A Communist Germany AAR: Part 7

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 6

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 7
In which I continue to build a World Wide Socialist State.
21st March 1940
21st March 1940. It has been seven years since Germany became the world's first proper Socialist State. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, liberating much of Europe including the degenerate USSR. Now, we can concentrate on finally defeating the Western Capitalists. The capitalists have been rearming since we came to power seven years ago and we fear that combined their might exceeds that of the International, and that is without including the USA which could join the allies at any moment.
Our troops have almost finished demobilising after defeating the Stalinists. Our army is the most experienced in the world and it is unlikely that France and the UK have comparable combat experience to our people's army. Our army is also well motivated and willing to defend the revolution: "I am ready, as a fighter of the Working Class to fulfill the directives of the Party to defend the German Republic and its Socialist achievements at any time with my weapon in my hand and to lay down my life for them. This I swear". ~Oath of the German national People's army.
Our populace is also firmly in support of Socialism with almost no opposition to our government. Germany enjoys unparalleled equality among its citizenry with practically no class division. Parades in support of the International attract massive crowds and are even organised directly by the populace rather than the State.
Back in the USSR the de-stalinisation movement is in full swing. Statues of the tyrant are pulled down across the USSR and a full reeducation policy has been rolled out.
Despite these celebrations we must remain vigilant against the Capitalist enemy. We will rearm for several years until we are confident that we can defeat them. Special emphasis shall be put on building a powerful navy, for we will need to invade Britain directly.
Years of research and producing of outdated designs has left a large amount of our army using outdated equipment. For now, a large portion of our Industrial capacity shall be used upgrading our equipment.
We shall also make additional investments into our universities and research facilities. To defeat the Capitalists we will need a technological edge.
Army movement
Our entire army is moved to the French border in case of invasion. We doubt that they will invade just yet, but we want our border guarded just as a precaution.
German engineering
A large part of our research is going into experimental new technologies. These include rockets, nuclear research, electronics and this new vehicle called the Drache. This aircraft can hover in place as well as move sideways through the air. This could be useful in rescue operations and delivering supplies.
The Panzer II has been outdated for some time, and combat experience in the USSR has taught us that crew protection and fire power are necessary for a modern tank. For this reason, we will no longer be operating light tanks and we shall shift to only using new "medium tanks". The Panzer III shall serve us well for some time.
By the end of November in 1940, a good portion of our army has been upgraded. Essentially all of our production this year went into upgrades, but this was necessary to do.
We will however begin producing some new close air support planes that should allow us to breach the French defences. We have been neglecting our airforce for some time, and it is likely that the Capitalists have us beat in this area.
USA election
Franklin D. Roosevelt has been reelected in the USA. He primarily ran on a platform of non-interventionism in Europe so we hope that this will keep the USA out of the allies for the time being. Regardless of this he has still refused to cease embargoing the International.
Motorised infantry
Motorised infantry served us well in the USSR and so we shall continue producing them.Once again armoured cars shall be attached to them to give the divisions extra firepower.
Nuclear research
With the German faculty of Atomic research fully set up, Einstein has requested our help in creating an isotope separation facility that should be able to concentrate radioactive material. This concentrated material could serve many purposes and can even be weaponised. In the name of scientific progress, we agree to fund this facility.
Tank destroyers
The French and British have most likely been producing their own armoured vehicles. To counter this, we shall begin development of a vehicle specifically designed to destroy enemy armour. This early prototype has been termed the "StuG" and is expected to enter production some time in 1941, next year.
Navy building
To invade the UK and later the USA our navy is in need of some desperate rearmament. The capital ships in our navy will require a screen of lighter ships to protect them, so around 30 light cruisers will begin being built. They will be ready in about two years.
Navy building
Our secret weapon against the Royal Navy is the "Carrier". This mobile runway can allow our planes to engage enemy fleets at sea and will make up for our lack of Battleships. These ships will undoubtedly be the future of warfare at sea, though they will take 3 years to build. The invasion of the UK will have to wait until these are built.
Production queue
The production queue after beginning our new projects. We are building five carriers which will be called the "Republican", the "Egalitarian", the "International", the "Humanity" and the "Barricade". Fitting names for our new ships!
Civil war in China
An explosive start to 1941. Spurred on by the passing threat of Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese Nationalists have declared war on the breakaway Communist government. The Communists are out numbered, surrounded and ideologically opposed to our International. For these reasons, we will not intervene in this war. Chinese liberation will come after the Capitalists have been defeated.
Carrying along the tradition of innovative German research, our scientists have created the first programmable "computer". This machine is capable of complex calculations and will be useful to our research. These inventions are clearly showing that Socialism does not prevent innovation!
Speaking of innovation, Braun has came up with yet another practical application for his rockets. By attaching a warhead to a rocket, we can fire it at the enemy and cause widespread destruction. These secret rockets which have been called the "V1" will soon enter production and will hopefully be capable of breaching the French Maginot Line...
The counter-revolutionaries which attacked us some time ago have reared their ugly heads once again and attacked yet another military base. Unknown to them, this was an elaborate trap which led to many of the terrorists being captured by our forces. This was an expensive operation, but interrogation of the terrorists led to conclusive proof that they were armed, funded and directed by the US government. Of course once again the US denied any involvement but we know the truth...
Chinese Civil War
