AImerica Tournament #1 - Morning in AImerica

Author: carbon14
Published: 2019-07-07, edited: 1970-01-01

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AImerica Tournament

Welcome to the AImerica Tournament, where American leaders old, new and unreleased battle it out on u/AlzaboHD's North America Duel Map. Ihn the group stages, the first two civilizations to be defeated are eliminated, and the top two advance to the quarter final, where they match with the top two from another group match.

In this duel, we have Reagan in California, Lincoln in Montana/Wyoming, Roosevelt in Maine, and Polk in Georgia.
Reagan settles Philadelphia, while Polk advances with Austin in Kentucky.
FDR settles Detroit between Wisconsin and Minnesota.
The frozen Canadian tundra finds itself a home for Lincoln with Albany.
Roosevelt completes the Temple of Artemis, and readies another settler.
Cleveland is founded as Polk and Reagan stock up on their military.
In true north/south fashion, Polk declares war on Lincoln! Lincoln's war bonus may come in handy here, but his divided house is far short of troops.
Soon after, Reagan turns on his fellow republican and declares war.
Lincoln looks pretty much stuffed now, or at least his capital does.
New York falls to Reagan! No longer confined to the Sunshine coast, Reagan now has a real chance at taking on the rest of the continent.
Lincoln cuts his losses with Reagan and shelters in Albany. But, Roosevelt's legion's aren't far behind.
Roosevelt takes Albany! Lincoln is the first elimination in the game, and the first eliminated in the tournament.
Portland, far from any shores, is founded by Polk in his expansion westwards.
Roosevelt constructs another wonder, the Parthenon, and Ronnie founds Houston in Washington.
In a clash of parties and ideologies, Reagan takes the fight to Roosevelt.
In another blow, Polk declares war on Roosevelt. Franklin stands to lose Detroit and possibly his own capital if he doesn't manage to mobilise quickly.
Cleveland comes under heavy Reaganite seige, and so does Detroit.
Reagan decides Cleveland's more than he can chew and picks on Albany instead.
Albany falls, and Detroit comes into the red...
Detroit flips!
Detroit falls back to Polk and it look's like he's there to stay. Roosevelt may now be isolated to the north, but with a settler coming he's not out of the game just yet.
Indeed, as he settles Baltimore, while Cleveland falls under assault again.
Cleveland falls to Polk, cutting Reagan from attacking Roosevelt any further.
Founding St.Louis, FDR peaces with Reagan and tries to protect against Polk.
While Polk is distracted with the Chicago Front, Reagan stabs him in the back with a declaration of war.
Portland falls to the yellow, while Cleveland loses all health.
As soon as it started, the war between Reagan and Polk ends. This is bad news for Roosevelt, who had been doing a decent job of defending his capital.
Polk and Reagan complete more wonders, and Reagan founds Catholicism in Los Angeles.
Polk founds Sacramento in central Mexico, while Reagan somehow founds Dallas in Cuba.
Polk begins to break down FDR's last line of defence...
...and like that, Chicago falls to Polk's America, exiling the New Dealers to the edge of the map.
While Polk is busy with picking off Roosevelt, Reagan wages war with him again!
Baltimore falls, and Cleveland comes under attack...
...and Cleveland falls to Reagan.
Reagan gains Portland, but it doesn't look like Polk will lose the rest of his gains any time soon. Meanwhile, Roosevelt becomes the second elimination of the game and the tournament.
20 turns later, they decide to make amends after a fruitless war, leaving Reagan and Polk as the two winners of this game.

With that it's time to end; thanks for watching and reading this part of AImerica Tournament!

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