Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Four: The Twin Wars

Published: 2018-07-08, edited: 2018-07-08

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Three: War in the Air?

Images: 84, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-06-30

Hello it’s ya Litvan boi Moonie here with the narration! First slide we see the epic geatish and Norwegian armies. Geats look nice (but will get outproduced by Norge). Norway has around equal army, more archers. I think that Norway will end up with the upper hand here
The second slide shows us the S-H settles. Their plot crit succeeded, so the cities have 2 pop. Nice! (S-H be like: wtf is happiness?)
This slide shows us the S-H core. Lots of forest. Nice cities.
This slide shows the polish core. They don’t have much military to talk about.
Now we see the Litva core. There’s a plenty of settlers, Maori warriors, and war.
The litva-nov battlefield. Lithuania has flipped Russa, while an army is closing in on Tver. Also we can see those 3 battering rams
The Finnish core. Not much of note tbh. Shitty clay.
Tbh there’s lots of food potential, if they get rid of those pesky marshes. We see a settler on Silk.
Ah yes, the wildcard Finnish settles. Looks like they’re making West Finland a real thing.
Pantheons. Ours is nice, Novgorod’s is great for defense (which is where they’re at now), Norway’s pantheon is okay. The rest are shite
The first fights in the Nor-Geat war, Norway seems to have shitty units at front while the Geats have strong but damaged Spearmen.
Lithuanian armies are enclosing on Tver. They’ve encircled the city already. Doesn’t look good for nov.
It’s literally the same slide. Atleast they’re closer.
The geatish army is sparse and scattered, they won’t do much damage rip.
The Maori warriors nearly are defeated with no pop loss for Wilno.
Lithuanians have surrounded Tver. It’d be time for them to surrender.
I don’t feel like much will change in this front. Geats and norge with around the same situation as a few slides before.
Norway north. Geatish scouts look like an annoyance to the defenders of the north.
Finally we get something else. S-H has nice lumber mills in Kiel. I presume that city has good prod.
Ooh, finland has built up an army!... Shame those units suck.
Norway settles the Baltic Sea. They’re pretty close to Finland, doesn’t look like good news.
Not much. Though Norway has a bigger army, they’re not pushing. They could do nice things here, yet they aren’t. I mean, it’d probably fail, but still.
Oh shit. Big Lithuanian army. Now Tver is gonna fall for sure. Vologda is getting harrassed too.
Next slide. Still hasn’t flipped.
Now it’s yellow. Vologda fends off the attackers and recovers.
Not much change. Tver still yellow.
Look at Tver,
look how it shines for you
And all the things it does
It’s all yellow

Norway-Geat front with no skirmishes. Both sides have fallen back to their respective clays.
I came along
I did a flip for you
And all the things you(r health) do(es)
And it was called “Yellow”

Lithuania finally flips Tver.
Neither sides have big enough armies to attack each other. What a stalemate.
Oh, they razed Tver. Shame. Set your sights on Vologda.

Finland trying to get the slice of the pie, kek. They do have a very nice army lying around there, would prolly flip a few cities if it weren’t for lego’s balance.
This man is wild! Declares war straight after forced peace!
Also vologda is yellow.
O yeah, Norway can try to flip Tjust. They’re not doing so well though.
Vologda is in red. Also, what is this in the corner?
Geats have built a good wonder! Though they won’t be taking cities any time soon. Norway is damaging that peninsular city.
Vologda flips to Litva, and gets razed. Nice army there.
How’d I miss that Tonsberg was settled? Not much change in the front (though the Geats have way less units), S-H tries to have a piece of the Geats.
Captured Maori warriors. Nice. Litva is moving their army to Nov.

Again the forced peace between S-H and Geats. However the Geats did take some damage, considering S-H ships surrounded the city.
The mostest literate people. Poland, Litva, S-H and Finland all are tied for 14 techs. Norway has 13, Nov and Geats have 12.
Also: >you has 1 tech
Litva is moving in its army. It’s decently big. Trouble for Novgorod.
Nothing is new. Norway tries and fails to besiege Tjust.
Lithuanian army is creeping slowly towards their territory. Lots of spearmen, also archers and chariots.
They finally do more damage to the city. The Geats have comp bows, nice.
Even more army. They’re pretty close to fort sickles.
Tjust is all yellow. Norway has upped their game.
Those settlers are Litva’s UU with a broken icon. Big army.
Tjust is in red. Norway is certainly trying.
Norge has a good army. They need to expand upon it more and then they can march to the Geats’ capital without worries.
Norway has flipped Tjust! Finally, after turns of besieging this city.
lol the Geats settle Baltic Sea too. Two cities are settled on the Baltic.
S-H doing fucking well. Though I can see happiness issues in the future
Yep. Kiel is 10 pop, Lubeck at 11.
Poland has a small army atm, tho I see horses. Also a settler. Warsaw is 10 pop.
Vilnius is at 10 pop, the Lithuanian core is doing nicely. Though it is void of troops, as most of them are fighting novgorod.
Lithuanian army is really close to Novgorod capital. Doesn’t look good for them at all. Cap and ft sickles are both at 8 pop.
The rest of the nov core is nearly completely empty of units, with an archer and a spearman. That Finnish army looks like it’d do some damage alright.
Speaking about Finland, their cities aren’t doing so well. Finland is only at 7 pop. Their northern placement might be the cause. Also the fact that they lost half their luxes this part. Don’t see barbs tho
Finnish core is… eh, atleast they have units. Can’t think much to say here
And lastly, the 2 Finnish cities seem to be doing well! This has been Moonie with the narration, see you next time on CHG!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

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