As expected the Chinese Communists have lost their civil war and fled for refuge in the International. They shall spend their time in exile being ideologically indoctrinated in the tenants of Democratic Socialism so that when we do come to liberating China, they will not impose a totalitarian dictatorship.
A large radar station begins being constructed on our North West Coast. Hopefully this facility will allow us to detect British bombers and prevent bombing similar to what they did back in Barcelona.
The V1 enters official development as we try to get a working prototype. The rocket test facility we built in Rostock some years back will see continued use during this development.
In mid April of 1941, the French launch another successful sabotage mission on our Super Heavy Battleships, this time attacking the Friedrich Engels. Security will be increased around the production lines, but at least now both ships will be finished at the same time...
American Propaganda
The Americans launch yet another propaganda campaign against our International making full use of Newspapers, radios, Hollywood and television. The Hollywood films in particular are an instant hit in the USA, UK and France resulting in a surge of opposition to our International.Foreign public opinion is turning against our organisation and calls for war will most probably soon come...
CAS complete
In mid-May of 1941 our CAS air wings are completed. These shall be based in Stuttgart and will be useful for attacking the Maginot Line.
Nuclear research
Einstein's Isotope separation facility begins being constructed in June.This facility will create concentrated Uranium and Plutonium which can in theory be weaponised. As far as we know, we are the only nation pursuing construction of such a facility meaning we could gain a massive upper hand against the Capitalists, assuming our research proceeds smoothly.
Encryption technology continues to improve and we feel that even the famous British intelligence agency won't be able to decipher our messages.
Death of the President.
On the 18th July, after serving just under two years as president, Emil Barth has died. This news shocked the Nation as Emil had been in good health. After a period of mourning, the public will elect a new President who will no doubt lead the fight against the Capitalists.
New President elected
After a general election, a new President has been elected. Ludwig Renn shall lead our nation to glory! Ludwig was born into a Saxon noble family however he gave up his noble background to voluntarily join the working class, making his loyalty to the International clear.
New Government
Ludwig has had a long relationship with our Republic. He was previously the First President of the German Worker's republic however he was essentially a puppet under the totalitarian Chancellor Ernst Thalmann. After Thalmann was removed from power, Ludwig resigned and later fought for the International in Spain to boost his confidence and show his loyalty to the cause. Now he is the new president of Germany and will soon deliver a crushing blow to the capitalists!
Massive artillery
Our research teams have came up with what can only be called an "interesting" solution to the problem of breaching the Maginot Line. Two gigantic artillery pieces that fire shells almost a metre in diameter. We are desperate for any solution to the Maginot Line and so we agree to their construction.
Massive artillery
The two artillery pieces have been called "Gustav" and "Dora" and will be completed soon. Only time will tell if they will be effective or not.
Nuclear research
Research into the atomic world proceeds nicely and we have begun expanding our separation facilities. Our nuclear scientists feel confident that they will soon be able to build a working nuclear reactor.
Massive artillery
Dora and Gustav are completed at the start of 1942. We feel that one more year of expanding our navy and army is all that will be needed to crush the capitalists. We will begin our liberation in roughly one year.
Construction of various armour brigades continues. We are building self propelled artillery, tank destroyers and heavy tanks all to increase the firepower of our armoured divisions. The French will be crushed under our treads.
Eastern teritories
The Ukrainian and Belorussian territories that demanded unification with the USSR have been fully incorporated into the USSR's administrative structure. It must be said that the USSR will probably be of little help against the capitalists, as their army, officers and industry were annihilated during their liberation.
25 V1s begin being built. It only takes one month to build them, so we can churn our the rockets pretty quickly.
The rockets are stationed in Stuttgart.The V1 has a very limited range, so they need to be placed near the front.
Battleships complete
At the end of May, our Super Heavy Battleships are finally completed! These are the largest ships ever built and have increased our navy's strength dramatically.
Battleships complete
The VMS Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are placed into our main fleet. The VMS Karl Marx is the flagship of the German Navy and will serve us for many years to come. Perhaps after we liberate the entire world we can turn it into a museum ship of sorts...
What will likely be the last ever FIFA that the Capitalists will ever compete in begins in June. A win here will be a good omen.
Unfortunately our International fails to win the competition for the first time in years. Still, we did well and we'll take it as a sign of our oncoming success.
After much testing, various potential improvements to the V1 have been compiled and we feel that a successor may be necessary. It will probably not be ready for the war with the Allies, but it may see use against the USA.
End of December
At the end of December, we begin developing a successor to the Panzer III. This new tank, termed the "Panther" could be one of the most advanced tank designs ever conceived. It will not be ready for a while though, but it could be the crucial factor in defeating the USA.
Army on the border
The start of 1943. We have built up our army to a level that we have deemed capable of defeating the allies. While the navy and airforce are lagging behind, we cannot delay the war any longer.
A large deposit of oil in norther Austria has been found which will be vital for the war effort. Already worker controlled oil wells have been established.
War soon
In Mid April we begin moving our army to staging positions to invade the Western allies. We will attempt to once again invade through Belgium to avoid the Maginot Line before then surrounding it and attacking it from behind. Unlike the Great War, this invasion of Belgium will be justified since we will be liberating the Belgium proletariat!
But before we can get our army into position we receive a startling message from the Allies; that they declare war on us! Apparently earlier this week a German U-boat sunk an American ship off the coast of Africa despite our orders not to provoke the allies. Fortunately the US hasn't declared war, and also this will allow us to depict this war as a defensive one which will boost support from our population.
Unfortunately our army is not in position and is also not fully manned. We need to act quickly otherwise the French will attack and breach into the German interior! For the Revolution!

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 8

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