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German Alliance Withdrawal
The remnants of the British League are left devastated as enemy forces withdraw from their lands. Two Empires have been dismantled, and two more lay defenseless.

In Austria-Hungary, the monarchy effectively loses control over all of her territories and the country descends into chaos, rioting and looting.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Vladislav Notputin is found with his hands bound and his head blown out, a shotgun lying nearby. This tragic suicide is felt across Russia, with millions celebrating in the streets.

The new Republic of Tatarstan is founded under German guidance - this is despite Persian insistence that Persia be granted influence over the state to ensure a "stable regional hegemony".

At the same time, the Italian monarchy is on the verge of collapse. Under Mussolini, the Italian fascist who fled Italy prior to the war due to the failure of his rebellion, the fascists threaten to reassemble and seize back the nation.

All the world heaves from the economic effects of the incredible number of civilian casualties suffered during the war. The Tatarstan War and the Great War, considered by modern historians to both be separate phases of the "First World War", leaves Germany with complete dominance over the European continent.

But even as it seems as though Persia has secured herself a lifelong ally that will guarantee her success for decades to come, Shah Ahmad is nothing if not a dreamer.

With the sacking of Notputingrad, Persia has destroyed the Great Satan.

But Russia was not Persia's first rival - to the West, the Turkish Sultan remains in power. For Persia to be restored as Ahmad desires, they must be destroyed.

All hail the Shah - the final war is to come.
The Indian Rebellion of 1924
In response to the British defeat in Europe, numerous Princely States have taken the opportunity to declare independence. The Brits need to transfer troops to India to defeat them, but this is prevented by the terms of the treaty - actually wait no its because they cannot boat.
We Have Peace In Our Time - until that next war
The war taxes act is repealed as military spending is scaled down. The primary tax burden falls on the middle class in the new fiscal year. This isn't much of a problem, as the middle class is not starving hard enough to rebel, and not rich enough to influence government.

The perfect demographic to oppress!
The Yugoslavian War
Yugoslavia, ruled by the fascist dictator Dimitrije "the Colonel" Ljotić, sees the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Central Government to be an excellent opportunity to reclaim rightful Yugoslavian land.

Despite British intervention, the terms placed on them following the Tatarstan War prevent any major movement of troops in Euro- oh wait no it's just that they cannot boat.
Reconstructing the Persian Army
To replace brigades lost during the Tatarstan War, the Shah commissions the creation of a new army.

At the same time, Shah Ahmad is reportedly diagnosed with a terminal illness. Any discussion of the subject is suppressed, but with the rumor comes a rapid uptick in anti-Ottoman state radio broadcasts.
All I need are 34 Good Slavs
Despite being greatly outnumbered, Yugoslavia is in a good position to win the war due to tactical supremacy and unitedness.

Also, Britain can't boat. Have I mentioned that?
Damn leeches
The Shah, looking to calm down increasingly negative public opinion (the result of a perceived pointlessness of the Shah's wars) passes a bill granting small government handouts to those who are too lazy to be employed.

This prompts outrage from the upper class in Persia, who claim that "back in my day, people died from starvation if they were too lazy to not be born into a socioeconomic class that gave them the ability to easily acquire jobs, and we liked it!"
The German Olympics
Angered over the rise of Germany, the United States, France and the British League all boycott the Olympics, held in Berlin. Hence, the attendees are largely German allies.
Fascist France
The French Republic, which had been thoroughly humiliated in the Great War, is overthrown in a palace coup by General Philippe Pétain. The General had served in the Great War, and had attracted huge support amongst the French through his attacks on Germany. He is seen as a "people's man", refusing to accept German hegemony over Europe and representing their interests in the government.

For the year following the end of the disarmament period set in place following the end of the Great War, he spearheaded France's rapid rearming, going against the wishes of the Republic which desired to limit military ability to avoid further war in Europe.

His rise to power is defended by the Americans and the British, however his perception in anglosphere media as being a ruthless dictator prevents any movement towards a greater alliance.

