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Ruina Imperii
The end of the war was, in Europe, meant to be the end of all strife and conflict. At least, this was how the civilians in France and Russia saw it. And the German High Command also intended for this war to bring about peace by establishing German hegemony over Europe.

Roughly 6 million soldiers had been lost during the war, primarily during the first year. There were over 30 million civilian casualties, largely chalked up to war crimes committed by Central Powers occupying Russia and France. Persia, now ruled by Ahmad Shah, released documents confirming the use of "death camps" by the Ghorbani regime, although their death count is unknown and they were only in operation for several months.

Despite these catastrophic losses, the German dream of hegemony has not been realized, as there stands one final behemoth resisting against them. And so long as the British Empire exists, Europe will not see peace.
Greater Persia Restored!
In the weeks following the allied surrender, a huge amount of work goes into dividing up parts of the empires of Russia and France. Furthermore, in the US, California and New England (a republic consisting of several former US states) secede from the federation, in protest against Ronald Trump's "fascist" rule. As per the terms of the treaty, the US is not allowed to use their military to intervene against this.

Texas takes the opportunity to declare independence and annex Arizona and New Mexico, not due to complaints over Ronald Trump's rule but rather because, why not?

Persia is given back control of Armenia and Azerbaijan, restoring the Empire of old, and restoring the borders initially proposed in the Tehran Conference in 1907.
Sure, whatever, take it all
Russia has a few holdings in Africa that the Persians are interested in taking over. Shah Ahmad places a request for some of these, but ultimately it is up to Germany to share the spoils.
The world following the break up of the Allied powers
Austria-Hungary annexes parts of Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, the Free Republic of Kamchatka, Belarus, Poland and Latvia are all freed from Russian control.

Vladislav Notputin, despite his poor showing in the war, is re-elected as President of the newly birthed Russian Federation, with 93.8% of the vote. His chief demographic was young people under 29, 177.2% of which voted for him.

France's African and Indochina holdings are transferred over to Swedish control, re-establishing the Swedish Empire. Despite the early surrender of the Swedes, the Germans considered it justified due to the horrors experienced by Swedes in the Scandinavian Front.

The spheres of influence are decided upon, with California and New England signing trade treaties with Persia, and Persia promising to guarantee their independence from both the British Empire and from the United States.

The position in central Asia is a bit more murky, as both Austria-Hungary and Persia could not decide on mutually agreed upon spheres of influence. Persia maintained that Persia should be given complete hegemony over central asia, but Austria-Hungary pointed out that Germany had already granted them Ukraine, and AH had received little from the peace deal thus far.

Hence, the situation is largely a free-for-all, with foreign ministers from both empires rushing to lick the boots of the Central Asian republics.
The Ghorbani Regime has fallen
By July 4, most of Persia's troops have returned home, and there is celebration all across the country, with praise for the final destruction of Russia attributed to Shah Ahmad.

Ahmad's deposition of Ghorbani, a plot that had been in the works for about a year before enacted, received a muted response from Persian society. Most of Ghorbani's laws remained in place, and criticism of the state was technically not allowed.

On July 4, as the reality of the return to peace set in, Ahmad decided it was time to tear down the remnants of Ghorbani's two years of terror. He has the emergency powers lifted, but throws out the Constitution and dissolves Parliament and the role of Prime Minister, thus making Persia a truly absolutist monarchy again. He repeals most of the laws put in place by Ghorbani, such as the ban on "liberal and socialist thought". The War Taxes are brought to an end.

Furthermore, Ahmad begins large scale purges of the upper echelons of Persian government, killing any and all who supported the Ghorbani regime, including most of Persia's generals, and replacing them with royalist supporters.

His moves see massive support from the Persian populace, and he assures them that the hell that was the two years of war "would never again be repeated".

As he says this, however, Britain continues to up its rhetoric against the German plans to remove Tatarstan from the Russian Federation so as to weaken the Federation further. Furthermore, Austro-Hungarian-Persian relations continue to strain over Central Asia.
Recognize Circassia
In order to buy greater influence amongst the Caucasian states liberated from Russia, the Persian Shah arranges a visit to each of them. He first comes to circassia where he confirms that Persia recognizes their independence, and also offers an alliance, which is taken up.
The Chechen Liberation!
When the Shah arrives in Chechnya he is greeted with massive fanfare. Upon seeing this, he postpones his mental plans to invade and annex the country. Chechens, who had been fighting against the horrendous Russian oppression for a century, welcome the return of the Persian Shah and consider them and the Ottomans responsible for their liberation.

