An outreichous tale, Chapter 4 The end of an Empire.

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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An outreichous tale

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An outreichous tale, Chapter 3 : The Balkan wars.

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Welcome back to an outreichous tale, Chapter 4 The end of an Empire.

We are back with more HPP stuff! This giving Indochina to Japan as a puppet (from France).
More progress in China. A big stalemate in the south though where China has a lot of units.
Now for the real part of this chapter. Operation Seelöve or Sealion. The Kriegsmarine will defend the landing while infantry captures the port. They will then be followed by our Panzerkorps.
The USSR takes Bessarbia. This might aid us later.
The naval battles begin!
Our first naval loss. It surely will not be the last.
The USSR moves the Stalin Line. Which moves forward a line of forts.
I give you all the supplies you need, I allow debts against my better judgment and you do this!
Anyhow back onto Seelöwe the invasion has stalled since we seem unable to cross to the south of London.
In desperation the british move all their port guarding troops to halt our invasion. Which has also halted since we are having supply problems with only two ports.
Is that the bigger part of the british army being stuck in a pocket?
The Kriegsmarine fights well.
Like really well.
The entire british army is stuck in the south with only militia and a few infantry divisons in the north.
Bulgaria takes land from Romania.
The pocket is established. Now I'm trying to split them from the capital to stop them getting supply.
Come on Italy the Bulgarians are doing a better job...
Another pocket is soon to fall before us.
They almost manage to break out of the pocket but we halt them with counterattacks.
That was some bloody reading.
A wargoal you can add through event, not in vanilla but in the wonderful HPP mod (tm).
Oh this pocket is wonderful.
The London pocket tries to break out again.
126 thousand british surrender before us. The fall of the UK draws near.
In the north everyone just runs from us. The miltia not caring much for their homeland.
I'm attempting to make another pocket to get rid of their last units.
Our green friends are not very rapid in their advance..
Another 39 thousand surrender.
The fall of London.
While Germany crushes their enemies the Americans are just relived that the great depression is ending. Except for Canada of course who are trying to help the UK.

China front.
COME BACK HERE! (turns out leaving France undefended is not the best move.)
The push goes on.
This is worse than Poland. Milita against our Panzer divisons?
Really Greece? REALLY? COME ON!
Some better news.
Oh god that's a lot of events.
The fall of an empire and the rise of a reich.
So many colonies!
Japan shouldn't have any trouble anymore.
Let's just get rid of you.
Hungary stop being silly you don't even exist anymore.
Now the sea belongs to us although the british sank a few of our ships. We can finally send our convoys around the sea and they are safe. Except for the one or two Canadian ships that I encounter as the Canadians refuses to surrender.

But thank you for reading the 4th installment of an outreichous tale and I will see you in the comment section!

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