The Shah watches these events unfold, and meets with the great General in secret. The two decide to reset Persian-French relations.

As fascists continue to rise across Europe, it seems that the warmongers still reign supreme over the pacifists. Only time will tell if the people of the world will ever love their children more than they hate their enemies.
This was Russia's finale
The destruction of two successive occupations and widespread looting by hostile forces have completely wiped out all of Russia's industrial capacity. Furthermore, terms forced into place following the Tatarstan war have discouraged investment and also prevent Russia from raising an army. Russia can never again rise to a position of influence. Unemployment stands at 55%, and the average wage dances around the poverty line. The situation is so dire that numerous Russians have reverted to agrarian lifestyles, and have signed "deals" with landowners that surrender their rights in exchange for aristocratic protection from bandits and raiders. Private mercenary forces reign supreme.

The socialists sweep the elections, with the Mensheviks coming to power, but the elections and the administration are effectively a sham.

Peter the Great's legacy has been tarnished. Russians forever will vilify the seven term Vladislav Notputin, and they never again made the mistake of buying into a personality cult and surrendering their rights and futures to a strongman.

Just kidding, this is Russia.
The Indian Rebellion spreads
More Princely States rebel against British rule. Her crown jewel is falling apart before her, if only she knew how to use boats.
Yugoslavian advance
The Yugoslavian armies easily occupy their core lands as the Austro-Hungarian government attempts to consolidate the empire. As an emergency measure, the Empire's constituent countries are appointed new leaders, who are given absolute power over their realm. The Emperor's authority diminishes, but the administration begins to rise again from the ashes.
The People's Shah
The Shah continues to suffer from delirious dreams. He dreams of the Ottoman Sultan being stabbed outside his palace by Turkish people - and he dreams of himself being crowned King of Kings in Damascus, with a massive crowd cheering him on. He is assured that this is just the result of his disease.

And as he awakes every day, he knows that the final war needs to come. And if the Persians are to be subjected to a war more uncertain than any before (the Ottomans are, after all, allied to Germany), then he will need make them feel comfortable first.
Still can't challenge me
Demand for electric gears continue to drop due to the collapse of numerous industrial economies as a result of continuous warfare. Despite this all, Persia continues to outcompete German manufacturers.

Largely due to our use of child labor in sweatshops, but this is of course "natural" for developing countries, and that they "would not get a better paying job elsewhere" and that its "really good for them". Our capitalists agree as they sit upon their thrones of child skulls snorting cocaine.
Too much supply? I know the solution!
The Shah's proposal of sending Persian suicide bombers to blow up German electric gear factories under the guise of something silly like "islamic terrorism" is not well received amongst his audience.

Mostly because they were German delegates and the Shah is hallucinating.
Finally! We get some slices of the pie
The conclusion of the Yugoslavian War now means that the Dutch are no longer at a state of war, allowing for our partition of their Empire.
Sweet mother of bordergore
The Germans seize control of some random provinces in Indonesia. The Japanese take several important port cities. The rest of the nation is left for us
Sumatra handed over
All of Sumatra is granted to Persia in a second deal.
Well... this is awkward
Intriguingly, the USA seized a bunch of Indonesian provinces as well. This is weird because they're being dismantled as well.
Oh... okay?
American colonial governors arrive in Indonesia, and then immediately pack their bags and leave, surrendering their territories to Persia.
Someone's back from the verge of destruction
Ronald Trump's successor, the socialist Bernie Sanders (America enjoys swinging between far right and far left), has successfully managed to take over control of the Texan Republic and hence restore three states.

Despite this, they've adopted a non-interventionist policy with regards to the old world, deciding that there's nothing to gain from meddling with European dictators.
Hey - we didn't really want this
Our seizing of land in Indonesia has given us access to lucrative trade routes. We're now rolling in that sweet Dutch dough. We also get several Caribbean colonies despite not really wanting any.