The Shah hence signs numerous trade agreements and enters a formal alliance. He proposes a "Caucasian League", an alliance between the various Caucasian states to protect from future aggression, which Persia will be the head of. This proposal is well received, leaving one final stop before it can be finalized.
Dagestan... not sure what you guys do
The Shah visits Dagestan, but is confused because he believes he's already been there. He is then told that Dagestan and Chechnya are two different countries, which is strange because they're both just brown Russians.

A century of Russian assimilation policies mean that the majority of the population in the Caucasus are culturally Russian, because as we all know that's 100% possible to do in the span of a century. It's not as though there exists some other reality where 200 years on from the Russian annexation of the region in the early 19th century, the people there continue to cause wars that help propel pseudo-dictators to power. Nope, people just give up and start feeling Russian after 100 or so years.

Really, this whole liberation of the Caucasus and putting ethnic minorities in charge was an excuse to damage the Russian state. It's not like putting minorities in charge of a country ever led to something bad happening.

Nonetheless, the Shah smiles and waves and signs yet another alliance, and formalizes the Caucasian League. Georgia is included, but not by their choice. They try to protest but the Shah disseminates some relevant facts about the size of his military before allowing them to continue, and they so happen to reconsider.
God fucking damnit, here we go again
Several weeks from the end of the Great War, the British Prime Minister sends troops to Russian Tatarstan, where German officers overseeing the creation of an independent country (against Russia's wills) are shot and killed by them. This sparks an international crisis, with Germany insisting that Tatarstan be liberated, whereas the UK threatens to destroy the German Empire should Russia be weakened further.

The world sighs as yet again the great powers decide to engage in mutually destructive warfare for the heck of it.

Shah Ahmad confirms that he stands with the Germans, but there is considerable doubt as to whether the other members of the Central Powers would join.

Back in Persia, the increasingly pacifistic society launches several protests over this decision, asking for an end to the wars. The royal officials wish that Ghorbani's laws were still in place, but the Shah just laughs at them. He simply plants several "Tatar Lives Matter" activists in the protests to disrupt them. This, funnily enough, prompts several racist Persian supremacists (and some edgy teenagers) to start a counter "All Lives Matter" movement which completely misses the point. As the two groups squabble over this irrelevant issue, the Shah is free to push towards war.
State visit to Kazakhstan
Austria-Hungary, initially receptive to aiding their old ally once more, is outraged after the Kazakh authorities throw out their embassy and announce that they will be seeking closer ties with Persia. This, combined with other Persian activities in Central Asia have greatly undermined Austro-Hungarian influence in the region, and force the Emperor to reconsider his position on the Tatarstan Crisis.
A map of central asia
Ignore that Russian exclave, its fully transferred over to Persian control in several months.
The Austro-Hungarian retreat
Austria-Hungary loses their hold on the Tajik industry as Persian investors pour in, building walls and then tearing them down so as to boost the figure of Persian investment. When asked where the Shah got his idea, he points to his "Communism for Dummies" book.
If you can't convince 'em, scare them
Several more three hour long discussions on the capabilities of the Persian military convince more of Persia's neighbors to join her as allies. One notable issue is in the form of the tiny state of Armenia.

In the negotiations concerning the break up of the Russian Empire, Persia was given its 1907 Conference of Tehran borders. This, however, left a small Armenian province that was not claimed by Persia. Initially, the plan was to give the province to Georgia, but an Austro-Hungarian intervention resulted in the establishment of Armenia, which held a claim to restoring the parts of it "oppressed" by Persia.

Whilst Armenia's claim to Armenia is not yet a problem, liberals in Persia, looking for anything to be outraged about and not understanding of the Glory of Imperialism, may pick it up at some point in the future.
The Netherlands reacts
The combined strength of Germany and Persia (approximately equivalent to the strength of Germany) are not able to convince the British Empire to stand down in its defence of Russia. The world's superpowers are ready to duke it out in the War to End All Wars- wait, we already used that for the last war?

