The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 11

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 10

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March 1st, 1892 The city of Vyborg, Norwegian-Finland.

Not much is left in the mainsquare of Vyborg, after the subsequent occupation of both Russia and England. Homes and offices have been reduced to rubble. National treasures and history of days gone by are either stolen or destroyed. But worst of all, almost 1/3rd of the male population of Vyborg, is either dead, or missing.

And for what? For the made up Polish state, who sists back and lets us do the fighting? For our allies, who abandonded us in our darkest hour? Do we fight for The Africans, who most of us have never even been?

Do we fight for the King?
Haakon, our king, leader, father. Does he not see the suffering he causes us? Does he not understand we are more than mere numbers on a piece of paper? Truly, we have experienced much glory under Haakon, and his father before him. But the age of glory is over now.
The age of the people is upon us. will Haakon see this, before it is too late? Will he finally become the man of the people, as he swore to be, so many years ago?

People of the world, Unite! Workers, farmers, labourers of the world! seise the moment, bring the masters down!

Comrades, our time is now!
The Norwegian Army, although strong in its own right, is weakened by constant war. The people also tire, after a long, costly war, without any real gains.
Most of our spheres and allies turned their backs against us, leaving us alone in this world. Even Poland, who is now suffering under the red menace, broke all ties with us.

None dare be our friend in theese dark times.
Poland is not the only country falling appart, however. Russian citizens are taking to the street, angered by their incompetent leaders and generals. Their struggle has just begun
Recently freed Romania, seeking friends in this unfriendly world, offers a pact of Norwegian protection. Norway is, slowly, yet again becoming trusted by the people of the world.
And so, a year later, The French yet again feel comfortable with Norwegian cooperation. They are, and shall forever be, our closest friends.
Finally, the rest of our Balkan protection sphere re-signs the Balkan Tractate, allowing our direct involement in their foreign diplomacy. Our friends and allies are back in the fold.
The French,while released from the Norwegian alliance, managed to get into a border dispute with their neighbour Germany. Norway, who still has a truce with germany, can do nothing but hope for the best.
On November 6th, two grave news arrive at the Royal court. Firstly, the Hungarians decide to act without Norwegian counseling, and attack Austria for their cores in Banat. The Hungarians are weak, and will need help from Norwegian reinforcements, who are months away.
And secondly, the German minority in Denmark revolt against their overlords, demanding the reunification with Germany.
They are promptly shut down.
The Hungarians quickly realize they made a fatal tactical decition when they assaulted Austria whitout Norwegian consent. Norwegian military aid cannot wait.
Meanwhile, the people of europe continue to radicalize under the growing influence from the Far-Left. Russia is facing open rebellion in several provinces, and protests are common in the Balkan regions. Even The Norwegian Empire is feeling the pressure, with almost 1/2 of the voting population influenced by some kind of Leftist party.
The the Second Franco-German war suddenly turn for the worse, when two major battles are lost on German soil. It is no longer a matter of "if", but "when" France will lose.
The Royal Fleet, now halfway to the coast of Montenegro, is now the last hope for the encircled Hungarians.
Battle after battle is lost to the Austrians, who do not shy from slaughtering anything in their way to victory.
It will not be long before the Hungarians must give up the fight.
Suddenly, in the midst of war, shocking news from the east reach Oslo:

The progressive Russian Goverment has been overthrown by royalists, eager to yet again share the power with the few and privileged. The Leftists, enraged, declare civil war.
Socialists protesting outside the Royal palace in Moscow, getting shot down by the royalist forces. The Reactionaries ruled with a iron fist, sweeping away all resistance.
The Norwegian troops finally arrive in Hungary, and manage to stop the Hungarian army from total annhiliation.
The Forces are split in two, focused on inflicting as much damage as possible on the Austrian army.
The Altai Union, taking advantage of the unstability of the Russian Empire, secedes and declares Russia a failed state, not worthy of ruling the Asian tribes. Russia is now at the brink of destruction.
Norway, ever the military forefront of the world, crush every Austrian regiment in its way. The tide of war may turn yet.
The French however, are overrun. Unconditioal surrender is expected soon.
The last Austrian army is destroyed in Tuzla, leaving the Austrian defenceless.
A Norwegian soldier, training in the field, somewhere in the Norwegian forrests. Good training and knowlegde of tactics where just as important as the highly modern equipment he wore to battle.
Haakon and the Norwegian Parlament, with Balkan ambitions in mind, deicde to use this opportunity to strengthen the state of Serbia, by turning over the Bosnian regions.
Norwegian hegemony over the free European Nations grow stronger everyday.
Disaster! The seemingly incompetent rulers of Hungary has no longer any support from its citizens, after leading them into a war they could not possibly win.
Reactionaries, Reds, and Nationalists. All fight over the future of Hungary. The Norwegian forces stationed in Hungary desperatly strike down every rebel group they can find, focusing on Nationalists.
They proove ruthlessly effective.
Hungarian civilians and rebels, lying dead, side by side. The Norwegian forces took no chances, sometimes slaughtering entire villages to rid the lands of dissent.
In England, it is the Irish people who forefront the struggles of the common man. Demanding complete separation from Brittain, they rise up against the former masters. They resist fiercly, but briefly. they are yet again put under English rule, though with concessions.
With the Rebel threat seemingly stopped for now, the Expeditionary force is ordered returned to Norway, for redeployment elsewhere.
But just as they board the transport heading home, new arrive that yet another popular revolt has occured in Hungary. It is decided that no more Norwegian lives shall be lost in such a pointless endeavor. Hungary is left to deal with their own problems, for now.
For Haakon is no fool. Even in old age, he sees and understasnds more than most rulers. For he knows, that now, more than ever, he needs to be a man for the people, by the people. In this strange new world, he needs a united country. And the best way to unite a country, is to have a common enemy.
The oppressive Germans, who violates both Polish and French sovereignty, needs to be brought down.
He Knoew the wars have been hard on his people, but he also knows that the military might of Norway is one of the qualities the people are most proud of. There should be no dissent in times of war.
Is it truly the right choice? Time will be the final jugde.
All Haakon knows, is that this is what he knows. This is what he. and his people, excel at. They may not like it, but they know it all the same.
We are united in voilence and death, for the fighting spirit of this great nation has no equal.
The bombardment started 12:00, with several thousand cannons firing on key positions across the german lines. Norway shall once again march to war.
And as the cannons roared in germany, the age old Russian Empire finally fell to the ground, by the weight of its own people.
The greatest experiment in human history, had begun. The Socialist state was a fact, in theory by the people, for the people. In practice, however, no one yet knew.
The People of the world have spoken. How long until the norwegian tongues start to move?

I do not worry. For I am the people. It is I that make them move. For my path is just, and pure.

Yes. Norway will prevail. We always do. And we always will.

(thank you for reading. see you in the next part!)

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