The Shah gets into a shouting match with German delegates over the division of Indonesia - he considers the slivers of land Germany seized to be "unfair". Furthermore, he issues several complaints about the German ally in Japan.
Suprise! Stalin!
The Workers Will Rise!

In May of 1926, the assassination of Vladimir Lenin by a suspected Menshevik agent by the name of "Definitely not Stalin" triggers a communist uprising across Russia. Finally, after decades of struggle, under the guidance of the mighty leader Stalin, the proletariat has seized the country back from the foreign dogs.

The revolution is quick, with Moscow seized after two weeks of fighting and proclaimed capital of the Russian Soviet Republic (the capital was technically still Notputingrad, renamed Petrograd, despite the minor technicality of that city no longer existing).

The Russian Soviet Republic observed such ancient Republican traditions such as swearing fealty to the Supreme Leader Stalin and never holding elections.

Throughout the rest of Russia, various autonomous republics, who had held together through the collapse of the Russian Federation, fall to bolshevik uprisings, shattering the Federation. Supreme Leader Stalin arranged for the successor states of the Federation to united as a Union of Soviet Republics.

Much of Russia's oligarchy is executed or has their assets seized, and order is restored to the land. Russia may finally once again stand on its feet.

The Soviet Union is born.
Communist crackdown
Tales of Stalin's misdeeds spread through Persia, forcing the Shah to purge communist sympathizers from the Persian ruling class. Furthermore, there are whispers of the Soviets planning on retaking Russia's former territory to spread communism.

The Soviets respond to this by secretly channeling money to the Persian Communist Party, headed by Haydar Khan, the famed left-wing revolutionary. The Communist Party had been largely a nonfactor in Persian politics for several decades now, but the May Revolution breathed new life into it, resulting in a surge of recruits.

The Soviets also begin to exert much greater control over the Persian Communist Party, eventually making it a Soviet wing within Persia, and they also found the Red Guard, the underground communist paramilitary, to seize power in Persia.

Persia guarantees the various Caucasian states their independence in the face of Soviet aggression. In particular, Stalin may attempt to reconquer his home state.

The Union begins to rearm.
Now's not the time, you twit
Japanese and Persian investors compete for domination over the Ukrainian markets.
Hah! Fuck you, New England!
The bastards in the New England Republic have run out of money without our economic guidance. Good riddance, we say.

Or, at least the Shah says. He outlines a policy of "complete withdrawal" from the Americas - Persia's focus should be in Europe, and in destroying the Final Enemy.

Meanwhile, Germany bails out New England. This results in the Shah entering a heated debate with the Kaiser over spheres of influence.
The Soviets strike back!
The rise of the Soviet Union has triggered yet another crisis, as the Red Army appears to be gathering on the outskirts of Tatarstan to reclaim it.

Germany backs Tatarstan - but the Shah hesitates. His condition has not reversed course - he has only several years left, with the best physicians in the world attending to him. The time is now to make his mark.

He enters further secretive discussions with the French regime. Whilst Persia's best interest is to weaken the Soviets and preserve Tatarstan, there is also something to gain in destroying the German state, and opening the Ottoman Empire to conquest.
No, Stalin. We really don't care.
The Soviets, willing to reset relations with Persia, request our assistance against Germany. The degradation of Persian-German relations since the Tatarstan War is evident amongst international observers, but the Shah realizes that helping the Russians is political suicide.
Any chance to fuck over Germany, is a good chance
The French decide, on their own to take a bold stance against Germany. Their re-arming has resulted in the third strongest military in Europe - but they cannot stand against the Germans alone.

The Shah is left with a choice - ultimately, he desires the path that avoids a war.
We Stand by Germany
Deciding that he can weaken the Soviets, he publicly sides with Germany, whilst urging the French fascist regime to stand down.
France surrenders
The French realize that they cannot win a war against Germany alone.

