The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 10

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 9

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A Mad World; Punishment
Februrary, 1889, Berlin. All seems normal on this cold february morning, but behind closed doors, some things are far from Normal. Germany, England, Russia, even Italy and the Netherlands , is starting to feel the might, and wrath, of the "Norwegian brutes." Outraged, and scared, the great powers of the world seem unable to stop the vile Norwegians.
What will stop them, if not us?

Deals are formed. Plans are made, Pacts are declared. The Norwegians shall pay for their blatant disregard for humanity.
Shame on Norway! Shame on Haakon! Shame on all their beliefs and hopes! Bring down the tyrant, the destroyer of peace, the rapist of Asia and Africa!

Bring down Norway, for they have gone too far!
The war starts off as expected, with France and the Balkan nations all honoring the call to arms. This should be a easy task.
Women Suffrage is enacted the same month, furthering the social equality and progress of the great nation (as well as silencing a few troublemakers.)
The Austrians, weak and outnumbered, fall easily to the Norwegian might.
Norwegian infantry with state of the art artillery, crossing the Austrian forrests. Since the 1850's, the Norwegian military has been the worlds leading innovator in tactics, armament, theory and construction of a militaristic nature.
Most of the battles end in resounding defeat for the Austrians, with several thousand men perishing every battle.
Soon, the entire bosnian region is in Norwegian hands, and the time has come to negotiate.
Poland will have to press their claims later, for Haakon has bigger fish to fry...
Once again, a long lost country is back into the fold. Hungary shall forever be under scandinavian protection.
But the world has had enough. Norway must be beaten, for it is the only way their stubborn people will learn. England, Russia and Netherland agreed months ago, that a attack on Poland will force the Norwegians to act. And when they do they shall be crushed.
And, according to plan, the Norwegians take the bait.
A engineer battalion, marching to war. The common folk saw no reason to belive that this war would be any different than the last. War is war, our sons will die all the same. The Storting however, knew that this was a entirely different beast all togheter. This cound very well break the Royal Empire once and for all.
One of the most vital aspects of the war was to stop the massive English fleet from ever becoming a threat. The entirety of the Royal navy, as well as voluntering merchant ships, sailed to meet the English head on.
First, a medium sized fleet is crushed at the Dogger Bank. No Norwegian ships are lost, but the English all go under.
Then the fleet suprises the English fleet, where most of the ships escape inland.
The rest are crushed, however.
The Royal fleet, one of the least competent navies only ten years ago, has turned on a dime, and is now a leading force on the high seas. Here we see Norwegian Torpedo boats lined up for inspection.
Russia is eerly quiet the first couple of weeks in the war, but Haakon takes what he can get. the armies, newly arrived from Austria via Germany, quickly take offensive measures.
In Africa, a number of English forces are sieging key cities and ports of western Africa, along with the Kongo, through South Africa.
The Good news, is that the first skirmish in Russia is a resounding success.
It is quickly realized that controlling the vast tracts of land in Africa will be no easy task. Recruitment is ordered througout the continent.
Somalian colonials, ordered to the frontlines. The Norwegian Empire had in recent years truly seen the Afrikakorps as the brave soldiers they where, and many recognized them as heroes. In the spirit of equal rights, some even saw them as proper Norwegians.
The russians waste no time sieging the Lativan lands. The Russian horde seems endless.
As a testimony of defiance, the Norwegian parlament elect that if the war is won, then the Poles are entitled to even more Polish cores.
But any such thoughs are quickly abandoned, when yet another power enter the war. The Italians, angered by Norwegian dominance on Africa, decide this is their opportunity for a slice of the pie.
The Italians played on the Norwegians reputation as barbaric oppressors, enslaving the Africans, and portraying themselves as liberators of the Africas. In reality, many reforms had passed since the dark years in 1880, and many Africans now felt appreciated under Norwegian rule.
The Russian where, as always, utterly unprepared for war. Many died where they stood, from gas, bombardment, or rifle fire.
Russian dead, buried after the battle. Scenes such as this where common during the whole war.
in october, 1890, the situation seems to be a stalemate on the western front. Poland is holding off Russian troops as best as they can, and the English are rendered incapable of invading the Norwegian mainland. A counter-offensive is launched against latvia, hoping to liberate the surounding lands.
The French, tired from fighting, unable to relocate troops, and unwilling to fight the Italians, are all but useless at this point.
Rectruitment in Africa is pregressing slowly, delaying any meaningful defensive operations.
Poland, fighting a uphill battle, seem to be experiencing a true stalemate, neither losing nor winning.
The Brits, finally, make their way to the frontlines, numbering about 100 thousand strong in total.
They imediately make a show of themselves, sieging large parts of Finland, and attacking St.Petersburg.
Meanwhile, the Russian are routed from Riga, the last russian stronghold in the Baltic.
The Dutch, besieg by the French decide to quit the war, with only minor border concessions in Africa.
A daring strike over several fronts, intended to crush the English forces, is initiated Juli 21, 1891. It ends in several Englishmen killed and captured, and a end to the Coalition's push for Finland.
Dead Englishmen, fallen during the Assault on Finland. The English proved no better than the Russians in open combat.
The Italians, after several successfull pushes, finally succumb in heart of Africa. All fronts are secured, for now.
Haakon, realising the cost of total polish liberation is too high, readjusts the terms of peace, hoping for a favorable outcome.
The Coalition, tired of war, accepts, and Peace is finally signed. Italy also signs a sepparate peacedeal later, returning to status quo.
The Great War for Norwegian Punishment, ends in close victory for the punished. Poland came out on top, doubling its population. Its reputation is ruined, having lost all friends and allies. The next years will surely be harsh.
"Am I to blame", King Haakon once asked himself. He asked this question in the mids of total war, spanning the entire Empire. from Island, to Somalia. Three of the greatest powers on the earth fought him on three sepparate fronts.

They where all crushed. They where all proven wrong. They where all left in the shadow, to lick their wounds and cover, ever fearing the mighty giants of Scandinavia.

"No. I am not." he thought. "For i did this for my people, no, for the human race. I am no aggressor. I was assaulted, even by former friends and allies."
" They left my brave Norwegians sons to rot in the sun, for they see us as nothing more than beasts. Be thy not beasts thyself, for thy is the one who fired the shots of war."
"They called me oppressor and a false prophet, for they saw my rule as nothing but desire for power. But was it not they that assaulted us for personal gain?

No Roman are more capable of ruling my African sons and daughters than me, for i have known them all my life. I belive that all are equal, whereas the Romans belive they are more equal than others."
"No, I am not to blame. I do all out of love, for this country was destined to greatness, and I adore it for it. My people will not let simple brutes lead them astray, for they follow me willingly. As God is my witness, this is not the end of Norway. This is merely a new beginning. I am Norway, I am the soul of the country, the father of its people. I shall see my child grow."


We are not to blame.

For ours is the right, forever and ever.

(thank you for reading, see you in the next part!)

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 11

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