Odd Canals Part 4: Odd Caravels

Published: 2020-01-27, edited: 2020-02-20

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Odd Canals

Welcome to odd canals, I guess.
Buganda has their UU.
Tahitian settler easter egg.
Oman caravels! O god!
Ottomans and Burma peace out after nothing happens.
Buganda uses their newfound ocean embarkation to settle this city, apparently.
Russia will try to finish off Kilwa for the first elimination of the game.
Hawaii: If we can't have the coast, NO ONE CAN.
Corsica comes to Kilwa's rescue, but I doubt it will have an impact.
This war doesn't get old. What are we on, the third iteration?
Not looking good for Kilwa. Corsica has all of two tiles and the great wall to fight through.

You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best.
Keep calm and Yangon. Isn't that a campaign slogan?
Fillmore isn't the only America who can settle 3 random islands.
bob why
Connecticut uses their newfound ocean sailing to settle a city in the corner of the world. You can't see it, but it's next to El Dorado.
The list has spoken. None can disagree.
Angola is a very good peace treaty man.
Expected result
This war never gets old.
Do you ever have Deja Vu?
I am sad to inform everyone that Tahiti now has astronomy. No more teleporting settlers. Instead we expansive Tahiti.
Took you long enough, Hawke.

This is a key city, as now Burma is pretty much reduced to Mottana for sending units to the west coast of snake island 2.
Merry Christmas
this matters
I forgot these civs were at war.
Massachusetts still locked eternally into war with Indira, who looks to settle the euro island
Brazil tries to lock in and split the Manx with their settling.
Casimir finally breaks out of his desert hellhole... to settle snow.
Good city placement.
A victory for Hawke, which has been rare for everyone fighting the Konbaung.
Hype! The Chola attack Konbaung.
It was at this moment Buganda built the Forbidden palace and I realized they had every policy in the game.
Lincoln tries to eliminate Nepal.
Don't worry, the settling only gets more ridiculous.
Tahiti locks Poland out from the west coast.
A Konbaung city name I can't read takes major damage.
Buganda is fiiiiiiine.
You are dumb.
Pathen falls to the Cholan navy!
WC, which thankfully i don't have to participate in because of CBR DLL!
Chola isn't finished though. And that's where we leave off this part.

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