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-Quotes from the warrior poet Yolandi Visser within her famous conquest of South Africa, known as 𝐹𝑎𝑡𝑡𝑦 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑚 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑚 (naughty song)

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Can't spell Nippon without OP

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Can\'t spell Nippon without OP part 2

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Meiji is still a teenager and the true power resides in the military leaders, the politicians, and the industrial capitalists within the government. He is not a man, but a boy; a boy of poetry. Blood-lust is smeared among the Imperial ranks, yet Meiji has a distaste for such bloodshed. Japan's ambitions must be fulfilled through conquest Meiji!
Power must be proven to ensure a Japanese homeland, or else the European powers who seek to take Asia will jump together to chain us.
We built our industry for one reason: war. Our factories hunger for more iron, more steel, more sulfur and coal. Feed them we must.
oh shit waddup
France is afraid, wishing to cut down the North German Federation as if to tame a dog. They clearly have not seen history nor the map, as Italy and the mighty nation of Luxembourg are on the side of the Germans.
This would be the perfect opportunity to establish Japanese interests against other colonizers. What is taken, shall be kept. Kept under Japanese control.

Austria-Hungary is not interested in our ambitions, so we do not send for any help. This can be done alone anyway.
This is saddening. We can so easily take control of Asia, yet it would taint the Japanese name across the world as a warmongering nation. It wouldn't be a wrong label, but an unwanted one.
The 13th and 19th are registered as the invasion force. 60,000 men should be enough against some islands.
Plans are drawn up. Simple plans, as we only wish to split the archipelago's (spelled that right the first time, hell yeah) ownership. Visayas contains valuable fruit.
60,000 was right on the dot and conveniently it was the most men we could pack onto the ships.
First course of action will be to eliminate enemy forces.
The ships near the bay and orders are given to land.
A beachhead is created. The Spanish storm over and attack our unreadied position. Orders are given to reinforce.
The reinforcements are a bit off and secure the left flank, but leave the other flank and center undefended and the artillery open. Jose is repulsed and the tide is turned in our favor.
Over the islands

The enemy flees quickly

Away to grassland
The 19th continue onward to crush the retreat while the 13th stay behind to recover. While recovering, they work on taking control of the port.
The disorganized army melts before out metal spirit.
Heavy losses on both sides. We came with enough soldiers for two armies, now we have enough only for one. The Spaniards have it worse.
Far worse. Reinforcements from home arrive to fill up the ranks, yet none for the Spanish. What a shame.
What a shame indeed.
We halved the opponent while remaining intact.
Onwards to a final victory!
The Spanish generals are amazing, they command their troops with such skill that they overcome any obstacle save one. They cannot overcome the obstacle of inferior technology.
We can only assume 103 of our soldiers died because they either had no weapons or threw them.
Artillery advancements are made, furthering the importance of supporting the morons in the front.
We take the 13th and 19th from Visayas to East Java. The sulfur there is of vital importance.
As we are taking control of the sulfur mines, the Spanish land another army to retake control.
East Java is occupied and we send them back. The Spanish near the port...
...but we land just in time.

New orders arrive. Rather than staying in Korea, the 18th and 6th are to reestablish control of Okinawa and Amami.
Some hastily constructed fortifications surround the Dutch, but Takashima knows how to counteract such poor defenses.
The front line crumbles, exposing the simpler artillery of the Dutch. A humiliation for any European nation who has interests in Asia.
The remaining artillery flee onto the boats, fitting where they can. Hendrik is captured and executed, simply because we could.
After having control of it for such a long time, it is decided that the only natural end to the war is to keep what we have gained.
The Maxim machine gun is imported into Kyoto and the idea is accepted. All that remains is implementing it.
The small fleet that somehow managed to transport 30,000 men is destroyed. The reports indicate that the remaining men were crew members.
Spain agrees to our demands. Graciously.
Now that we have acquired new land, there is much work to be done in establishing our claims.
Much work to be done indeed.
A spectre has risen from Europe and has come to make claim in our homeland. Push them from our shores, eliminate every trace, purge, and educate against it. The P.E.P.E. program is established to root out communist evils lurking within.
The first Mediterranean war begins. Austria-Hungary against the Ottoman Empire and Italy. 2+0.5>1
While we appreciate their concern and worry, they can totally handle this themselves.
Sakhalin, VAN HALEN
The first British commissioned ironclad arrives in Vietnam, and we send our fleet to greet it.
And the last British commissioned ironclad. Hopefully.
Establishing a dominant Japanese influence will take more than controlling over. The opposition must be weakened and Japanese must be sent to secure the murd--I mean re-positioned native folk.
Totally re-positioning native folk.
A final solution to our angered new civilians and how they don't like the "machine gun training" camps.
shhhh its okay
So angry...
Every man deserves and education, and we strive to make it better and fulfilling. Educating the common folk may not seem like the best idea, but its better than letting them vote.
The second Mediterranean war is about to begin and, surprise surprise, we aren't getting involved.
New colony
New army
New ally
(How did the Italians manage to do this with the crisis system? I honestly don't understand how the direct backer gets something directly out of it, shouldn't the secondary backers get something for themselves? Explain please.)

