A Communist Germany AAR: Part 6

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 5

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 6
We resume our fight against the Stalinists
State of the front
The front line is being pushed deeper into the Soviet Union on a daily basis. Already more than a million Soviet men have been killed or captured and our forces are poised to drive towards Moscow. Our first objective will be encircling the entire centre of the front line. Doing this should eliminate enough enemy units to prevent adequate defence of Moscow. We are only 1 month into the war and we have made great gains. Wrapping this war up before winter is our priority.
Trotsky has been in exile in Germany since 1933 and has supported our aggressive foreign policy against the Soviet Union since the start. He has proclaimed his support for our crusade against the Stalinists and hopes to play a key part in rebuilding the USSR after the Stalinists have been expelled.
Almost immediately 22,000 more enemy combatants in southern Ukraine surrender to the International. Morale is clearly low and the men seem to be happy to no longer be fighting us.
We begin our mass encirclement of the centre. Our armoured forces will launch a pincer movement to try and trap the centre. Our doctrine of high mobility warfare is well suited to these wide open spaces. We shall see soon how it fares in the slightly more cramped battlefields of Western Europe.
The Olympics were originally planned to be held by Japan next year however they withdrew from the plans resulting in Finland being given the games instead. However with the break out of war against our International, it appears likely that Finland will also be unable to host the games. It is most probable that the games will not go on next year, to the disappointment of many sports fans.
Fins destroyed
Speaking of the Fins they are finally expelled from Prussia by our Yugoslavian brothers. 14,000 Fins are captured and they will no doubt receive a harsh punishment for the atrocities they committed during their occupation. Gdynia lies in ruins due to the Fins invasion, though this does present an opportunity to us. Poland would probably agree to us taking Gdynia off of their hands to rebuild it if we exchanged it for the Polish majority province of Plock. We shall enter negotiations post war.
Marsh encirclement
The plan to encircle the centre of the front line goes well and we encircle 16 enemy divisions in the Pinsk Marshes.
Marsh encirclement
Running out of supplies the enemy divisions in Mozyr finally surrender to our army. Hundreds of thousands of men have been either killed or captured. Now is the time to try and take Moscow.
March to Moscow
While making their way towards Moscow our armies encircle additional enemy units in the centre. Meanwhile our motorised infantry drive on towards Stalingrad without opposition. After the war we hope to rename “Stalingrad” to something more appropriate.
Large victory
Another victory in the north as the main Soviet North army surrenders to our forces. We do not yet feel comfortable driving for Leningrad just yet as there is still strong Soviet presence around Smolensk. We will focus on eliminating the enemy divisions, then taking land.
Stalingrad is finally reached and we take the local garrison by surprise. Stalingrad is home to significant industry so its capture will help put a dent in the Soviet machine as well as humiliating Stalin himself. If he cannot defend a city named after him miles behind the front line, then how can he ever hope to win the war after all!
Further victories
With another enemy army captured in the south, we can begin moving towards Moscow from Ukraine. An attack from the West and the South will surround Moscow and surely lead to its capture. The Stalinists days are numbered...
Drive for Moscow
We begin our assault for Moscow! All across the front our divisions are given one simple order; capture the Stalinist capital at all costs. The men of the first division to reach the city shall be proclaimed heroes of the Fourth International and will be credited with dealing the killing blow against the Stalinists. Despite this order it must be said that our men are growing disorganised and increasingly tired. Hopefully they can keep up the fight against the Soviets.
Stalingrad captured
Stalingrad is finally captured and falls under the banner of the Fourth International. This is the 3rd major Soviet city to fall under our control, after Minsk and Kiev. Stalin must surely be humiliated to lose this city so easily.
We meet some unexpected resistance in the drive for Moscow. 12 enemy divisions have held us up for some time in Roslavl and a sizable Soviet army has appeared to the north east. We’re not worried however, as our forces further to the north will be able to attack east and defeat these reinforcements.
