Can't spell Nippon without OP part 2

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Expansion and Suppression

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Can't spell Nippon without OP

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Can\'t spell Nippon without OP

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Our great plans have require detail and clarity. We begin with Korea, onto Guanwi and then the entirety of Manchuria.
India is similar. First with Vietnam, through to Burma, and then the British holdings.
Sulu to Kutai
Plan 1 is no longer needed and to clarify this, we burn it. The fires of the Shogun have died out and any remnant of the war might be just embers, but they can be relight.
With all of Japan under our control, we must begin by modernizing the local armies into a competent fighting force.
Sometimes the embers are better than the campfire. But not in this case.
(sweet sweet population growth)
A redeployment to Tohoku, as we know that republics are always initially weak.
Battle plans are drawn in order to ensure a swift victory should they rebel.
Paths diverge, but some paths lead to weakness and others strength. Our destiny lies within expansion and discipline.
"Jacobin" rebels rise up in Edo. It couldn't possibly be due to a nearby republic, could it?
Doesn't matter why

fuck you

obey the law
Slaughtering our own civilians is a bit harsh. But, they aren't really citizens if they are rebelling.
Battle results 1
Battle results 2
Battle results 3
Battle resul- wait.

unmolested my ass
Traitors to the Emperor will be shot and molested in any way the Emperor pleases!
Our inspirational quotes made the other powers recognize us for our great quotes. yey
Battle results 4
Capturing the southern tip of Ezo was vital, as we need to go onward to capture the entire island. It ensured that we can get between with little trouble.
Battle results 5
and the rebellion is crushed
get back to work
And may I add that our neighbors need to work for us...
something something uncivilized nation
something something open up to us before you open up to others
something something black ships
Land of the unmolested samurai have everything, including their names, molested
Army expansion. We stand almost as equals to all our neighbors within Asia
12 full armies, ready to deploy
all over the country
Sadly however, our once legendary prince passes on and leaves Kuroki in charge. Hopefully he can do just as well.
News from Europe: Poland wants independence from Austria this time!
Reports of our justification reach European shores. As they were busy with solving and establishing the issue of Poland, we justify our war against Vietnam, and so they are somewhat agitated rather than completely outraged.
The best course of action if we are to fight is to fight cleanly, so signing the Geneva convention seems logical.
We are ready to attack.
Kuroki what's-his-face falls over the boat on the way to Vietnam. What a let down
Invasion plans are drawn to ensure a general idea of what to expect and where to go.
We engage half of the Vietnamese army, and swiftly defeat them. The other two armies stay put to capture ports.
Before long, the entire army has either died, deserted, or run away.
The southern army moves to finish capturing all ports. The northern army sweeps around to Hanoi and then some. The middle army attacks the rest of the Vietnamese army. Though the terrain is rough, our superior technology and artillery support make up for it.
As the army retreated, one soldier ran through our lines and stabbed the general in his heart. How he wasn't stopped is not known, but it is assumed that the soldiers are not happy about being thrown into a jungle.
Similar losses. How humiliating.
The retreating army was crushed, but the peasants find the will to fight as well. Disorganized, under equipped, weak rebels.
Some rebels are mistaken for Cambodian troops.
A quick peak at Europe shows that the North German Federation is getting whooped on all sides.

The overview of the wars show that Britain is on the NGF's side. So it is basically NGF vs. Europe.
Austria-Hungary is facing mini-Europe
France and Russia are the main fighting forces and will most likely win easily.
As the world dissolves into chaos, we expand our influence to Southeast Asia.
"Everything is fine, we are not European"

"Those ships are not European, but they are basically from a land as far away as Europe"
Korea is being attacked by France, so the time is nigh to swoop in. No one appreciates this dirty move.
But we do! Korea is about to be raped
From two sides!
With their capital occupied by Japanese forces and the rest of the country occupied by both Japanese and French forces, Korea submits to Japan.
[imagine a Japanese person raspberrying a french person without the French person waving a white flag]
France is farther ahead of us technologically, so we decide to focus on improving our naval and military might.
Sulu was conquered, so its onto Kutai
nvm, god dang it

we will have war

Military ineptitude is only a relative term
After moving from Korea into Russian Manchuria, we seize ports and most importantly beat back the Russian army.
France sends some divisions to take Okinawa. Confused as to why they sent so little troops, we depart 90,000 men to retake Okinawa.

it was a ploy
how clever

good thing we had more than 12 armies or else this would have been bad
Begone Jacobin demons!
It was more than a ploy, as the French sent a stronger force to Bonin. We suspect they armed the rebels, but at this point they might actually be making enough money to purchase weaponry. We send the same amount, 90,000 men, to retake Bonin.
They are lead by a master offensive general, Saigo, and quickly take hold of the coast. French flanks are weakened and are encircled on the island, but are still entrenched.
Our main army cuts through the line and begins to massacre the artillery.
Massacre indeed.
More men are needed to replace our losses, so the conscription time is increased so that all men must serve.
Russian forces attack our position after skillful maneuvering. They were deceived as they thought that they would not encounter an army, and if they did they could easily wipe them out.
Dead wrong
Continuous invasions of our island no longer! We will push them from our homeland!
Reinforcements from Kobe through Edo are ordered to march as fast as possible. The 6th army will hold them, but not forever.
The Finnish fleet is engaged to stop bombardment of our troops. As they are occupied with our massive navy, reinforcements arrive and quickly turn the tide.
Both Fukuoka and the battle of the South Korean Sea were successful in the eyes of the High Command. Saigo is rewarded with the Russo-Japanese War Medal ribbon bar, as well as Ooka. Though they defeated French and Finnish soldiers and sailors, they fought for the Russian empire.
Heated debate argues in favor of a Freer press. High Command agrees and believe that the increased literacy will increase loyalty. They are wrong, but who can blame them for hoping.
Japanese diplomats and generals alike view the war and its history as a success. They achieved their objectives within a few months and held for two years. The Russian diplomats agree to our peace terms.
We rename our new addition
And to spite us, the Russians open up the tomb. (this event gives insane research points, around 13000 for me when I got it) We will remember this, as Egypt agreed to our exclusive rights. Rage boils.
We must further our empire to soothe the humiliation.

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