Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Part 3

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Published: 2019-08-21, edited: 2019-08-21

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Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Part 2

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Hey I'm back! We return to see that Mahmood sign a peace with Tamara, leaving North Macedonia with two cities, and Italy at its greatest extent so far.
Meanwhile, Bilal loses her crown as Toulouse falls, leaving France in 12th place. Michael weeps for her, but tells her it's #BIGGERTHANUS.
Esztergom falls to the Conan Osiris fanclub as the Finns press onto Buda.
But it's Conan who gains custody of Buda. Visegrád's fate is now up in the air.
And suddenly it isn't, as Darude and Sebastian decide to look away.
It's a Balkan Brawl once more as ZalaGašper take revenge
Sergey joins in on the action, with poor Joci stuck in the middle
His predicament doesn't last long, as Joci and Hungary are eliminated in 11th place. Honestly, Finland and Portugal could have wiped Hungary out much earlier, but well, it's finally happened. The Telemóveis Empire is beautiful for its fans
Russia would be decently well equipped for such an endeavor, if Mary is correct, but the military tech gap is a problem. In the meantime, Serbian mountain guns defend Prishtina.
Suddenly the Brits attack! Saint Petersburg could fall but probably won't.
Deciding to open up more fronts, because that's an excellent idea, Sergey declares war on the Telemóveis Fandom
More war erupts as Jonida gets into some fights, most notably with Mahmood, who will probably lose Osijek and Zagreb.
The background Macedonian war ends with no change. Not having open borders with Russia seems to have been problematic for the Greeks.
The Russian-Serbian war ends with the capture of Prishtina by the Russians.
Osijek falls as expected, but Zagreb gains a sizable defensive force
The city-state of Vilnius falls under Russian hegemony and becomes a stepping stone toward Visegrád.
On the subject of city-states falling, Antwerp becomes Portuguese with Nicosia soon to follow.
And Nicosia falls. Zürich seems to be having some trouble with the Italians, but not much will probably happen.
Kumanovo falls to Slovenia, and Tamara gazes sadly out of her two remaining land tiles, one of which has a Slovenian lancer on it
Osijek flips back to Italia. Much flipping is in the fate of these two cities
The Kremlin is rightfully constructed in Russia.
Conan upholds his end of the deal with Mahmood, and has launched a naval attack on Albania's west coast, taking Shkodër
Which flips back, but Portugal has clear naval supremacy here
Skopje falls to Slovenia before the ink dries on Tamara's peace deal with Michael. RIP North Macedonia and Tamara, you had a good run, and made it to 10th place.
Apparently there was a Serbian-Portuguese war, which is now relevant with Serbia's peace with Russia. Visegrád has flipped and Conan has opted to raze it this time.
Jonida loses Shkodër but gains both old Croatian cities.
Conan makes peace with Sergey, a buffer of unsettled land between the two
Shkodër is razed soon after as peace is made with Jonida.
Cristo Redentor is rightfully constructed on Portuguese land... close enough.
Sidenote: Prilep is in the red from Finnish bombardment
But suddenly, Conan strikes straight into Nevena's territory, bringing Belgrade nearly to half health!
Albania has clear air superiority as Rome falls to half health
Joensuu is founded on Visegrád's ashes. Few Portuguese melee units are seen near defenseless Belgrade
In a fun surprise twist, a forgotten Serbian-Slovenian war gives us the capture of Ljubljana! Not the wisest of choices, having two fronts, but hey at least Serbia has two capitals now.
Prilep falls to Conan's fiery wrath. Darude wonders if he can settle in a warzone
Ljubljana flips and Novo Mesto is on the verge of falling. Also, apparently Finland was at war with Slovenia and managed to snag Skopje.
Skopje is at low health but Finland has 5 destroyers ready to take it back if it flips
Serbia has never been so great, now if only Prishtina was Serbian too... Nevena is very happy in her Belgrade bomb shelter
Mahmood and Jonida make peace, and the entire peninsula is essentially Albanian
Russia and the UK make peace with no change, while Skopje looks to stay Finnish.
Galway falls to Portugal. Nevena trembles as the destroyers near shattered Belgrade
Belgrade falls. She retreats to burning Nish, refusing to let go of her Kruuna
Nevena shouts obscenities at the Slovenian artillery pounding at her new capital Ljubljana
Ljubljana is all she has left, that and her Kruuna.
The Telemóveis Fandom gains yet another victim, I mean convert, as Serbia's Nevena Božović falls in 9th place. A respectable place.
Sergey brings a tearful eye toward Slovenia, and swiftly takes one half of ZalaGašper. Maribor, however, will be a tough nut to crack... if it weren't for Sergey's hunky paratroopers