State of the front
The state of the front at the start of July or roughly two months since the war began. The enemy in Roslavl have been defeated and the path looks clear for Moscow. We will order our men to hold position in the North and the South while we push the centre. If we capture Moscow this early, we could end the war here and now!
Assault on Denmark
Half of Denmark has been liberated from the Fins and our armies attack into the rest of our ally. German bombers pound the Fins relentlessly and it seems clear that they will soon surrender. They were fools for thinking that they could take us by surprise in this way.
Turning point
This is the turning point of the war. Almost all of the enemy’s divisions are tied up in Vyazma meaning Moscow is almost completely undefended. If we can keep the Stalinists occupied in Vyazma, we can make a small armoured push for the city that will surely capture it without issue. Three brave tank divisions begin the final push for the city while the largest battle of the war rages on just miles to their west.
Cut off from supplies
Back in Stalingrad enemy reinforcements have managed to cut off our forces meaning they are without supply or back up. We need to end the war before they are encircled and destroyed.
The Stalinists withdraw from Vyazma concluding the largest battle yet. 30,000 Soviet men died to our 8,000 making it clear who has the upper hand in this war. Stalin must surely regret his purges now. Our forces are clear to move into Moscow!
Although too late for the war with the Soviet Union, our tank designers do bring us an interesting proposal. A tank that is invulnerable to enemy fire could breach the French Maginot line. This “heavy tank” could be crucial for our victory against the capitalists and so we begin research immediately.
At the Gates
Our forces are on the gates of Moscow and a single rifle division protects it from our armoured fury.
Nothing can stop us now; Moscow will fall to the International!
Soviets request peace
Before we can begin our final assault we receive shocking news from the Stalinists; that they want to surrender! Stalin himself was assassinated while evacuating Moscow despite his pledge to remain in the city. With their armies decimated, the party crippled by purges and Stalin’s death, the remaining leadership has seen no choice but to be liberated by the Fourth International. While an anti-climatic end to the war, our men are happy that they no longer need to butcher their fellow man. Trotsky and other Socialists promptly left Germany upon the Soviet surrender and shall attempt to rebuild the country and remove all traces of Stalinism.
A new member of the International
The Soviet Union officially joins the Fourth International along with its client states Mongolia and Xinjiang. Victor Serge is appointed the nations new president to our surprise as we were expecting Trotsky to take control. Trotsky declares that he is too old and unwell to rule the country, though he will continue helping where he can.
Finish opposition
Despite all this the 3rd International has not ceased existing as a whole. Finland has refused to surrender and has occupied the birthplace of the Revolution Leningrad in opposition. We will bring down the full might of the Fourth International to show them the error of their ways.
In light of our victory over the Soviets we let security slip around our production facilities allowing saboteurs to attack the VMS Karl Marx battleship. Evidence suggests that France was behind the attacks, though they decline involvement. This has set production for the ship back a year, much to our annoyance.
Finish defeat
The Fins are swiftly expelled from Leningrad as they put up little fight, withdrawing at the first sight of trouble.
Further defeat
Pursued further north, the Finish divisions chose to surrender rather than be destroyed. It appears that occupation of the rest of Finland will be swift and easy.
Helsinki falls
Helsinki falls at the start of August without a fight. The Fins will pay for their meaningless resistance
Finland occupied
And the rest of Finland is occupied in the following days. This marks the end of Stalinism in Europe.
Jet fighter research
Wernher Braun has approached our government with an intriguing proposal. He argues that with rockets, we can build an engine that can in theory propel an aircraft. He says that this will make our aircraft impossible to hit meaning we could rule the skies. Research into this will begin immediately.
Danish independence
Denmark is liberated from Stalinist control following the Finish defeat. They have been through a lot of destruction and it will be up to us to help them rebuild.
