A Communist Germany AAR: Part 9

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 8

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 9
In which we try to finish off France and prepare to invade the UK
State of the front: 2nd June
As of the start of June we have smashed the French defences and split their army into numerous pockets. The French army is split between Brittany, the Maginot Line, Dunkirk and the South.
Rail guns
For the past few weeks our two massive rail guns have been shelling the Maginot line non-stop.
Rail guns
These are the largest guns to have ever been deployed in combat and have built up a fierce reputation. French bunkers are continually smashed by their massive shells.
Maginot Line
Our attack on the Maginot Line is drawing to a close and we have cleared out the majority of the French defences. Massive casualties have been sustained however and it is unlikely that the line will be usable after the war. Not that this is a problem however, since after we liberate France our historic rivalry will finally draw to a close.
STG 44
We have also begun field trials of a new rifle for the People's army. The StG 44 is a new kind of rifle that combines the accuracy of a normal rifle with the firepower of a fully automatic weapon. While still being produced in very limited numbers, if this weapon proves to be effective it could become the new standard issue of our army. Already it has proven its worth in clearing out the tunnels under the French fortifications.
French surrender
The last of the French forces protecting the Belgian border surrender on the 3rd of July. Many French men were trying to evacuate to the UK from Dunkirk however our army was fast enough to force them to surrender en masse. 15,000 French men are taken captive and the British fleet sailing for Dunkirk turns back home.
The Olympics that were supposed to be held next year in London are unsurprisingly cancelled. Once we liberate the UK, they can hold new Olympics there to strengthen Internationalism in our organisation.
V1 rockets
The British have been sending military supplies to the French resistance across the Channel from Dover. To counter this, several V1 rockets will be launched at Dover to hopefully destroy dockyards and factories producing weapons. Unfortunately civilian casualties are likely, but these docks and factories need to be put out of service.
V1 rockets
The Rockets land destroying the few factories in Dover. Subsequent rockets disable the Docks fulfilling our objective. Hopefully additional bombing won't be necessary...
French surrender
The French units holding out in Bordeaux finally surrender in mid June. Our Spanish comrades have been very successful pushing up north. Now we only need to capture the French South East.
Maginot Line
The Mid-section of the Maginot Line in Strasbourg has almost been cleared out. French units are withdrawing to adjacent provinces allowing us to occupy large sections of the fortifications without opposition.
Maginot Line
Strasbourg falls to the International. We lost 53,000 men in this assault along with 150 tanks. The French lost nearly 65,000 men and have been forced to abandon the mid section of their defences. Now we can attack the other two parts of the line from the sides putting the French defenders under additional pressure.
Maginot Line
The part of the Line in Colmar looks like the next province to fall to our assault. Food and ammunition are running low and a significant number of defending French men have abandoned their positions to surrender to our army. All across the front, captured bunkers have red flags draped over them to indicate their capture.
Our motorised infantry moving into Brittany encounters some of the voluntary anti-communist divisions that sprung up after the fall of Paris. These divisions have outdated equipment and are highly disorganised meaning our armoured cars and trucks full of professional troops equipped with new assault rifles can easily defeat them with minor casualties. On the 10th June, Brittany is finally secured with 15,000 anti-communists being captured.
Maginot Line
Our army manages to pull off a mass breakthrough in Metz with many French defenders being taken by surprise and surrendering without a fight. This war with France is finally coming to close.
State of the front
The state of the front as of the 15th June. The Italians have finally managed to cross the Alps and now the South East is also beginning to fall. Once France has been liberated we will finish off Bulgaria and Romania and then liberate some other European minor countries while our fleets finishes being built.
Colonial rebellion
As the French state is in a state of collapse, the Vietnamese stage a rebellion and manage to liberate Indochina from French control. While it is good that colonialism has ended in South East Asia, the Indochinese peasants will still be exploited by their new government. Once we have defeated the Allies, we will liberate this part of the world.
Maginot Line
Colmar falls to our combined assault leaving just Metz as the last part of the Maginot Line. We lost 83,000 men taking Colmar but it was worth it when our army was met by celebrating locals happy to be freed from their French oppressors. While originally loyal to the French government, years of anti-German sentiment has led to the local population being firmly in support of rejoining Germany.
