving in CK2. This AAR begins with the rise of High Chief Prusas from a warrior to the Chief. Our conclusion ends with the Chiefdom of Pruthenia preparing for war, with a significant decision to be made by the Elder Council...

This AAR will follow in the vein of LPs influenced by audience participation. The AAR will likely only continue through EU4, but won't go much further at the moment due to the backup of the Victoria II converter.

I use a few mods with this, notably CK2+, Patrum Scuta, and VIET events.

With that, let's start this together! I'll continue this as long as it's fun and as long as people enjoy it, so I hope you certainly do.

Game: Crusader Kings II

Romania Ascendant, Chapter 2: Emperor Baldwin II, Part 1

Images: 11, author: inocomprendo, published: 2018-07-04

The second chapter of my Latin Empire AAR. As of writing, I've finished the CK2 leg of this campaign, and am beginning to mod the EU4 timeline.

In this chapter, we visit the first half of Emperor Baldwin II's reign. The Early Period of Latin rule is reaching an end, as relative stability is kept in the Empire.

*credit to wikipedia for thumbnail image*

Game: Crusader Kings II

Romania Ascendant, Chapter 1: Emperor Baldwin I "the Holy"

Images: 16, author: inocomprendo, published: 2018-06-08, edited: 2018-07-04

A Latin/Romanian/Roman Empire AAR I plan on taking at least through EU4. As of writing, I'm halfway through the CK2 timeframe and am catching up with writing the AAR.

Part 1 covers the rise of Romania under Emperor Baldwin I, through the tumultuous Early Period of conquest and rebellion. There's hardly any peace as Latin rule is established.

(Upload Photo Credit To Wikipedia Commons / Baldwin during his coronation)