Industry is building up, a perfect war economy.
After many hard years of working and researching, we learn that we can actually TALK to the natives instead of just killing them. Now we will talk and then kill.
We decide to explore the Northern Islands.
The first Balkan war begins, pulling the French and Russians into conflict with Italy and the Ottomans. Romania and Bulgaria join the fray on Russia's side.
stay in europe and fight your dumb war and stay out of my island like seriously its not that hard just go away and keep your weird chanting to a minimum i can barely stand the border as is can you just go away its not hard for you to keep your petty angry and rude soldiers from kicking my fishing boats
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Lend a man a gun and he fishes for Russians, getting drunk forever
We delve deeper into the islands and construct outposts to maintain our grip.
Ironic. All they can colonize is some tiny islands and they decide to tell everybody else to colonize Africa.

[also ironic because they can't even use this conference to conquer]
Common men deserve no freedom, it is lent to them by the Emperor and shall stay that way. Before you were savages and barbarians. Now you stand with machines, guns, and clothing. Throw away your indoctrination! Up to arms against the red lizard before its a hydra!
The Japanese Self Defence Force has one goal: Defending Japan (from itself) and ensuring peace (from rebels) so that life can continue (AKA our factories) as normal.

What a noble goal
oh shit waddup

I'll help you dawg, just gimme a sec.
gotta tell those russkies to stay off my island that isn't technically Japan yet, but it clearly is and they should respect that.
In order to encircle British troops and ensure victory, their neighbors must grant us access to India. If not, conquest is the only answer to such a refute.
island? more like my land
The JSDF shall see their first usage since their creation. A small rebellion, just perfect for new recruits.
Lead by the incompetent Kuki, the rebels stand no chance against superior firepower and leadership. Strength through unity!
Fighting the Chinese was easier than this.
While this may seem stupid, it is actually amazing. It is a 0:54 ratio, so technically it is infinite.

My superior called me stupid for this, but he knows nothing of a joke.
The British pose a threat, as they can easily send more than 54 men against us and our armies. The small nation next door refused granting access, so they will grant a peace offer instead. Chabahar is important.
fuckkkk offffffffffffffffff
Yeah, I am not confident about our Vietnam garrison.
Bushido is put to the test on the offensive against British soldiers. The initial attack is rebuffed and our soldiers die. While our soldiers push on over dead bodies, we need battles won and the war won, not some honor.
Pure victories.
Battles all around, and not one lost. Impressive maneuvering, but that is just that. Maneuvering. Avoiding the real truth that you cannot overcome our defenses!
Slaughtered like cattle. No fancy pushes, nor advances. Only silly commanders throwing men into machine gun fire.
The initial phase is complete, and a message is sent to continue the occupation of Persia.
Our left flank falls, but the British have already been destroyed.
Death before dishonor, no retreat, no surrender!
Again, they push against our lines. While holding out is possible, it is not favorable. Orders for reinforcement are sent immediately.
Superior coverage and support makes a soldier happy.
Heavy losses, but it destroyed the main British army in the region. Sending more troops would be suicide for the British, and negotiations are opened.
Blood, kill, slaughter. Red for red.
Red for red.

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