Maginot Line
The final assault on the Maginot Line begins on the 18th June. Our rail guns open the final offensive as 78 divisions engage the last remnants of the French army. Metz is being attacked from every conceivable angle by tanks, artillery, rockets, planes and German infantry. This is the largest battle we have ever taken part in, and it will go down in history as the battle that freed France from the shackles of Capitalism.
Maginot Line: Defeated!
The Maginot Line finally falls as hundreds of thousands of French soldiers give up the fight and surrender to the International. The fight for the Maginot Line has been long and bloody with 140,000 German men sacrificing their lives just to take Metz. This victory is the nail in the coffin for the French Republic.
We begin to re position our army so that we can take our next target; Switzerland. The Swiss are the very definition of what we are fighting being a bourgeoisie dictatorship. Swiss bankers have a reputation of exploiting workers across the globe and hence they must be brought to justice. Our army will surround Switzerland preventing any escape for the Swiss bourgeoisie. Once in position we will begin the invasion.
Ten light cruisers are completed at the end of July making up the screen that will protect our carriers that will be finished in December.
State of the Front
French control is limited just to the city of Nice next to Italy where it is currently under assault by our Spanish and Italian comrades. The Papacy has relocated yet again from Avignon to South America where it believes that it is out of reach. To the East, Bulgaria is collapsing under the Yugoslavian invasion and Romania is unable to protect itself from the Poles and Czechs.
The last French defenders in Nice are heavily demoralised and are simply trying to buy as much time as possible while they evacuate to the French colonies in Africa. Unfortunately the French government has already escaped but the last French military units defending Nice are trapped.
Nice falls
Nice falls marking the end of the French Republic. All across Europe, workers celebrate the beginning of the end for the Capitalist system. But the war is not over yet; Britain remains at war with us and the USA has placed itself in opposition to our International. Regardless of this, the fall of France is a massive blow to the allies.
Communism in France
The French Communist Party thanks our government for liberating their country and has pledged itself to overthrowing the capitalist system worldwide. The French do request complete freedom in their foreign policy as well as their domestic development of Communism but we deny both of these things and instead we will direct Communism in France. The French Communist party until recently was firmly in support of Stalinism so we feel that we can't trust them to administrate France just yet. They will follow our directives until they have proven themselves loyal to Democratic Socialism.
Communism in France
Like with Italy we feel that the French are not yet ready for the German style of worker owned industry. For now, Leninist style Market Socialism will be imposed while the Workers slowly transition to gaining full control over the means of production.
Colonial defection
The French have set up an ironically named "Free French" government in Africa. If they truly value "freedom" then why to they continue to oppress Africa even after their defeat? Regardless of this they will not last long; our Arab comrades are advancing unopposed into Algeria after having secured Tunisia. Other French colonies have defected to the USA and Australia.
The French Worker's Republic
The French Worker's Republic is a fitting companion to our state the German Worker's Republic. Elsaß-Lothringen has voluntarily split to join our Republic while the new French government has renounced their claims to the territory. After France has recovered from the war, our new comrades will be a crucial pillar of our International.
Belgium is a young nation created solely to weaken the Dutch as a piece of British Imperialism. In a new age of Internationalism, it makes no sense for Belgium to be an artificial barrier between the Netherlands, France and Germany. For this reason, Belgium will be split between the Netherlands and France, also serving as a reparation for the land we took from both these nations.
Belgium is split between our two new comrades. Needless to say, borders between our three nations will be completely open so that Belgian communities won't need to fear being split off from each other due to the partition. In the far future, we may be able to reach an agreement with the Netherlands and France so that we can all unify into one Internationalist super-state.
The UK is struggling with the mass resistance towards their Imperialist government.Several rebellions have taken place with the Highlands basically being a lawless area. The British government has been unable to restore control as its army is concentrated on the South coast.
British proposal.
On the 21st July, the British send us a proposal for peace with the following demands:

1. The Netherlands, France and Belgium will be restored with their communist governments peacefully giving up power.
2.In return, Britain and the Allies as a whole will cease all hostility to our International and recognise all other Communist states as being legitimate.

Naturally we immediately reject this proposal for peace as it is laughably one sided and it would betray our new comrades. Still, the fact that the British would make this offer shows that the British government feels incredibly vulnerable.
Transport fleet
To prepare for the invasion of Britain, 10 new transport fleets begin being constructed. We are slowly becoming a naval power.
Maginot Line
As a sign of Internationalism and faith in our new comrades, we officially begin dismantling the Maginot Line. In an age of Internationalism, border fortifications have no place. Some fortifications will be maintained however in case of an American invasion. Some other sections will be converted into museums.
Swiss invasion
We are finally in position to invade Switzerland. In agreement with the French and Italians, Switzerland will be partitioned between our three states. A capitalist state like Switzerland has no place in the new World Order.
Swiss invasion
The invasion begins on the 1st of August.
Swiss invasion
War is declared and the Italian and French armies prepare to join our attack.
Swiss invasion
We seem to have taken the Swiss by surprise as there are few units guarding the border. We suspect that almost immediately the misguided Swiss people will take up arms to defend their state.
Swiss invasion
As expected numerous civilian divisions spring up reinforcing the forces defending the borders. They are likely delaying us so that they can withdraw higher into the mountains.
Swiss invasion
The Swiss quickly withdraw to the areas around Bern where they attempt a last stand. Despite their enthusiasm, the Swiss are outnumbered and outgunned. Victory will come soon.
Swiss invasion
Sensing the pointlessness of resisting, the Swiss government orders its civilian army to surrender to our International. We force every Swiss civilian to turn in their government issued rifle so that they cannot launch an uprising against our Government. After the prisoners have been registered, they will be allowed to return home though they will be monitored for some time. At last the Swiss people have been liberated!
Swiss invasion
The new borders after the Swiss partition. Swiss banks have been raided by our forces devastating the savings of capitalists across the globe. This wealth will be redistributed to the Proletariat.
The International
The International as of the 16th August. The only states in Europe that still need to be liberated are Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. We will finish off Romania and Bulgaria then prepare to liberate Hungary.
Our research committees have always been slightly...eccentric. Our main Industrial Cooperative has proposed a new kind of tank, one substantially heavier than anything built before. This new "Super-heavy tank" has been promised to be almost indestructible and our teams claim that it will be very useful to the war effort. These same researchers proposed the unconventional rail guns which proved their worth so we'll take their advice again and begin developing these new tanks.
Bulgaria falls
Bulgaria falls to the Yugoslavians exposing the Romanians from the South.
Romania falls
And just under a month later Romania surrenders to our International. The Allies as an organisation are now just limited to the UK and its colonies. Britain stands alone against our International.
Balkan liberation
Romania and Bulgaria are liberated as Europe's newest Socialist states. After we have assembled a decently sized army on the border with Hungary, we will invade them too. We have almost liberated Europe as a whole; this is truly a revolutionary wave and a defining period in human history!
Borders and fleet
Our transport fleet is assembled and we take note of Germany's current borders. We are currently in control of several areas which wish to join neighboring states in the International. These include Trento next to Italy and several provinces bordering Poland. Once we have defeated the Capitalists we will allow these provinces to rejoin their homelands. Until then, they are content to continue serving the needs of our state.
Hungary war
We declare war on Hungary on the 5th November.
Hungary war
Our rail guns open fire on Hungarian positions which are soon abandoned. This liberation will be quick and easy.
Hungary war
After just three days we reach Budapest itself. The Hungarian army has recognised the pointlessness of resisting and is surrendering peacefully to our army.
Hungary war
Our forces march into Budapest overthrowing the old government. The public does not celebrate their liberation making the fall of Budapest rather muted. They do not resist our army either so at least there's that.
Hungary joins the international! With this Eastern Europe has been fully liberated.
The International
The International now has almost complete control over the European mainland with just Greece and Portugal remaining under Capitalist control. We will finish liberating Europe then make some advances into the Middle East while our Carriers finish being built. Our Carriers are due to be finished in mid December and once they are, we will invade the British isles.

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