They stand down, the news of the secretive meetings between Persian and French delegates reach Germany, and prompt the Kaiser to react with anger.
To Arms, Citizens!
With the freezing of the relationship with Germany, the Shah begins the construction of troops. The time is now.
Naval reconstruction
Furthermore, he commissions the creation of a Persian Navy more suitable of their current position, with their control over Indonesia.

The aggressive reaction of Persia to the German inquiries about their relationship with France has not gone unnoticed. On Christmas of 1926, the Shah proclaims the "friendship between France and Persia", requesting French help, in private, to destroy the Ottoman Empire and hold back Germany.
The Shah answers only to God
We break our puppet strings and free ourselves on the 3rd of January!

Persia is free! Persia decides her future by herself, now. The Shah now publicly re-aligns himself with Britain and the USA, demanding the destruction of German hegemony. He also begins to warm up to Italy, whose civil war recently ended with the appointment of Mussolini as Duce of Italy.
Together we stand
The French, eager at any opportunity to destroy the Germans, signs a formal alliance with Persia.

Shah Ahmad now calls for the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, calling upon the British Empire for assistance. The Brits, however, are unlike the French, and are unwilling to forget. As far as many are concerned, Persia is a runaway client state responsible for supporting their greatest enemy.

The Shah will find no more allies - he will have to take the Ottomans, and the Germans with only the French standing with him. And, of course, all his puppets in Central Asia and whatnot.
To the West!
As a way to show the British that Persia means no harm, Ahmad orders his regiments guarding the border with the Raj and moves it to the Ottoman border.

The Turkish Sultan responds with anger, and Germany pledges to protect the Ottomans from any sort of Persian aggression.

Within Persia, foreign policy experts are jailed in large numbers as they question the Shah's decisions. They believe it to be the result of his illness, and call for him to "step aside"

But the Shah bows to no one - he will finish his god-given duty on earth, and will not rest till his work is done.
Welfare is down
Persia has yet to recover to its level of prosperity prior to the Great War - taxes remain fairly high. This is largely due to huge expenses resulting from Persia's export subsidies combined with a large scale expansion of Persia's industry.

This, however, only feeds into the rhetoric of political opponents of the Shah, who claim that his warmongering ways have led Persia to a dark path. Furthermore, they fan rumors of the Shah becoming increasing incapable.

In particular, the Black Order, a Persian Fascist organization that rose from the ashes of Ghorbani's regime, headed by a former general by the name of Bahadur, calls for the Shah to step aside to return Persia to the people. On this populist rhetoric, he gathers large amounts of support, including from within the Shah's private circle.

The Black Order, taking cues from the French and Italian fascists, also receive underground funding from France.

The Red Guard also uses the high taxes as an opportunity to recruit militants from the lower and middle class. Both bide their time.
Para Bellum
With Persia's re-alignment, Persia now needs to modernize its military to German standards, to prepare for the war. We begin to train our non-commissioned officers.

The Shah doesn't actually know what this means, but he does know the Germans do it.
Increasingly frequent Arab uprisings
The Sick Man of Europe, largely irrelevant to European political affairs for several decades now, has started to face increasingly more powerful and frequent uprisings from Arabs under their control.

The Shah sees this as an opportunity to strike - however, the French have a truce with the Ottoman Empire till 1931, delaying any Persian military action till then.
Persians are friends, Not Food!
The Shah arranges a state visit to the United Kingdom. He receives a frosty welcome, and despite his best attempts to convince the British to join him in opposition to Germany, not many in the British administration feel that they can trust the Persians, or that their alliance is valuable.
Back to Paris
From London, he travels south to Paris, meeting with the French in the first formal state visit since the signing of the alliance. The Shah lays out the nature of the alliance, and makes explicit his plan to destroy the Ottoman Empire.

The French, for their help, request the right to establish protectorates over much of the Turkish middle-east, however this prompts a dispute between the Persian and French foreign ministers.
Liberal Coup D'Etat
With the Shah weakening restrictions on free speech whilst simultaneously opening himself to attacks based on his incapability, the constitutionalists, a liberal faction that has always been strong in Persian politics, conducts a coup of the Royal Court, killing numerous Ulama officials and forcing the Shah to agree to terms that guarantee their party's influence in Persian domestic policy.

