A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 3

Published: 2017-01-31, edited: 1970-01-01

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 2

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Hello and welcome back to part 3 of A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR. We last left off with two finished wars and plans for the liberation of Europe.
We bring our fleet back from England to São Paulo with orders to transport the 4o Exército to the coast of Argentina.
Operación En Unión will be the biggest operation undertaken in the Americas since the American Civil War. More than 150,000 Brazilian soldiers, sailors, and airmen will take part in this invasion.
An infantry platoon training for the invasion.
The capital of one of our allies falls as our interceptors prepare to set course for Buenos Aires.
The 4o Exército are a critical piece of the invasion, as they will secure the Argentinian capital which should bring a swift end to the war.
Meanwhile in the Pacific, the US Marine Corps have taken Iwo Jima.
The US Marines storming Iwo Jima. (1942)
The Argentinians are very close to Herr Hitler which gives us more than enough reason to invade and conquest them. (I find it funny they are more fascist than Nationalist Spain)
The 2o and 3o Exércitos will press the Argentinians back into the jungles as the 4o takes their capital and forces a surrender.
War is declared and the invasion is underway.
A machine gun nest during the invasion of Argentina (1942)
We overrun the undermanned and outgunned Argentine border divisions and our navy runs into the Argentinian navy. If we do not win this naval battle the invasion will fail and our plans will have to be redrawn.
Our interceptors get their first action as they swat Argentine bombers from the sky.
We force their navy back into port and the invasion continues.
We land on the outskirts of Buenos Aries and send 2 marine divisions to capture it. This should end the war on our terms.
We will also keep our transports in port so they are not destroyed. We will need them for our European landings in the near future.
Victory is delivered to us and their capital is within our reach.
With news of the fall of Buenos Aries, the Argentine army begins to crumble and surrender en masse.
An artillery battery at the Battle of Posadas (1942)
Our cruisers find their massive navy and retreat back into port with no losses for either side.
NRB Minas Gerais after the retreat from Rio de la Plata. (1942)
A group of airmen after the dogfights of Rio de la Plata. (1942)
Their men begin to fall apart.
A Brazilian artillery man at the Battle of Salta. (1942)
We slaughter them at the Battle of General Belgrano with almost 8:1 casualties.
With our armies marching unopposed through their country, they surrender before we kill anymore.
The Eastern front has stabilized for now.
A division of US paratroopers take Casablanca and force the surrender of France (again).
Operación Fuerza is not as detailed or thought out as our last invasion and simply relies on our corps blitzing the Bolivian capital before they can organize any resistance.
We overrun their borders and push them back to La Paz.
We shatter the last Bolivian resistance and discover some German technology in the laboratories of La Paz.
Bolivia surrenders as our first bombers roll off the production line.
In France, the US has organized some resistance.
Operación Razón will be a swift blitz to the coast of Chile, cutting it in multiple smaller pieces which we will surround and crush.
We also achieve some atomic technology.
We dispatch our cavalry to occupy the Vichy France province to our north. (The British were bugged and wouldn't move to take it)
War is declared and a Uruguayan uprising breaks out.
The 3o Exército is given hastily written up plans to suppress the rebels.
The Americans hear of our bomber production and lend us some technology. How gracious.
We split Chile into 4 smaller pieces and take their capital.
The Chileans realize this is the end and they surrender.
A victory parade through Santiago.
The British launch an invasion with the US which we not informed about. We will scramble our men in England to open another front for them.
General Morais is our best man. We order him to secure the region of Normandy.
Our men storming the beaches of Granville.
The Kreigsmarine attacks and sinks a transport for the price of a heavy cruiser.
We kill 1,000 Krauts.
We take 3,000 Germans as POWs.
Our air wing engages the Luftwaffe.
Our interceptors scrambling to protect our men. (1942)
We manage to dislodge the Wehrmacht and General Morais starts to advance.
Wehrmacht POWs (1942)
Morais' men are slaughtered at St. Lo and our front line is assaulted. We are forced to retreat.
The ruins of St. Lo (1942)
We've lost 3,600 men in a matter of days. We will make our last stand in Cherbourg.
Its a slaughter.
Our navy and aircraft return to Britain alone.
General Morais returns to Britain in shame.
55,000 of our men. Killed, Wounded or Captured. This will be known as one of the biggest blunders of the war.
The ruins of Carentan, (1942)
Operación Firme is devised to help restore some glory to our military and to distract the public.
Our glorious empire. Progress has been made but an entire corps has been destroyed. Will Brazil recover?

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