Meanwhile, the dutch, who boast a strong colonial empire and more importantly have lovely reserves of rubber, enter negotiations with the British to support them should the crisis go out of hand.
Civilian life is back!
With the Shah now aware that the state of peace may come to an end at any moment, he decides to use his precious time to focus on civilian projects, and begins building proper, modern roads, so at least the sentence "These taxes pay for your roads!" would be slightly less of a lie. Now, 5% of the taxes pay for the roads, whereas the rest pay for the Shah.
Damn murderous Commies
Inspired by the failed April Revolution (because Communists don't understand the meaning of "failed" evidently), Communists riot in the eastern reaches of the Empire.

The Shah cracks down on this. Whilst no law exists outlawing communist thought, the law doesn't concern "outlaws" and "independent actors" that are in "no" way paid by the state.
Damnit, Khomeini
A 19 year old unimportant delegate by the name of Ruhollah Khomeini gets drunk at an important meeting in Notputingrad and teabags the British King. Whilst the Shah tries to assure the Brits this is a "traditional Persian custom" where the ballsack "symbolizes friendship", the Brits are most unimpressed.

Khomeini is fired after personally being talked to by the Shah. The Shah's refusal to grant him a second chance fuels the young boy's hatred of the Shahdom.
Kick back the industrialization programs
Throughout the Great War, Persia's industry was largely surviving on government handouts, due to the collapse in demand for civilian goods. In particular, the collapse of the telecommunications bubble made the telephone industry in Persia hugely unprofitable.

Furthermore, the collapse of the French and Russian electronics industry now leaves a massive opportunity for Persia. At the same time, the Shah wants to ensure that Persia's industry is diversified, to a greater extent than before.

In particular, his industry engages in a race with Germany to fill up the void left by the collapse of Russia and France. Who said war wasn't profitable?
Ammunition underproduction
France was a leading producer of ammunition and canned goods, a fact that came into play during the initial stages of the Great War. Their collapse now means that prices of military equipment have soared, allowing for Persia to begin producing these goods.

Demand has particularly increased in anticipation of the next war. As the old adage goes, the Shah bows to no one, except the military-industrial complex.
Potato Rations
Numerous of Persia's former soldiers complain that the generous government handouts of one potato a week are not enough to stave off starvation. The Shah responds by increasing the number to 3 potatoes a week, which is scientifically proven to be just enough to prevent starvation if consumption of them is timed correctly.

And after all, if the veterans do die, it's their fault for not having self control!
Are we actually doing this?
The constant stream of British troops into Russia have done nothing to decrease tensions. Only six months since the end of the Great War, it seems as though Europe is once again about to descend into hell.

The discussion of the up and coming German hegemony has also ignited anti-German sentiment throughout Europe. Even her former allies in Sweden and Austria-Hungary have become increasingly fed up with German aggression and demands. Persia's escapades in Central Asia have done nothing to lure more states to support Germany.

With each passing conference, it becomes clear that the international narrative is shifting against Germany. Vladislav Notputin assures European states such as Sweden, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Belgium that once Russia's corpse is ripped apart, Germany will turn to her neighbors.

Far-right politicians in Germany clambouring for a restoration of Greater Germany and the dismantlement of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in response to perceived "disloyalty" have only contributed to this narrative.

Fear of the "German menace", augmented by British cultural influence antagonizing them for war crimes committed during their occupation of France, now leads the Germans to believe that the longer they delay their declaration of war, the more parties will join against them.

Shah Ahmad sees these developments but also sees no alternative to their ally in Germany. In particular, Ahmad was interested in a dismantling of British India, annexing it into Persia or into a client state, as part of his long term goals. It is absolutely essential then, for him to preserve the alliance with Germany.
The January Revolution
Huge parts of Russia's border with Ukraine are ignited with violence in early January. This does nothing to calm down international affairs. Germany accuses Russia and Britain of being unable to protect their citizens, hence "necessitating" a German liberation of Tatarstan and other regions with ethnic minorities.

Exaggarated stories of Communist cruelty towards minorities help propel the German propaganda machine.

As January comes to a close and the communist menace spreads, Germany realizes that its now or never. The Japanese Emperor is phoned, and he confirms his assistance in the war, as part of his plans to annex British and Dutch territories in South-East Asia.