Finish independence
Finland is liberated from Stalinist control. We are not pleased with the Fins unwarranted aggression and needless resistance so we chose to transfer contested pieces of land to the Soviet Union. This should help to appease the Soviet people who are no doubt strongly opposed to their new government.
Land transfer
Finland’s new borders. Parts of Karelia have been given to the Soviet Union.
The Fourth International
The state of the Fourth International. Our alliance is the strongest in the world and will be able to assault the Capitalist powers soon...
Our army is officially demobilised bringing our men back home. We lost many good men, but we feel that they died for a just cause. They shall be honoured for years to come, no doubt in both Germany and the Soviet Union.
Armour upgrades
With the end of the war, we feel comfortable finally upgrading our Panzer IIs. They shall be replaced with the much more effective Panzer III tanks, though this will take a lot of time and a lot of money.
Baltic States
Near the start of the war with the Soviets, the USSR declared war on the Baltic States to try and flank our offensive. They still have technically not made peace, despite the end of hostilities. We could exploit this to justly liberating the Baltic States.
War declared
We declare war on the Baltic Alliance in mid October. Our armoured forces should be able to quickly occupy the three states before they can protest in the League of Nations.
War declared
The initial attacks take the states by surprise and resistance looks weak.
War declared
Our first victory against Latvia opens the way to the rest of the country.
Approaching capitals
We begin moving attacking the Estonian and Latvian capitals
With the defeat of the Soviet Union, Germany’s second general elections seem ready to begin. Once again we shall offer the general public the opportunity to choose their next President and Chairman. The elections should finish in about a month.
Estonia surrenders
Estonia surrenders to the International. They shall be officially liberated once the rest of the Baltic alliance has been defeated. Curiously the Western allies have yet to react to the defeat of the Soviet Union nor our attack on the Baltic States. Perhaps they are finally scared of us?
Naval support
Our Baltic fleet begins to bombard Riga to help our troops secure the city. We expect Latvia to surrender very soon.
Latvian surrender
Latvia surrenders to the International after the Battle of Riga concludes. We received relatively few losses, a testament to the experience of our army.
Lithuanian defeat
Lithuania is quickly assaulted from the north and we take their capital
Lithuanian defeat
Naturally Lithuania sees it fit to surrender to International thus leaving us at peace. We shall reincorporate the city of Memel back into Germany, after the capitalists stripped it from us unjustly in Versailles.
Land redistribution
After the Soviet Union joined the Fourth International, the peoples of Eastern Poland who are primarily Ukrainian and Belarusian have sought to rejoin their homeland. Due to this, ethnic conflict has grown in our eastern neighbour which is unacceptable to the stability of the International. We support local population’s wishes so we have demanded the Poles to surrender this land to us so that we can redistribute it to prevent continued ethnic conflict. In addition, we have asked for the return of Gydnia to Germany, though we shall also financially compensate the Poles and also return the historically Polish area of Plock. The borders in Eastern Europe have always been unstable, and we hope that this will sort them out for good.
Baltic liberation!
Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are given independence and are all made full members of the International. We decide to not hand these regions over to the Soviets due to their historic hostility to the Russians. Hopefully these national conflicts will die out in time.
A new President
A new President of Germany is elected! In a close election, Emil Barth has been chosen. Emil was once a member of the capitalist SPD party in Germany, but since then he has become a full supporter of Socialism and our aims. We are proud to have him leading our country.
A new Chancellor
Erich Muhsam is elected for the 3rd time as Germany’s chancellor. By this point he has become very skilled at his job, so it makes sense why he has been re-elected.
The new Government
Our new Government. Emi will surely lead us to victory against the Capitalists!
Eastern borders
The new borders of Eastern Europe after they have been redrawn. The Soviet Union has been granted control over all predominantly Ukrainian and Belarusian areas while the Poles have had Plock returned to them. Gdynia is once again ours finally restoring our old borders in the east. From this point we can now focus entirely on finally liberating the Capitalist countries.

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