A Communist Germany AAR: Part 8

Published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 7

Images: 54, author: Bluntforce9001, published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

A Communist Germany AAR: Part 8
In which we fight the final war between Communism and Capitalism
War declared
We are finally at war with the Capitalists that have been hostile to us for so long. After a German U-boat sunk a capitalist cargo ship, the Allies declared war on our International. We are now at war with France and Britain along with their dominions Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand among others.
On the defence
We were in the process of positioning our units to strike the capitalists first, but the early war declaration has put us on the defensive where we are at a disadvantage. This has however led to an outburst of support from the German people to defend the revolution. Likewise in France and Britain, the declaration of war caused a massive outcry from the Proletariat who align with our International. The French and British are on a dangerous path, with hostility to their governments coming both from abroad and within.
On the defence
We have already come under attack in Freiburg where the French outnumber and out gun us. We must hold firm or else French forces will strike into the industrial heartland of our republic
Across the front our forces retreat to defensive positions. Our units were preparing to quickly assault the enemy, so they are in no position to effectively defend themselves.
Maginot Line
We are faced however with the most sophisticated defensive structure ever created. The Maginot line is essentially impenetrable from the front, so we must go around it.
Maginot Line
The French are certainly aware of this so most of their forces must be concentrated on the border with Belgium. The German Empire lost the Great War when they got bogged down in Belgium so a repeat of that could lead to our demise. We are falling right into their trap, but what else can we do?
Rail guns
One plan was to use our new Gustav and Dora rail guns to destroy the line from afar. This may be our only choice if like in the Great War we become bogged down in Belgium. For now however, we shall concentrate on repelling the Capitalist invaders then plan how exactly we will defeat the French.
War in the East
Romania and Bulgaria allied with the Capitalists after our coups failed back in 1934. Hopefully the other members of the Fourth International will be able to defeat them without our help. It’s worth noting that the Soviets are still crippled from their liberation, so they will likely be of little help. It is up to Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia to liberate the east.
War in the South
Our Spanish comrades will be able to take some pressure off of us by attacking the South of France. Their army is poorly armed, but hopefully the combat experience from the Spanish Civil war will allow them to prevail.
African colonies
We’ll be focusing entirely on France meaning our African possessions in Somalia are completely unprotected from imperialist Colonial forces. As an emergency measure, Somalia is transferred to our Ethiopian comrades for protection.
North African theatre
Speaking of Africa, the Arabian People’s Republic has a sizable army which has already begun attacking into Tunisia and Egypt. They have managed to build an effective force and it is unlikely that the Capitalists colonial garrisons will be able to hold out without reinforcement.
Saarland defence
Back in France, it looks likely that the Capitalists will breach the Saarland. Reinforcements are being rushed there to help defend. Socialism will not die here when we’ve come so far!
Convoy raiding
A few days into the war, the capitalists sink our first commercial convoy. The Great War was lost many years ago due to the British blockade causing mass revolt and surrender. The same could happen again, so we need to defeat France as quickly as possible.
War officially declared
Two days into the war the French and British governments announced their intention to wipe out the 4th International to their civilian populations. This likely caused a significant amount of dissent among the British and French proletariat. Perhaps we’ll be able to exploit this and have the French and British workers overthrow their governments for us. It is also worth noting that several Americans already in Germany on the outbreak of war voluntarily joined our army. They will be of great propaganda value when it comes to invading the USA itself.
Air battles
British fighters perform an air sweep over North Western Germany. Our own air force is woefully weak compared with the Capitalists and cannot help to repel them. Hopefully this won’t lead to mass aerial bombing...
French withdraw
The French call off their assault into the Saarland after our reinforcements arrive. They’ll hold their position until the rest of our army is ready to begin the invasion through the lowlands.
