CHG Mark Eleven Part 2: You could make a religion out of this, no don't.

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-10-05, edited: 2019-10-05

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CHG Mark Eleven: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Images: 68, author: MrKlonam, published: 2019-09-28

Greetings! This is part 2 of the official Mk 11 of CHG, narrated by /u/Lurking_Chronicler_2 (formerly known as /u/Lurking_Chronicler). It's been a long time since I've narrated one of these, wow.

Anyways, we start the part out with a view of VOC territory, where Dutch application of laissez-faire principles to their administration has caused an uprising of disgruntled wage slaves / citizens, who rally to the battlecry of "BUMS! BUMS! BUMS!"
Over here on Borneo, we can see Sulu making progress on penetrating the interior. Maybe they should try to plot and move their capital here or something; its awfully distant from the rest of their core as is.
Zooming in a bit, we can see that the Sulu, awed by the mountains surrounding Maimbung,, have decided to construct some big imposing structures themselves.
Here's the aforementioned Sulu capital.

A little to the north we can see that the merchants of Singapore have decided that allying with the Philippines is a pretty swell idea...
...Though the suspicucious Saxons of Wittenberg don't share the sentiment, opting instead to declare war on the Filipinos. Maybe giving them more chocolate will calm them down.
Over here, we can see an outbreak of the Aeimist heresy (not to be confused with the orthdox Aimeist religion) in the Taiwanese city of Mommy Aime.

Dirty splitters are probably plotting to rename their city to Mommy Aeime as we speak.
Goodness, even more heretics to the west! This could be trouble for Taiwan.
Over in Tonkin we can see that the Khmer and Taiwanese expansion efforts have run into each other. The Khmer have a stronger presence in the region, though the rough terrain doesn't look to be helpful to either party.
Wow, the Khmer have an impressive core. I think I know who our frontrunners are.
Burma, alas, has not been so fortunate. Aggressive Khmer settling (notice the two-tile distance from Mottama to Angkor Metal) isn't helping the situation. I fear that we might see another outbreak of the Emerald Curse in the near future if this keeps up.
...Actually, that's a ONE-tile gap. RIP.
The war between the Philippines and Wittenberg is largely theoretical at the moment, since neither has a navy.
One of the numerous Taiwanese heretic movements spreads to St. Klo. The Khmer of Legapura watch the theological bickering of their neighbors with mild amusement.
I'm not entirely sure if Taiwan has Optics- regardless, their army seems contnent to chill out on Formosa.
All of Burma can fit into one screenshot- quite the contrast to their fellow continental civs.
Sulu has gems, though they lack the technology to refine them.
Stats time! The Khmer and Filipinos are the most well-fed people in the world- the Sulu's lands are evidently not as bountiful.
Yeah, IDK how long Burma will be holding on to Mottama. Doesn't look so great.
The Sulu may not have food, but they definitely have copper. And pyramids.
And the beginnings of a fleet!
To celebrate the containment of the civil unrest that just swept their nation, the Dutch buy a volcano. Legend has it that offering sacrifices to said volcano will grant great visions of strange and ingenious concepts- things like "books" and "calendars" and whatnot.
Hong Kong is rather peaceful at the moment, unlike their real-life counterparts.
Eager for war with Burma, the Khmer ask the gamerunner to join him in an invasion. That'd cause Emerald to *really* have a bad day.
The Philippines, celebrating our newfound ability to find cacao beans in the jungle, declare that it must be a gift from the great god Aime, and that the jungle therefore must be particularly beloved by Aime.
Singapore is now a republic.

A one-party republic, but still.
The Dutch, remembering how they used to have republicanism back in their homeland, decide to structure their system to run primarily on votes.

Votes by the shareholders, of course.
The Khmer, recognizing Klo's supremacy as the gamerunner, start to worship him.
Fittingly, they commemorate it by building a great temple.
The numerous heresies continue to percolate in the Gulf of Tonkin. Good luck cleaning this mess up.
At this point there might be more heretics in Taiwan than original Aimeists!
Still no boats, so still no fighting. Not much of a war at all, is it?
Tom Sux I guess
Down in the corner we can see more city-states plodding along.

Enjoy the obscurity while you can- it won't last forever,
Hmm. I think you guys are a few continents off.
Angkor Metal is booming- Mottama, not so much.
A regional Khmer governor, seeing the weakened state of Burma, declares war. He's quickly told to wait until the rest of the Khmer military is ready to strike.
Blissfully ignorant of the near-war up north, a Burmese scout and Khmer warrior jointly explore the Malay Peninsula.
The Taiwanese have deployed some Chariot Archers to the mainland. I dunno how well they'll function in the jungle, though.
Looks like the heretics are doing pretty well for themselves- west Taiwan is looking a lot more developed.
The Tri-CS-Area continues to dominate the Mekong, though the Khmer could probably take them if they wanted.
The Burmese are building a river fleet on the Irrawaddy. A small one, but it's better than nothing.
A close-up shot of Burma.
Hm. Who's settler is that? I don't think I recognize those colors...
The VOC seems to be trapped on the west end of Java. Will they ever escape?
Sulu Borneo is looking pretty good this time of year. Definitely a lot of workers out and about.
Currently Bauang contains ~1/4 of the Sulu population, putting their center of population just to the west of Tom Sux.
A shot of the quartet of city-states on the south end of the Mindanao Archipelago.
And we end this part with a shot of my home civ, the Philippines. On to stats!

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