There is some talk of a new Parliament, but it is refused by the Shah as well as the decently powerful Socialist and Shahist factions.
A Liberal Budget
The Constitutionalists set about applying their Laissez Faire liberal policies. They mutter something about the importance of the "invisible hand", causing some friction with the socialists in the royal court. This, however, gets the Shah to back them, as he sees promoting Laissez Faire policy an excellent way to strike at any communist threat.

Taxes are halved across the board, and in order to compensate military spending is greatly reduced. The constitutionalists also severely limit the military budget, throwing a wrench into the Shah's war plans.

Nonetheless, he has years to prepare before the war with the Ottomans, during which the Liberals can be gradually removed from power.
Join the Army!
In order to compensate for the severely reduced military spending and the soldiers who have left the army or died of starvation as a result, the Shah is forced to spend government resources encouraging people to join the army.
Your nation is at stake
The rising nationalism following the Great War is capitalized upon in Persia, with radio broadcasts proclaiming the great patriotic duty of all Persian citizens to destroy the Empires that stand around us! Persia will not be restored till Persian troops march into Istanbul!

(or die trying. You know, whatever happens first)
The Black Order
The Black Order, those disturbing militants, outrage Persia once more for showing care and concern for poor people.

This triggers the Liberals, who insist that charity for the poor goes against the invisible hand, and that it would be better if the poor died off and hence Persia was left with only a sustainable level of poor - a "poverty equilibrium decided by free market forces", if you will.

The Shah, however, lets the Black Order proceed with their work, knowing that he needs to keep public support up.
You ordered some capitalism?
The Constitutionalists send huge numbers of men in suits to Ukraine to overwhelm with Persian business. By the power of the Free Market, we edge the Japanese out and seize control of the Ukrainian economy.
So much for the Italo-Turkish War
A conflict breaks out over control of Libya. Mussolini's Italy insists that they have a right to Ottoman Libya, or at least some part of Africa, really. This escalates to war, with the Germans deciding against intervention.

However, Mussolini's Italy is still all bark and no bite - by the provisions of the treaty implemented in 1924, they cannot raise an army, and they are forced to de-escalate the situation.
Eh, fuck off
We continue our withdrawal from the New World, as our businessmen are kicked out of California.
Not the only cult of personality
The All-Russian Fascist Party, initially based in Manchuria, has spread across the Soviet Union, by advertising themselves as a means to defeat the communists, as well as increase centralization in Russia. They organize several terror attacks in order to scare the Soviet government, which doesn't work as the terror attacks targetted civilians, which Stalin found more enjoyable than scary.

Led by Konstantin Rodzaevsky, the party entered what was effectively a state of warfare in 1928 when Stalin got jealous of Konstantin's personality cult and raided several fascist bases. This prompted a large scale fascist uprising.

Thankfully, the fascists, as scary as they are only a strictly European thi-
Damnit, Black Order
The Shah is Weak! The Shah hates you! The Shah is... a homosexual!

The Constitutionalist coup d'etat has only confirmed fascist fears that the Shah is not fit for rule. Bahadur is only in his late 20s... well, he's 30... well sort of he's in his mid-30s... okay sure he's 43 but its whats inside that counts! Bahadur will lead us to victory!
We have an army, you know?
The Black Order never got the support of the military that Ghorbani had, and hence their rebellion, whilst disruptive to supply chains and hence the Great Free Market (TM), is put down over the course of several months.
The Liberals are weak!
Deciding that the anti-military sentiment of the Liberals cannot stand, the Shah decides to back a more centrist party, the traditional Shahists. In order to get them to overpower the Constitutionalists, he bribes a bunch of important liberals to retire, and then crafts an elaborate plot to bring down the businessmen and the liberals in one fell swoop.