Persia rushes troops to the border with the British Raj, excepting to face the full might of the millions of people in India serving under Brit rule.
Here we go again
Germany declares war on January 29. Shah Ahmad gives a brief address to the nation on radio, assuring them that Persia will not see the same scale of mobilization observed during the Great War.

Nonetheless, in order to pay for supplies, taxes are hiked once again. This time, higher levels of pensions and government subsidies mean that the burden is easier to bear.
A friend in need... probably has ulterior motives somewhere
Germany, Persia, Japan and Bohemia-Moravia join forces, supporting German hegemony over the European continent, whereas Russia and the Netherlands back Britain and her puppet states.

Most crucially, however, are the numerous European states who have yet to decide on their position, and will be watching the war effort closely. In particular, Austria-Hungary, which still holds claim to the lands of Bohemia-Moravia, voices disapproval of the German-Bohemian cooperation.
Dominance on the continent
As per the terms of the Treaty of Tehran (1921), Russia's own military force has been disbanded and scattered, leaving them utterly defenceless. The only opposition on the continent against Germany is in the form of the Netherlands, as the British have some "logistical difficulties" transporting troops. Namely, their commanders have yet to discover the boat.
Sweet mother of opportunists
Whilst Persia's friends in Spain and Ukraine did not join the war directly, Ukraine took the opportunity to declare war on a British ally for Moldavia, whereas Spain went south to get more fashionable hats.
Germany Uber Alles
German troops cross into Dutch territory, whilst they get the Poles to engage the Dutch for them.
Viva La Revolution?
The failure of the Italian Democracy to side against Germany in the war, combined with regular and constant incompetency and deadlock which has plagued its existence, has angered huge swathes of the population. Both monarchists and fascists (supporting a man by the name of Mussolini) rise up to seize control of the fragile Republic.
Yeah, we kinda need to get to Tatarstan?
Whilst the initial German attacks focus on knocking the Netherlands out of the war, the Persians decide to seize control of Tatarstan first and foremost, and secure access through Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Shah Ahmad summons his top advisors to find out where Tatarstan actually is. After finding this out, he wonders whether its worth fighting a major war over what was essentially three provinces.

He is then also reminded that he has little to nothing to gain from the present war, other than the general satisfaction of invading Russia. Logically, presented with this information he concludes that a million Persian young men are indeed worth burning Notputingrad to the ground.

Wait, that is where the capital is right? Did they move it again?
A fine goosestep
Persian troops cautiously enter the British Raj, expecting to be greeted by a large enemy army. They set themselves up such that any regiment, when attacked can easily be reinforced.
The Northern Force
At the same time, a separate force is sent to go and liberate Tatarstan.
You have... no men?
Russia, despite the state of war, is absolutely unable to mobilize any reserve forces, having lost them all in the Great War. At the same time, the central government continues to fragment under pressure from Communist and revanchist-fascist rebellions, who accuse Notputin of rigging elections and losing the Great War. Notputin counters this by insisting that this is evil western propaganda, and proceeds to go on a long tirade about the evils of the west. Approval ratings quadruple to 0%.
Wait, why does Britain own that patch of land?
Seriously, why does Britain own that tiny section of land next to Romania?
German assistance arrives
Back in the Indian front, in which the British adopt the time-honored strategy of "don't put any troops in your massive colony", Persian troops begin the second stage of their offensive. German troops land to the south and begin working towards South India.
Where... where are the Tatars?
Persian liberators arrive in Orenburg, hoping to receive great praise from the locals for their liberation of the Tatar peoples before realizing that 75% of the population there is Russian.

We really need to come up with better excuses for imperialist wars.
The Costs of War
Soaring prices of ammunition and other military goods cause the Persians to enter a deficit. Unlike before in the Great War, where Persia had a large reserve supply of money and the Shah's jewelry to pawn off, the coffers are beginning to run dry.

This war has to end quickly, the Shah concludes.

Meanwhile, cocaine consumption in the arms industry has reportedly skyrocketed.
Ah, diplomacy
When faced with a decision between allying with their neighbor Russia or their neighbor with the bigger guns, Persia, the Kazakhs make a good decision and surrender over large sections of their economy to Persian capitalists.
A lacklustre attempt
With the Brits having fled India, the natives attempt to put up a resistance, but fail humorously.
Well... we're already with you, but sure?
Japan offers to form an alliance with Persia. Our two countries are very similar, as both are non-western states who survived against the odds and modernized to become major world players.

