The People's Republic of China - NWO Victoria 2 AAR #1

Author: ZOO231
Published: 2017-07-24

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The People's Republic of China - NWO Victoria 2 AAR

The current situation seems very grim for the communist forces in China, we are outnumbered by the Nationalists and a large number of our provinces are under the occupation of the imperialists.
We must strike now if we are to survive.
We immediately split all our forces into three large units and we prioritize to go on the offensive and push the Nationalists out of our territory.
In the south, what little holdings we may have are slowly being taken by the Nationalists, but this bad news is kept away from the public.
Our country is at the brink of destruction and at risk of being oppressed for decades to come if we lose this war, therefore we mobilise all our peasants. Thousands and thousands of people are involved and drafted.
Meanwhile in the west, East Turkestan mobilses too in order to defend it self from the Nationalists, we are pleased to see the country of a mere two million people throwing everything they have at the Nationalists as they could act as a distraction.
In our most populous region of Shandong, we encourage more people to join our soldiers.
We expect many more to come to the calling of China.
As a country englufed in a war and in a desperate situation, we put all our research into improving out army.
The Soviet Union is currently the strongest communist country and we begin to improve relations with them (in the hopes they will maybe give us some support)...
Despite being close to provinces under Nationalist occupation, we make Daming our rally point as we expect to quickly take back the surrounding provinces and aim to make troops readily available on the main war front on the southern border.
All government funding and taxes go towards the war, education and social spending can wait!
This may put an economic burden on us in the future, but we decide to take a loan of £150,000 to pay for weapons and equipment.
Good news reaches the communist government as spies report a great deal of mistrust amonst Nationalist army generals falling out with those funding the war, whilst communist generals continue to motivate their soldiers.
We also join the Communist Bloc and relations with the USSR continue to improve!
The workers of west and east are united!
The communist leadership will lead our liberators into victory! This is good news seeing as Mao and many of the other leaders have great leadership skills.
After the ceasefire ends, Mao Zedong leads our large 99,000 size unit into Tianjin where a large Nationalist military presence is located.
Very quickly, we massacre many of the Nationalist troops and we can see clearly that the Nationalist generals are very confused and unable to lead their soldiers.
Mobilised forces soon begin to arrive in Daming and will join our already engaged troops.
While most of the leadership is busy with the war, a temporary leader is put in place, he doesn't really change much so he is left there.
Our first engagement in Tianjin was a huge success and we inflicted nearly double the casualties on our foes. Many more victories will come our way.
Generals from the Soviet Union teach us of various methods of waging war and fighting on the offensive, one strategy which we will be using a lot is the method of allowing ourselves to be engaged first so that we are on the defensive.
Liberating occupied provinces is not our priority but to push out all the enemy forces is, so we send large numbers of troops to engage the Nationalists.
The Soviet Union continues to send us supplies in large quanities, we welcome all the equipment, broken or perfect, with open arms.
The strategy of being on the defensive in a battle proves to be very effective as once again the enemy casualties are nearly double ours, we will be continuing to use this strategy throughout the war.
In the province of Wuding, we expect to see heavy casualties seeing as, how rare it may be, the Nationalist troops are being led by a decent general.
Smaller sized units are prioritized with getting occupied lands back under our control. We are now becoming comfortable in fighting the enemy so we do not see this as a bad move.
135,280 soldiers are sacraficed in the Battle of Wuding, we managed to push the enemy back from advancing past Tianjin, but we are worried that we will not be able to continue to match their numbers of troops.
East Turkestan in the west requests for military access, we agree as we are suprised to see they are occupying Nationalist land and are definitely some sort of distraction, even if it is the smallest of distractions...
We agree with the Nationalists to prepare for the possibility of a unified China, perhaps they see the good behind communism!
We do not spare any retreating units and all shall be eliminated!
Even more fantastic news regarding Soviet-Sino relations, as we are given back our lands taken from us by the Japanese by the USSR. Relations continue to get better!
We spend some extra money on attaching at least one motorised infantry force to each unit, but this may not happen, nevertheless, the thousands of peasants already on the battlefield will suffice.
Bad news reaches us and we learn that the Nationalists will be mobilising...
Even more innocent peasants will be slain by our forces it looks like.
Our larger unit reaches the border whilst the forces in the north and sent further northwards to take out the large 92,000 strong Nationalist Army.
They have seemed to have taken refuge in the mountains of the Guihua Tumed province, quickly, we split our forces to increase the speed at which they travel so that we can quickly surround the enemy.
What in the world is this?!
We are outraged at Chiang's and the Nationalist's demands of disbanding our militias and ulitmately removing all sources of our influence. The communists storm out of Nianjin (the Nationalist capital) and promise that the forces of communism will return with the guns, troops and militias that they wish us to disband.
The rest of the world recognises our growth as a nation.
Finally, we get the Nationalists to engage us directly on the hills! We now have the upperhand in the battle to come.
Peasants rush to the frontlines!
We chase the weakened Nationalist's back into the mountains to once and for all take them out.
We suffer a rare defeat, and even though it is not a massive loss, we send a call for help, mainly in the hopes that the USSR could provide us with further funds but we are doing fine.
Our next battle gives us a much better result.
The fools have engaged us in the mountains... In the mountains they shall die!
From 92,000 to 37,000, the Nationalists continue to suffer huge casualties and the amount of Nationalists troops moving to the frontlines continue to decrease.
We have now decreased the defecit that once loomed over us, before we were at -25% warscore, and now we are quickly moving towards a high positive warscore.
We have achieved all we can through the fight, now we must take back our lands and prepare to advance into Nationalist territory.
For the first time, Nationalist troops are outnumbered by communist forces in our own territory and those remaining are now chased out or destroyed.
Yet another enemy unit is annihilated. Thousands of Nationalist troops die each day yet their corrupt government urges them to fight on, they believe they are fighting for the better cause but they will know very soon they were not once we liberate them from their oppressors.
The Chinese Civil War is now in our favour and we hope to quickly take back our lands and unite the Chinese people under communism.

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The People\'s Republic of China - NWO Victoria 2 AAR #2

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