Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Administrative Divisions of the Swiss Confederation

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The various states and sub-regions of the Confederation [without labels]
States of the Confederation[Zoomed in, with labels]

Note: Burgenland (grey-blue region east of Austria) is a special administrative region with shared condominium between the Swiss Confederation (which has traditionally claimed German-majority Eisenstadt) and the Kingdom of Hungary (which has historically claimed Magyar-majority Sopron). As such, they lack full state rights and are not considered a full constituent of the Confederation.
[In-game screenshot for comparison]
Distribution of Seats in the National Council (Nationalrat)

Dark Red: Vanguard for Labour (authoritarian left coalition)
Red: Alliance for Social Progress (socialist coalition)
Yellow: Liberal Centrist Union (centrist moderate coalition)
Gold: Union for Economic Liberties (far-libertarian centre-right coalition)
Blue: Christian Democratic Coalition (Centre-right religious conservatives)
Grey: Heritage Preservation League (Far-right traditionalists)
Black: Third Way Direct Action Front (Extreme authoritarian far-right)
Presidents of the Federal Council.

Executive power in the Confederation split between all seven cabinet powers, though one individual is elected by the Council of States to serve in a symbolic capacity as President. While initially only intended to serve one year on a rotating basis, the necessity of a strong executive to oversee Swiss expansionism led to a more traditional 4 year term (one term limit).

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