Most importantly, however, we're both ruled by despotic, war-crazed lunatics who enjoy screwing over white people.
Because this strategy has never failed
What do you do when the enemy has dug in and is constantly firing artillery at you? Why, charge at them with pure infantry and no support!
Who needs defensives positions when you've got gas?
Spraying the natives with huge amounts of chlorine gas is enough to get them to move out of the way as we proceed to massacre huge swathes of north india's population.

Nader Shah would be proud!
Yeah, we're in this for the natives
As this war was all about the Tatar right to self determination, Japan and Persia decide that the people in Indonesia need to be liberated as well.

Hence, as Japanese forces occupy the Dutch South East Asian territories, we decide to remove from the imperialist dog's control and take them for ourselves. This way, they can self-determine that they want to serve us without question.
That bastard, .!
. has gone on their warmongering ways for far too long. Hence, when Japan asks us to end the tyranny of ., we obviously accept. Persia will not rest until .'s regime falls!
The Stakes Have Risen!
The announcement of the planned partition of the Dutch Empire have drastically escalated the situation of the war.

British troops have continued to pour into the Netherlands in order to stave off the German advance, and over 300 000 soldiers have already lost their lives in the fields of Europe. At the same, time, close to 2 million Indians have been killed in collatera`l damage incidents, when our soldiers accidentally burned down three major cities and raped half their inhabitants. We did our best to stop it, in fact we went directly to soldiers the month before the first of the incidents and told them to "cut it out".

All Persian Patriots, be ready!
The rapid escalation of the war has led to the convening of the London Conference, where numerous European states, angered at the actions of the German Alliance in the Tatarstan War, began to move towards joining the war. Hence, the Shah uses the opportunity to raise the conscription level, lest the fate of the Empire be decided.
Can someone fix the damn British AI
Srsly vicky 3 make Britain less of a lil' bitch.
That's... suggestive
A pro-Armenian revolt breaks out in one of our Armenian cities. How dare the Armenians claim that they should be in charge of Armenia?

One of the Shah's advisors suggest that they "solve" the problem "once and for all", and "remove" the Armenian claim to Armenia.

The Shah is confused, and the topic is dismissed.

(Seriously why is there a specific genocide decision for Armenians?)
God fucking hell
In the London Conference, Sweden, outraged and slightly fearful of Persia's willingness to divide up the colonial empires, announces their re-alignment with Britain. The German Alliance must be destroyed, they proclaim, as we're all a bunch of "tyrannical, absolutist monarchs".

Despite this incredible compliment from the Swedes, this poses a problem for the Shah, who does not want to go to war with yet another power and her allies.
We stand down
Persia goes out without a fight, withdrawing our embassy from Sweden as our companies' assets in Sweden are seized.
Ammunition prices cool down... for some reason?
Despite the threat of more parties intervening in this war, ammunition prices drop. Damn cyclical influences.
Oh hai - wait we're at war?
Austrian troops storm the beeches of southern Persia
Boo! Escalation
On July 17, what would become known as the British League convened once again in London, where they declared war on the German Alliance.

Italy, Austria-Hungary, Sweden, Belgium and Norway now are at war with Germany. They hope to put an end to German imperialistic ambitions as well as to stop Japanese and Persian aggression against the colonial powers.

This is it - this is the war to end all wa- are you really sure we've already used that? It fits very well here!
... Have fun Ukraine?
In the intervention against Germany, several powers also took the libery to declare war on Ukraine, a state with close ties to Persia. This also resulted in all of Ukraine's allies deserting her.

Persia is not able to send assistance to Ukrain in her time of need, as most forces are bundled up in defending our shores and occupying Russia. Germany is too busy fighting off enemies on every side.
Well we were planning on massacring all your people
But go ahead anyway
Rest in Peace, O Sweet Belgium
If there's one thing Germans are good at, its occupying Belgium at lightning fast speed.
War, what is it good for?
Apparently blind to the fact that the world is once again at war, the Persian elite have taken a liking to Socrates. The Shah really doesn't give a fuck.
Hurrah, we have roads! Just in time for the Austro-Hungarians to bomb them!
Pressing concerns
With the war raging on in Europe, there is some concern that our banks are involved in certain fraudulent activities that benefit both sides of the war and make them a lot of money.