This plot proves too complicated, so he just has them all shot. All hail the Shah!
Goddamnit, not again
The July Revolution is proclaimed (the commies really have run out of months). Funded by the dying Soviet Union in an attempt to create a sympathizer state to the south that could save a Fascist Russia, the rebellion runs out of steam by August.

The remaining communists are killed in what became known in commie circles as the White Terror, and in other circles as "Tuesday".
Ah, god save me
The Soviets, despite losing ground rapidly to Konstantin's forces, continue to press their claim to Tatarstan, resulting in yet another massive diplomatic crisis when prov-Soviet rebels in Tatarstan assassinate the Prime Minister.

When they just don't get the hint
Aware of our animosity to the Germans, the Soviets ask for our backing. However, the Shah wants to focus any war on the Ottoman Empire, and hence sends the delegation away.
So we put all our money into this pot, and then you stop looking!
Our financial industry becomes more financy, and makes us money.
War in Eastern Europe
The Austro-Hungarian Collapse begins in October 1928, when the Romanians, supported by the Japanese and Germans, invaded Austria-Hungary for control of Banati, shortly before the Ukrainians also invaded to seize East Galicia.
Map of Europe, and the Soviet Union collapses
The All-Russian Fascist Party takes control of Moscow, killing Stalin in Red Square. The Russian Socialist Republic hence collapses, replaced with the Russian Republic, a fascist state ruled by Konstantin. To the east, the remaining Socialist Republics gradually fall to internal revolts and are annexed into the Republic.
The Shah loves your kids! Wait, not like that
The lobby for the outlawing of the enslavement of children has been strong for several decades now. Despite this, no Shah has budged, largely thanks to the liberals strongly opposing the notion, as the Free Market dictates that children die in sweatshops, thus giving Persia a comparative advantage compared to other nations in the manufacturing of cheap goods.

Or something like that, the Shah only ever looked at his economics notes the day before finals.
Like vultures
The Austro-Hungarian Collapse expands with the Poles invading to seize Austrian Poland
Talk about screwed
Poland, however, finds itself at war with France, the UK and the United Baltic Provinces. So, in other words, they're at war with France and the United Baltic Provinces.

Because pigs may one day fly and man may one day land on the moon, but the Brits will never figure out sailing.
What happens when you create an industry around trading bets?
You make money, thats what!
With the financial problems solved
The Shah now continues the process of ripping off German military tactics. Persian military thinkers now consider modern military strategy questions, come up with no answers, and do whatever the Germans chose.
Damnit, Germany
Our Free Market Capitalists (TM) are kicked out of Belarus for apparently causing a famine, or murdering children, or some other trivial, profit-making activity. This is clearly part of a German plot to reduce our influence over Belarus!
The liberalization of the Persian economy after the fall of the Ulama faction has allowed for a surge in production of goods essential to national pride, such as electric gears.
Its the thought that counts
Several Black Order members got the telegram later, and rise up approximately a year later than their peers. They are promptly shut down and reminded that the Black Order no longer exists.
Welcome, the Satrap of Turkmenistan!
Turkmenistan, historically a region with a turbulent political environment, is transferred away from the Persian Central Asian Territories, thus giving all citizens within it a Persian citizenship.

This greatly increases the Shah's popularity in the region.
We now have better trenches
In the years since the Great War, our greatest military commanders have apparently concluded that "more trenches" is always the answer to any situation.
German divisional structure
We change around our OOB to become more effective.
Damn Fascists
The Russian Republic now makes another attempt and seizing Tatarstan, launching a palace coup using insiders, and then preparing an invasion on the pretext of stabilizing the country. This prompts a German intervention, and threat of war.
Hahahaha, no
The Persians, now only months away from preparing for the Final War, reject the offer to assist the Russian Republic.

The Shah is now largely bedridden, although fully conscious and still capable of ruling from his bed. He decides that the time has come.
The Sick Man of Europe must die!
The Persian propaganda machine enters full throttle, demanding for an end to the Ottoman Empire, demanding that Persia be allowed to seize Ottoman colonial territories.

