Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Part 4, At Last

Author: kystonu
Published: 2019-09-21, edited: 2019-09-21

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Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Part 3

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WOW I'm back for the final part of the long-running ESC game! We hop back in with a shot of Russian troops marching into Finland.
The eastern front looks a bit more balanced
Osijek falls to Russia
Every Finnish frontier city has no health remaining, a bad sign
Manchester is now Russian
Berlin falls to Russia as well, with Riga looking to fall soon as well
Well Russia has a lead in wonders as well
Sergey Lazarev Screams as Darude and Sebastian not just Look Away but also run away off the continent to their island refuge
Helsinki flips back and peace is made.
36 turns later, Sergey comes back to finish what he started. Things do not look good for Finland
On either front.
Helsinki doesn't fall immediately, but nearly every other Finnish border city here does.
The 16 air units in Jerusalem can do nothing against the Russian advance
Finland is down to its last coastal cities on the eastern mainland as the Darude & Sebastian watch from faraway Jyväskylä
The Finns push back at Järvenpää, but is it futile?
Cork is borked
Jerusalem falls
Vantaa becomes the last mainland Finnish city on this side of Russia
And then it isn't. The Finnish fleet can only watch helplessly.
It's even a bit insulting that Portugal's territory cuts off Kuopio from the rest of the Finnish colonies
The last northwestern Finnish island colony falls
Frankfurt is flipped back!
And peace is made once more, with Finland ceding a number of island cities
A large number of island cities, in fact.
It appears a bit less one-sided down in the southwest.
But it really isn't, as Baku soon falls to Russia
At this point, turn 500 rolls around and I decide to act on my annoyance at the 17 minute turn times and Conan's complete inaction in the face of a clear leader. It's time to end this game :)
Most of Portugal's military strength is naval. Which is not good. At least Berlin is threatened.
Portugal has clear air superiority here but Russia seems to have naval superiority.
This island is getting messy.
Senäjoki and Baku flip owners.
Conan forgot to pack melee units
The Portuguese navy and air force tries to attack on two fronts, which ends in the loss of Setúbal. At least Oslo is liberated and Kokkola gained.
Jyväskylä is barely holding on there
Instead of succeeding, Portugal loses Faro as well, and Oslo becomes Russian again.
The Finns push back but Vaasa is threatened
It's very much a push and pull here, but ultimately one will prevail.
All the Portuguese holdings here are now Russian
Buda and Lourenço Marques fall to Russia. Only Chisinau and Lisbon are left before Sergey is finally victorious
Of course, Conan isn't going to make it easy.
It's bad when your capital is a low-health, low-population city on the front lines, which means...
Jyväskylä is now a posession of... Reykjavík??!
Lisbon flips. The end is near
Senäjoki is now the Finnish capital, the final Finnish city on the entire mainland.
And this means...
Chisinau and Lisbon have fallen to Russia, meaning that Sergey Lazarev's "Scream" has won the Eurovision AI Game!
Finland has been kicked to Kajaani, meaning that Finland no longer has any cities on the mainland whatsoever.
Congratulations to Russia! After coming close to winning in real life, placing 3rd twice, Sergey finally has his win!
Conan, still reeling, manages to recover Chisinau in a vain attempt to continue fighting. Portugal, with Conan Osiris's "Telemóveis", places second. His fanbase is slightly disappointed at not winning, but vindicated still by the great success compared to Portugal's NQ in real life.
Conan accepts his silver in his new capital of Luanda. Meanwhile, Darude and Sebastian are not able to do so in Jyväskylä, as the Great Icelandic Empire has risen out of nowhere to encompass San Marino, Jyväskylä, and of course Reykjavík. Nevertheless, Finland's "Look Away" by Darude and Sebastian Rejman take 3rd place, a solid congratulations! Thank you all for keeping up over these past 4 months! I'll be back one day, between rounds of AI tier ranking.

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