By discovering damning proof about these activities, we can sue the fuck out of our banks and make some money whilst we're at it.
You've come to the wrong neighborhood
The Austro-Hungarian force apparently has absolutely no support attached with it.
Power Overwhelming
The Austro-Hungarian force, the first hostile army to set foot on Persia in quite a while, is not able to resist.
What do you mean we took more losses?
Damn defensive penalties.

(Also this number seems inaccurate)
Spain going ham on the colonial expansion
Under our guidance, the Spanish set about starting more wars, against Portugal, to seize their colonies.

The Shah has a dream of a future with all of the native peoples of Africa and Asia liberated from their European oppressors, and replaced with Persian sanctioned oppressors.
Keep marching north
The Persian armies continue to head north - they've been given instruction to take all of Tatarstan and then head to Notputingrad to burn it down.

There still has not been any confirmation from our Foreign Minister as to whether the capital is at Moscow or Notputingrad.
Talk about cultural assimilation?
There is increasing suspicion that the Russians are running some kind of genocidal program, as the levels of cultural homogeny they have achieved in Tatar lands is particularly impressive.

The Shah decries this deplorable treatment of minorities, as he jots down notes.
Hey - wait, what?
Whilst Persia has been very casual and somewhat slow in its occupation of Russia, the Japs have been doing quite a bit of work, having crossed all of Siberia and getting ready to move past the Urals.
Liberation comes
German forces arrive in Oman, a state which has gleefully supported the German Alliance thus far, to free them of their dutch oppressors. At least we think that's the dutch flag. Or is that South Africa?

Meh, they're all white and hence evil.
Potato upgrade
Pensions have now been expanded to all senior citizens in the realm, and up to one potato a day. By distracting the populace with incremental progress and giving them sufficient food to feed themselves, they should hopefully not notice their deplorable state of affairs and not rise up up against the Shah.

That's the whole purpose of Socialism, right?
The secret to success is always genocide
As the Japanese cross the Urals, they take control of northern russia. Our forces swing south, where they discover that even in traditionally tatar lands, the populace has embraced the vodka-drinking, bear-hugging, Notputin-loving culture of Russia.

Nothing to unite a country like a personality cult and some sprinklings of cultural genocide.
Woah, you can lose battles in wars?
As our men cross across northern india, burning villages and other inanimate objects (such as Indians), we reach Bengal, where one of our armies carelessly walks into into a trap set by Dutch troops. The men of our armies, already used to drunken pillaging and little to no resistance get a taste of actual war.
Everyone Hates Germany
The Yankees over in the New English Republic, apparently so confident of their ability to repel Ronald Trump's Union Armies, seize the assets of Persian companies operating in their territory, kicking us and the Germans out.

It appears that America has seen the increasing anti-German sentiment that has already spread through Europe. Persia will continue to be diplomatically isolated as she binds her destiny to Germany's.

No matter - what are the odds of the world teaming up against Germany and defeating her in a war? Sieg Heil, Kaiser.
They never learn
With the Dutch having set up a massive stronghold, there is no hope for an offensive to succeed. Persian troops instead dig in outside their stronghold, and wait for them to attempt an advance.
The world was never the same
The Persian army pioneers military aviation. They destroy Russian morale by dropping massive loads of vodka onto their villages, hence rendering them incapable and allowing for Persian troops to march in.
Moar vodka-bombers
The Shah orders several airplanes to kickstart the Persian air force. He is promptly reminded that he needs airplanes before he can start making military airplanes.
Motivated by the need to constantly purchase new uniforms for the Persian army to replace the blood-stained ones, our scientists begin to engineer a process to produce fabrics synthetically. Whilst that's too big a word for the Shah, he understands it means more money.
Never trust Christians
The Georgians are swayed into Austro-Hungarian rhetoric against Persia. They believe that our growing hegemony over the region will lead to their end.

This is, of course, nonsense, because... um... hm.

We do have bigger guns though, onwards!
Someone's not having a fun time
The unintelligent folk over at the Ottoman Empire report that the Arabs are rising up against them.

The Shah sends his regards as he silently plots for the demise of the Empire.
We're pretty much done here
By September of 1923, most of the British Raj, the crowning jewel of the Empire, has fallen.