But it might not be Russian paratroopers that spell the end for the Slovenian duo, as Mahmood seeks to gain some rightful Balkan land after his loss of Osijek and Zagreb!
And with that, Italy eliminates Slovenia's Zala and Gašper in 8th place. Looks like I was wrong about Mahmood wanting Balkan clay, as he burns down 12-pop Maribor >.>
Great Russia turns toward Greece. Katerine throws bombs at Gori, but perhaps she should have focused on the Sergey's horde of units
British France is selected as the next member of the Telemóveis Fandom
Finland has settled right up next to Albania and declares war. This will probably go better than Portugal's attempt
Athens and Heraklion fall simultaneously.
Katerine still has reserves, but how long will she last before Sergey's onslaught?
But first, turn 300 stats! Russia has a huge lead in population, followed by Finland and Portugal.
In production, it's Portugal first, followed by Russia and Finland.
The same order is followed in military manpower
And in technologies as well...
And in tourism as well... does Conan Osiris have the game in the bag?
Autocracy rules in this game, Russia being the only Order civ.
Toulouse falls. Oh you thought I'd end soon? Wrong. We're stopping around turn 400 this time round baby
Darude & Sebastian team up with Michael against Jonida, quite a bro squad
Rhodes and Adrianopouli fall to Sergey's might, leaving Greece and Katerine Duska's "Better Love" in 7th place.
Jonida's forces storm Birmingham, and attack Jerusalem. Michael seems to have been caught off guard here
Mahmood takes Jonida's side against Michael. Damn, looks like Jonida is the only lady left in this top 6
Jerusalem falls, and it looks like the UK's time on this cylinder is not going to be long
In the meantime, Italy snags Lyon, leaving the Telemóveis Fandom satisfied with Toulouse.
London becomes Italian!
Apparently the Finns settled Vaasa on the site of Shkodër... well now it's Albanian once more
Manchester seems to be surrounded by Italians
Jonida signs peace with the Finns and Brits
The two great powers Russia and Portugal go to war! Shame they don't have more of a border... but you never know
Mahmood backstabs Jonida. You can never trust men.
Birmingham falls but will flip
Conan liberates the Lithuanians, who join the Fandom out of respect
It's a short-lived liberation.
Macau and Belgrade fall to Russia
Zagreb finally returns to Italian sovereignty
Osijek follows suit soon after
Not satisfied with losing to Sergey, Conan decides to take on Mahmood as well!
Darude and Sebastian join in, now in a better position with the settle of Mikkeli
Vaasa flips as Zagreb and Osijek become... Finnish
All of a sudden, Rome flips, Palermo becomes Portuguese, but at least Zagreb is Italian again... things aren't going great for Mahmood.
Jerusalem becomes Finnish as Albania regains Zagreb
Paris flips. Birmingham becomes Albanian, and Palermo is Italian again.
We interrupt our regular programming to indicate that Putin is leading the tech game. This is also the second-to-last stat you'll see, as I didn't record turn 400 stats... for mystery of course
Birmingham becomes Finnish. Lyon and Paris will probably flip
There goes Paris
The neighbors make peace, with Mahmood finally regaining Zagreb, at the cost of Birmingham. He also manages to take back Paris
But of course this front is still in flux
Some flips happen and suddenly Croatia is reborn. This doesn't change their ranking, sadly for Roko fans.
Rome flips again. Baku becomes Finnish.
Suddenly, Krujë becomes Finnish, the first core Albanian city to fall.
Rishon LeZion follows suit.
And Tirana is Finnish.
As is Baku
A flip giveth, and a flip taketh away, as Croatia is gone once more to Heaven.
Mahmood changes the tide and takes Toulouse.
Sergey personally cuts the ribbon at Russia's Jurassic Park. Oh lordy we might see Russian raptors run amok
Darude and Sebastian sigh at the sight of Manchester still standing. It's time.
Manchester joins the Finnish archipelago, leaving the UK and Michael Rice in 6th place. If only this happened in Eurovision, am I right, British friends?
A shadow British carrier remains
Mahmood, fueled by rage, strikes deep into Portuguese Slovenia
Italia has the nuke
And has nearly cleared Portugal from this region of the world
But first, Russia.
In the second turn of war, Russia has taken 3 cities. In the space of time taken to sing, "Volevi"
Turin and Palermo fall, eliminating Italy's Mahmood in 5th place. Damn! So close to real life's 2nd place.
But what's that in the corner? Darude and Sebastian work to remove Jonida from the map.
And out she goes. Albania and Jonida end in 4th place, leaving behind another ghost carrier. Only 1 turn behind Italy, which was far bigger and would have grown if Russia hadn't happened.
And this is our final stat. Portugal has flipped to Order and Finland is managing alright with happiness
Not long after, the top 2 got to war.
Will Finland vanquish Russia? Will Russia reign supreme? Or will Portugal pull a dark horse?? Find out in the next exciting installment! Which I swear will be the final one!

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