The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 2)

Author: HiroTsuguS
Published: 2017-08-11, edited: 2017-08-13
The second installment of my Bavarian Republic AAR

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The Age of the Bavarian Republic

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The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 1)

Images: 9, author: HiroTsuguS, published: 2017-08-11

Last time the despicable Duchy of Brandenburg attacked the newly created republic of Bavaria. The Duke of Brandenburg believes that the army must be in disarray after the revolution.
However, due to the overwhelming support of the Republic in what use to be the Royal Army, Bavaria's military is still in good condition.
Meanwhile, the Holy See is rocked by their own Albesan revolution.
The first battle of the war occurs in the province of Bayreuth. It results in a decisive Bavarian victory.
The Provisional Government appoints great general and statesman, Lothar Trunk as Prime Minister. He was instrumental in the success of the November Revolution.
Trunk's first order of business is to make every man's vote equal.
The war is going well for Bavaria, however the treasury is buckling under the weight of three successive conflicts. and there are many who are calling for peace as soon as possible.
Despite the war, elections are concluded wit the Liberaldem. Partei winning a decisive victory. They elect Lothar Trunk as Prime Minister and party leader.
After debating whether to push the war forward, the new liberal government signs a peace deal where Brandenburg accepts Bavarian supremacy in Germany.
This victory game at great cost however. Despite the raising of taxes and tariffs, the government still had to take many loans from foreign nations. Because of this the new government hopes that peace can be maintained for many years.
That hope; however, is short lived. On the first of February 1849, The Duchy of Brunswick attacks Bavaria, claiming that the people of Elsass deserve freedom from the "tyrannical mob rule" of Bavaria.
Luckily, despite Brunswick being joined by their great power ally of Aengland. The war should be winnable for the Bavarian alliance.
Seeing the plight of Bavaria, the recently created Roman Republic offers what little help they can in the war.
The great Kingdom of Aquitania succumbs to their own Republican revolution.
The war is going in the favor of Bavaria for now, but could very easily flip in favor of Brunswick.
To make matters worse, the Padan Union has attacked Bavaria's Neapolitan ally hoping to release Sicily while Bavaria is busy.
With this new threat on the Bavaria's southern border, Trunk has no choice but to end the war with Brunswick without going as far as he would have liked.
The state of the Sicilian war. Now that Bavaria and her allies can turn their full attention on the Padan Union, the war should be easily won.
State of the war one day before the peace treaty is signed.
The peace treaty has the Padanese return Istria to Austria and the Padan Union is forced to disarm and pay reparations to Bavaria.
Now that Bavaria is save from outside threats, the new government looks inwards. The first problem being what to do about Bohemian Partisans in Plzen. The liberal party decides to take a moderate approach to them, in the hopes that eventually they will calm down.
During the Sicilian war Brandenburg, crippled by their defeat at the hands of the Bavarians, fall to yet another albesan revolt.
The French Republic attacks the neutral border state of Lorraine in order to fulfill their ideal of nationalism.
Bavaria and her sphere-lings loyal come to the aid of their ally.
However, the idea of nationalism is spreading in Bavarian political circles and many suggest that Bavaria should allow the French to take Lorraine.
However, on October 2, 1851, the French Republic signs a white peace reaffirming the status quo.
The ideas of nationalism did have an effect on the Bavarian government though. Immediately after the war the Bavarian parliament declares a claim over all German peoples.
To accomplish this goal, the Bavarian Republic integrates the Duchy of Austria into a new South German Federation.
After much debate, Helvetia is integrated as a new state within the South German Federation.
A united Italian Republic is also formed.
The government of Egypt also grants Bavarian archaeologists excavation rights.
During the elections of 1852, 60,000 albesan rebels rise up. (I'm not sure why)
On September 15, 1853, Czech nationalists rise up. This will likely spell the end of a peaceful resolution.

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