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Game: Victoria 2

With Strange Aeons: The Stars Are Right (An Aquitanian Apocalypse AAR)

Images: 32, author: Discix, published: 2018-08-23

The second entry in the ongoing 'With Strange Aeons' AAR, in which the Roman Empire struggles for survival amidst the unending tide of the undead (courteously supplied by the 'Aquitanian Apocalypse' mod, a combination of HtA and Apocalypse 1836).

This one has a fair bit more action and less exposition than the previous chapter, as we see the Roman military junta take the reigns and bring the fight to the zombos by reinforcing the Danubian mixed results.

Game: Victoria 2

With Strange Aeons: Rome vs. The Evil Dead (An Aquitanian Apocalypse AAR)

Images: 31, author: Discix, published: 2018-08-23, edited: 1970-01-01

A little WIP AAR for VIc2 using the Aquitanian Apocalypse mod, a combination of Heirs to Aquitania and Apocalypse 1836, wherein we command the Roman Empire in its struggle for survival against the relentless undead hordes.

Game: Victoria 2

NCFOM III: Begotten, Born, and Dies (The Armenian War) | Rome HtA AAR

Images: 30, author: Discix, published: 2017-07-25, edited: 1970-01-01

Welcome back! Sorry for not posting earlier, was just somewhat busy earlier this month.
Previously, our beloved First Minister decided that the best way to distract the restive Roman masses was with a war, as he figured that our shiny and improved military tech and newfound Persian 'friends' will be able to take on the Armenians, who historically defeated Rome and seized parts of Anatolia in the past. In this episode, we'll be analyzing the Mesazon's gamble and focusing on the events of the Armenian War (1841-2) as they unfold.

Game: Victoria 2

No Country for Old Men: To Keep A Drowsy Emperor Awake (Pt. II HtA Rome AAR)

Images: 35, author: Discix, published: 2017-07-01

Here is the next iteration of my ongoing narrative RP AAR, "No Country For Old Men", featuring the trials and travails of the Roman Empire as it navigates through this era of upheaval.

This episode is pretty wordy (sorry about that, I tend to ramble) and is focused on the social and economic upheaval following the conclusion of the Crimean War. Hope you enjoy!

Game: Victoria 2

No Country for Old Men: An Aged Man is But A Paltry Thing (A Vic2 HtA Rome AAR)

Images: 36, author: Discix, published: 2017-06-27

Come along for the ride as we take the helm of the Roman Empire in the Heirs to Aquitania mod and steer it through a new era of uncertainty, where wars are fought not between rulers, but between nations and ideas. Watch, laugh, cry, and hopefully not snore too much as I try (and probably fail) to keep your attention with such ingenious tricks as:

-colourful historical pictures
-occasionally mistimed screencaps of actual Vic2 gameplay
-odious amounts of alt-history context in the form of dry textual passages
-actual statistics (probably just for the end, though)
-suboptimal play
-the Julian calendar
-appropriation of historical portraits for my own ahistorical personages

...and (probably) much more!

Game: Victoria 2

Perfidious - Though Peace Be Made: 1836-42  (British Union AAR)

Images: 30, author: Discix, published: 2017-05-22, edited: 1970-01-01

A Vic2 AAR of the Republic of Britain, run on a modified version of Napoleon's Legacy.

Game: Victoria 2

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Administrative Divisions of the Swiss Confederation

Images: 6, author: Discix, published: 2017-04-01

Game: Victoria 2

Eidgenossenschaft, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accidentally Reform the HRE

Images: 17, author: Discix, published: 2017-03-28