The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 1)

Author: HiroTsuguS
Published: 2017-08-11, edited: 2017-08-11
This is made playing the Heirs to Aquitania althistory mod for Victoria 2 and is my first AAR.

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The Age of the Bavarian Republic

The year is 1847. The Hungarian revolt against their Bohemian overlords has just begun. The Absolutist Kingdom of Bavaria has promised their support of the Hungarian rebels in the hopes of weakening their longtime rival.
This backfires when, realizing that the entire Bavarian Royal Army is out of the country, hordes of Albesan rebels rise up to overthrow the monarchy and the reactionary Nationale Partei.
With the defeat of the Bohemians, negotiations for the partition of the Kingdom of Bohemia begin and the King orders the Royal Army to put down the Albesan revolt.
For an "unknown" reason, the Royal army defies orders and stays in Bohemia during the revolt.
The treaty partitions Bohemia between her neighbors with the Free City of Prague as the only remains of the former Kingdom of Bohemia. While the Bavarian King is disappointed with his share, he can't afford fighting another war over it. Especially since he has completely lost command of the Royal army.
In a last ditch effort to satiate the rebels, the King increases the scope of State funded schooling, unfortunately anything short of democracy will not be accepted.
Nearly 700,000 men have risen up to overthrow the monarchy.
And on November 15, 1847, the First Bavarian Republic is declared.
The day after, before the first ballots of the first election are even made, the despicable Duchy of Brandenburg attacks the young republic. Luckily the Duchy of Austria and the Kingdom of Naples both agree to remain allies of the new Bavarian Republic. Naples in the hope of help with Italian unification and Austria siding with the Central German Bavaria in order to keep North German influence out of Austria.This will be the first test in the viability of a great power democracy.

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Game: Victoria 2

The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 2)

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