This demand sees French support, but German fury. Other major powers choose to stay neutral, caring neither for the Germans or the fascists.
Russia backs down
The Russian Republic, realizing that it has negligible global support, is forced to back down.

Tatarstan lives another day.
The Chinese Civil War
The conflict in China has been fairly dormant for a long time. As war in Europe seems to be nearing, the Imperial Chinese launch an invasion of Nationalist China, prompting an American intervention.
Austria-Hungary is dead
The conclusion of the Austro-Hungarian Collapse occurs. Under German and British guidance, the empire is destroyed, broken up into its component parts.

Once the greatest dynasty in Europe has now fallen to invasions from smaller neighbors.
We do not care
The Shah does not involve himself in the collapse, whilst he backs both Yugoslavia and Ukraine, who both benefit from the collapse, he does not wish to be dragged into another affair, as he prepared for his Final Victory.
Cezcho... Czechoslo... Czekho...
Czechoslovakia unites following the dismantlement of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
They're close enough
Five years of rearming the French Fascist Republic has paid off. France now stands only 180 military points below Germany, With sufficiently clever military tactics, they can win a conflict.
The Empire has stayed on long enough
There is only room for one middle-eastern power - the Empire is on its last days. It is times to destroy the Ottomans once and for all, it is time to liberate the Balkans, it is time to liberate the Holy Land.

For centuries the Empire has stood in the way of Persia - for centuries the Empire has humiliated us. And now, hundreds of years later, we shall receive the final victory.
Yes, sure, but what about the war
As the Shah spends his days daydreaming of the war and passing in and out of psychotic episodes, he begins to neglect the domestic front. The Shahists in the Royal Court take over rule of Persia.
The time has come!
The war is now extraordinarily popular in Persia. Private Persian delegations to Britain and the US outline their intervention as an excuse to destroy German influence and potentially dismantle the German Empire, hence earning their support.

The stage is set
Let slip the dogs of war
Military funding is drastically increased, and the Persian military equips itself.
Taxes increased
Export subsidies are decreased and taxes on the rich are hiked in order to pay for the costs of the war.

The Shah refrains from his usual assurances of the war ending "soon". Instead, he assures the Persians that when the victory comes, it will be sweet. The Empires of old will be restored.
This is why you don't fuck with your ally
Knowing that the Persians, who technically remain allies of the Republic of New England, are busy, the Americans under Bernie Sanders invade to reconquer the states part of the Republic.

The Shah refuses to participate.
... Alright?
The Americans, anticipating the war with Germany, offer their services as an ally. Together, we will end the German hegemony, Bernie Sanders proclaims.

This is fine and dandy, unfortunately the Americans suffer from a disease inherited from their English ancestors - cant-boat-itis
Allies in place?
Wait for our armies to receive sufficient supplies, before we begin the first wave of attacks.
Hahahahahah, sure
The Olympic Games shall be in Tehran, alright, alongside the head of the Turkish Sultan!

Peace on earth? Unity through competition? All hogwash, long live Persia!
I'm literally of no help
We join the war against New England in name only, as we prepare for the Final War.

The Shah is basically saying yes to every request not part of the war right now.
The French truce is over
We are finally here
To you, O Vile Turkish Sultan!
This is for the Treaty of Zuhab!
And Europe descends into war
As we begin to settle a great rivalry, to the west, the French are doing the same.
The first wave
Persian troops pour past the border in unison. There stands no opposition.
The Final War
And with that, the final war of Ahmad Shah's dreams has begun.

Persia will conquer Mesopotamia, and dismantle her enemies, or die trying. There is nothing greater than Persian glory. There is no purer virtue than love for your country.

As he lies in his bed with a high fever, Ahmad knows that he shall surpass all Muslim rulers of Persia - his name will forever live on in the history books.

Either as a conqueror, or the man who destroyed Persia.

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