Ethiopian alliance
Ethiopia has requested to formally join our war against the Capitalists. Ethiopia has also announced its intent to create a pan-African super state which will liberate the entire continent from the imperialists. Our adviser Hermann Duncker is also firmly support of this plan, and has threatened to sabotage our relationship if we do not accept the Ethiopians into the International and their claim to Africa.
Ethiopian alliance
Due to this we accept their request and they formally join the International as the “African People’s Republic”. Ethiopia is the first properly Socialist state in Africa and we feel that it will be capable of modernising the rest of Africa.
Ethiopian alliance
Almost immediately the Ethiopians begin attacking nearby colonies of the French and British. Hopefully they’ll strike Egypt from below and put further pressure on North Africa.
Churchill appointed
The British government has appointed a new Prime Minister, replacing Neville Chamberlin. Winston Churchill has taken power, a disgusting anti-worker imperialist who has pledged to wipe Communism from the planet. What better of a nemesis for our International to have?
French withdraw
The French call off their last attack into Germany on the 22nd April. Now all we need to do is finish positioning the rest of our army.
Attack into Tunisia
The Arabs advance unopposed into French Tunisia. They are met cheering crowds happy to be liberated from the shackles of colonialism.
Air battle
The British attempt to bomb our forces that are building up next to the low lands. Fortunately our fighters catch them off guard, aided by radar which alerted us to their presence.
Air battle
Without escort, the British bombers are easy pickings. 72 Bombers are shot down and their pilots are captured upon ejecting and landing on the ground.
The Final Struggle
Our army is finally in position. 170 divisions are ready to strike into France through the lowlands. We have no idea how many French divisions lie in wait near Belgium, but this is the best option for us.
The Final Struggle
The final war to liberate mankind begins today. The Western allies are the only thing standing in the way of liberating the International Proletariat. For too long the Capitalists have trampled on our Republic, arming terrorists, sabotaging our industry and supporting Fascists that attack us. Today is the day that we put an end to all that, and liberate our brothers across the globe.
The Final Struggle
We declare war on the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg who all quickly join the Allies.
The Final Struggle
We meet weak resistance in the Dutch and Belgian border provinces. If we can attack through them fast enough, we might take the French by surprise.
Defence at Liege
The largest amount of resistance is found in Liege around a Belgian border province. If our attack stalls here, we could see a repeat of trench warfare which will inevitably lead to our defeat! Further forces will be diverted to attack Liege.
Luxembourg annexed
Luxembourg quickly falls to our forces as expected. They are promptly annexed into our Republic as our newest state. This is a new world era where outdated nationalism loses its meaning and we embrace Internationalism. Further unitary states will hopefully be created in the future.
Spanish advance
Our Spanish comrades make it over the Pyrenees and attack into the soft underbelly of France. Obviously the French weren’t expecting this level of competence from the Spaniards! Unfortunately the Italians have failed to make it over the Alps. Perhaps they still haven’t recovered from their defeat all those years ago...
Dutch losses
The North of the Netherlands falls quickly. The flat terrain is suitable for our tanks and the Dutch have no weapons to stop them. We suspect that the Dutch will be the first to be liberated.
Eastern front
Back in the East, Bulgaria and Romania appear to be collapsing from our comrades’ combined assault.
Ethiopian advance through Sudan
The Ethiopians are also successfully advancing up Sudan into Egypt. If they can capture the Suez canal, the British will lose their lifeline the India giving us an important advantage.
Dutch army defeated
Most of the Dutch army surrenders at Nijmegen after a decisive victory. We will now be able to attack Belgium from the North.
German liberation
There are significant German communities in the areas unjustly seized from Germany after the Imperialist Great War. While we are past ideas of Nationalism, these places are crucial parts of Germany and as such, they deserve to be reunited with our Republic. By allowing France and Belgium to keep control of these areas, the Treaty of Versailles and the Great War as a whole will continue to be legitimised. The only way to wipe the memory of the imperialist war is to scrap the last remaining part of Versailles.