Largely because the fuckers never understood boats.
We are informed that Russia defaulted on the loans our banks gave them.

This brings up the question of why our banks were loaning money to an enemy state. The Shah moves to shut several of them down, but is led to a room by several men in suits. He comes out slightly shaken, and cancels all plans.

It appears that he mistakenly thought he was in charge of Persia, a thought that the oligarchs found humorous.
October, 1923
The Austro-Hungarian Empire has fallen. Belgium has fallen (several months ago, but really who cared about Belgium).
Ruina Imperii, once again
Most of Russia is under Japanese occupation. Tatarstan has been occupied by Persia, whilst Germany seizes the west.

One city, however, still stands. The city that every Shah has always dreamed of destroying.

Shah Ahmad tells the Japanese forces to move away from Notputingrad, and leave it isolated.
We Never Forgot
As Polish troops invade Russia (something, something, Karma), Persian forces head towards Notputingrad, which is being hit with a communist revolt intending to seize the city and make peace with the German Alliance.

This can't be allowed: there will never be peace for Russia, so as long as Ahmad lives. The humiliating treaties suffered under the Russians would be avenged.
The End has Come
Persian forces surround the city. Supplies, already exhausted by the communist revolt, begin to diminish rapidly.

The Russians inside send an envoy, asking for negotiations, and a peaceful handover. The envoy is executed.
Dulce et decorum est
As the Persian guns sounded for the 17th day, it became clearly that there was no way out. The city would fall, and the Persians would not negotiate. Tales of atrocities committed in India or in other Russian cities were whispered in the night. Families took to shelters, largely destroyed from the capture of the city by the Germans only a few years back. Whilst the Germans destroyed much of the city's infrastructure, there was something far worse in store for the citizens of the capital.

Of the inhabitants, only six hundred men gathered together and took up arms to defend their city. The rest fled, or found some hole to hide in. Some, fearing the worst, took it upon themselves to end their misery.

Russia had spent the last few years in a state of constant burning. The world's largest nation was on its knees, and was never given the chance to rise up again. Russians had seen hell, and it seemed as though it would never end. Russia would be leveled, some citizens reasoned. Some strange foreign men, whom none of them have ever met or wronged in anyway, hated the nation too much to let it stand.

Despite all this, those brave six hundred refused to die without a fight. As fifty thousand Persian troops moved into the center of the city, there they stood, in a rather hopeless last stand.

The fighting lasted mere minutes, but the screams lasted through the night. Despite the Persians having taken complete control over the city, the shelling and bombardment continued. Women were abducted in front of their fathers, entire families were summarily executed for the crime of being distantly related to the men who wronged Persia a hundred years ago. Buildings were torched, and huge swathes of the cities leveled.

The orders from high command were clear: take no prisoners. The fires and screams continued through the night.

The sun rose the next day, though it was made dim by the smoke rising into sky.

And the city that had stood 300 years was no more.
The sun has set on Russia
As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.
Germany Uber Alles
By mid-1924, multiple attempted British landings had been repelled. Germany had occupied and destroyed all continental allies of London. European colonies in India and South-East Asia had fallen to their occupiers.

But the Brits refused to surrender. This was a war of German aggression - Britain will never stop until it can liberate its allies, or German troops march into London.
We should get that radio thing
With the production of radios and radio channels being an extremely lucrative industry, the Shah commissions a study into radios and how to best deliver propaganda through them.
The Shah, using the huge wealth obtained from Russian slaves - I mean prisoners of war - and looting, announces an advanced pension plan that ensures all Persians can grow old gracefully.

As one race burns, another enjoys the fruits of conquest. Such is the circle of history.
It's almost over
The world has been at war for 4 years. As the British realize the futility of their resistance, the earth may finally see peace.
War, war never changes
4 million soldiers dead. 43 million civilians slaughtered.

All for some chump change.

Because vicky's damn great war system is broken.

And so ends the First Tatarstan War. The question is asked by philosophers and intellectuals: what are the lives of 50 million people worth?

Unfortunately, in an age of conquest and nationalism, the cries fall on deaf ears.

And of course besides that there's the question everyone should be asking right now:

*First* Tatarstan War?

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Death to the West - A Persian HPM AAR - Part 11

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