Also in case we are unable to defeat the Capitalists fully it will be useful to raise claims on Elsass Lothringen so that we could negotiate its transfer in a ceasefire.
Amsterdam falls
Amsterdam and thus the Netherlands as a whole falls to our Worker’s army. We just need to mop up remaining Dutch forces and provinces that we have yet to occupy.
Liege defence collapsing
Our armoured forces have been attacking Liege for a while and it looks likely that the fortress at Liege will fall. Tanks have truly revolutionised warfare. If this assault had taken place just 10 years ago, we would be stuck in stuck in trenches again.
Dutch defeat
The Dutch officially surrender on the 18th May. We will not liberate them just yet however, as there is still combat taking place nearby. The Old Dutch government did successfully evacuate to their colonies in Indonesia, but it is likely that they will be soon overthrown either by our International or the local population.
Liege falls
The combined Belgian-French defence at Liege is finally defeated. The path now lies open into France and the rest of Belgium. Unless the British land soon in Northern France, victory seems inevitable.
Flanking the French
While our forces begin advancing towards Paris, a smaller section begins to flank the Maginot Line. By encircling them, we will demoralise the defenders and cut off their supplies.
Belgium defeated
Like the Dutch, the Belgians surrender to our International and flee to their colonies in Africa.
Flanking the French
We surprise the French with the speed of our advance and they fail to relocate their air force in Reims allowing us to capture hundreds of French bombers. French bombers are far superior to our own and will be put to good use.
Flanking the French
Sedan and Verdun soon fall as our forces cross old battlegrounds from the Great War. Unlike the Great War, this is not a war of imperialism but liberation!
State of the front
The Spanish seem to be being bogged down in Southern France but we are making swift advances in the North. There were far less French forces than expected. Romania is unable to hold against a combined Soviet-Polish offensive and Bulgaria is losing to the Yugoslavians. On the whole, our land war seems to be going well!
Flanking the French
The Maginot Line has almost been encircled, but defending units have begun attacking our flanking units.
Assault on the Maginot Line!
To stop our flanking units from being attacked, we finally begin attacking the Maginot line from the front. We expect to take massive casualties doing so, but once the line has been encircled fully it will fall quickly.
Assault on the Maginot Line!
The Gustav and Dora rail guns begin shelling the defences in Strasbourg. These massive guns will make quick work of the French defences.
V1 bombing
V1 rockets are also launched. These rockets are inaccurate, but pack a large payload. Hopefully they’ll hit some fortifications.
CAS bombing
Our Close air support bombers also begin bombing the French defences. Their anti-air defences are strong, but hopefully our bombers will still be able to cause sufficient damage.
Mass surrender
50,000 French soldiers surrender at Sedan. Clearly this is an indication of the declining morale in the French army.
Attacking Paris
Our motorised infantry finally reach Paris facing only a single Belgian cavalry division in its defence. Obviously the French didn’t expect our assault to be so successful so quickly.
CAS bombing
Our Air raids across the French front result in thousands of French losses. Hopefully continued bombardment will lead to French surrender.
Paris falls
Our forces quickly breach the defences guarding Paris and march triumphantly into the city.
Paris liberated!
To our surprise upon entering Paris our army is met by cheering crowds and an official declaration of support from the French Communist Party. The slumbering proletarian masses across Europe are finally awakening and overthrowing the old Capitalist order. Once we secure the rest of France, we will liberate the areas of Europe that we control.
Communist uprisings
The fall of Paris causes mixed reactions across France. In Paris itself, workers have begun attacking capitalist property, seizing the means of production and draping the city in red banners. In the parts of France not yet controlled by the International, voluntary anti-communist divisions have sprung up pledging to “liberate France from the red hydra”. They will see the error of their ways soon enough, after all they are fighting against the inevitable liberation of mankind.
Maginot Line cut off
The Maginot line finally gets encircled at the end of May. Without supply, the defenders will need to be more conservative with their ammo and they have likely been heavily demoralised. Once a sufficient number of units have been assembled in Nancy, we will begin a major attack on the Maginot line from behind.
Assault on the Maginot Line
After receiving news of the encirclement, our forces begin a renewed all out assault on the Maginot line. Our troops are under constant fire from hidden gun emplacements, impenetrable bunkers and turrets that can fire then retract into the ground. These are the most sophisticated defences ever constructed, and we continue to take massive casualties. 13,000 men have already been killed and more losses are expected.
Assault on the Maginot Line
We have more success in attacking the section of the line in Strasbourg. Our rail guns are effectively destroying bunker after bunker and we suspect that Strasbourg will be the first section to fall. Once it does, we’ll be able to attack the other parts of the line from the sides.
Channel Islands occupied
Meanwhile further North, International divisions liberate the first piece of British land; the Channel Islands. Most of the civilian population has been evacuated but the islands should be an effective observation post for monitoring British fleet movement in the channel.
Losses so far. France has lost 450,000 men during this war to our 550,000 since 1933. The French populace won’t tolerate high losses for much longer so victory seems inevitable, unless of course the British decide to land in force...
Assault on the Maginot Line
A sufficient number of infantry and armoured divisions have been assembled behind the Maginot line and hence we begin our assault on all three segments of the line. The French defences weren’t designed to protect the rear, so our flanking units should not take as high casualties. We pity our men who will have to fight through the dark, twisting tunnels that make up the French fortifications.
Netherlands liberated
With French defeat looming, we decide to formally liberate the Dutch Republic as a new member of the International. While we could simply annex the Netherlands into our Republic, this would undoubtedly lead to resistance movements and accusations of hypocrisy. In keeping with the local population’s opinion, we give the Dutch independence.
Netherlands liberated
The Dutch Socialist Union is the newest member of the International since Finland and the USSR several years prior. The Netherlands is industrialised, developed and home to a large Socialist movement making it a fertile ground for Socialism to take root. It will take some time for the Dutch people to “accept” their liberation especially with the previous Dutch government still being in exile, but once they do they’ll never want to go back to the shackles of capitalism.
African front
Back in Africa the British and Egyptian colonial garrisons are on the run. Our aid has industrialised Libya and now the Arabian army is a professional, well armed and trained fighting force capable of defeating capitalist forces. Support from the local populations has been strong, meaning once the Arabs do liberate the Middle East we doubt that separatist movements will attract much support.
Assault on the Maginot Line
More International forces flood the Maginot Line from behind leading to a significant decline of French morale and fighting ability. Reports indicate that the local German population in Alsace-Lorraine is being strongly repressed by French troops who doubt their loyalty, with some executions even taking place. The French can’t keep up the fighting for much longer, especially with attacks coming from every direction, no outside supply, and an increasingly hostile local population.
British dissent
Informants in Great Britain report an increasingly chaotic situation in the country. Apparently the massive British working class is solidly in support of our International leading to widespread resistance against the Capitalist government. Factory sabotage is commonplace and the British Proletariat are stealing weapons from the factories in preparation for the oncoming revolution. A bomb was even discovered where Churchill was scheduled to deliver a speech in Oxford demonstrating the vast opposition from British academics and workers. In response to this, martial law has been declared and the British Labour party has been banned due to its suspected involvement in the assassination attempt. If we continue to weaken the British Empire by defeating its allies and capturing strategic points like Suez, the British working class might be able to launch a revolution.
State of the front
We have reversed the Allies’ offensive against Germany and as of the start of June successfully liberated the lowlands and most of Northern France. In the coming months we plan to completely capture the Maginot Line, liberate the rest f France, finish off Bulgaria and Romania and spend some time liberating other European nations until our navy is capable of taking on the Royal Navy. Though we have had early success, the war has only just begun. US involvement is a likely possibility and it is still possible that we won’t be able to defeat the British. Despite this, the future of the International working class looks bright.

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