Can't spell Nippon without OP

Author: Uvenam
Published: 2017-05-17, edited: 2017-05-17
A Japanese man that simply wants to paint.

(Focus on war)

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Can't spell Nippon without OP

A sun that sets in the East
To truly be independent we will achieve this
An Asia with no Europe
Also crush China
Through clear study, many things have been learned. A productive society will not unite Japan, nor one for liberty, nor one for equality. We must restructure Asia beginning with our home island, order it into ultimate unity.
We disband the few samurai we had. An army is needed for the emperor, not some brigands.
Soon we will do as we please
But first we must change. Our first soldiers are ready, trained to fight with unity
As the upperhouse is shuffled, a pamflet flies through the door and is curious, attracting the attention of the Emperor. "News of the World" it reads, stating that a foreign land called "Mexico" was now a republic. Not much is known where or even what this country is, but the Emperor assumes that it is across the ocean.
A harbor under foreign control is built, on the premise of trade. We let them.
And suprise! The foreigners give us gifts, teaching us the use of modernized artillery and the importance of modernization. They have a striking resemblance to older bombardment pieces...
Prince Fushimi Kuniie leads our first army. He is a genius in offensive combat, however his somewhat young age casts doubt upon his leadership.
Takashima Shūhan is given control of a new army group. Modernization will continue, and he promises his life upon it.
Fucking what? God damn "foreigners" laced the artillery with opium! We will buy it from other, more respectful producers.
A temporary general to overlook the temporary army. Very capable, but I doubt he will see combat.
Some fishing boats that are surprisingly sturdy come back and rumor speads that our neighbors are at war. Over what and why, we do not know.
Modernization continues, under careful supervision.
A once potential general turns full time.
PFK still at it
Rumors die out and the peasants are quiet. The Emperor demands a conclusion to the war in the close West, as it could very well mean our generals dying to superior fire power.
Smugglers. What to do, what to do...
Motherfucking foreigners strike again! They armed the local peasants and blended in with them. Unfortunately the Emperor is not stupid, and can recognize a Chinese outfit when he sees one.
Tanuma proves his mettle through combat, emphasizing the role of modernization in our combat. The peasants are shocked by the initial volley as reinforcements come from Kobe. The rumbling is mistaken as thunder.
The main rebel army is split in half, both in numbers and in location. With their morale crushed, they attempt a retreat, however the foreign supervisors tell the generals that they would not simply retreat and put down their arms. The remaining peasants flee, with the armies separating to chase the remnants
The casualties are heavy, considering that they are the first casualties in nine years. A shame, but the implications are massive. How could an army stand up if they are crushed?
Clearly, our victory was not enough. In order to be recognized, we need complete victories over our enemies. Complete dominance or face defeat. Somewhat humiliated, I open the letter to read. We of course accept, but we probe somewhat into the matter...
And learn that Saxon diplomats were urged by Ottoman diplomats. Or something. I am only 50% literate, let alone a translator.
A few months later, our progress is enough to focus on other matters, such as our generalship. Our generals are combat ready, but a few extras wouldn't hurt.
And continuous urging leads us to this. We will establish a currency for all to use. Debate between whether to accept and adapt a foreign currency or to create a currency to use is unfinished, but one general idea makes it through. The government will use some currencies, such as the Mexican dollar (surprisingly Mexico is New Spain, but I did not know that they were independent until their diplomats approached us)
Honor? No. Freedom? No. Liberty? No. We will progress through eras, through centuries. We will continue even if it kills us, even if the people don't want this. Independence must be assured, independence from foreign conquerors. We are modern! We are western!
So get those fucking western barbarians out of here!
Our army is now modern. We can finally map out our coast better, and we can see where we stand.
Ships are now impoved
And cavalry get fancy clothing
Our people have learned and studied. But this, allowing our overlord to be under the foot of a Western power? What else do they not know? Well, a lot, but they are certainly trying to figure out that. Thankfully, they are not angered, but curious.
An ammunition factory is opened, because the army is getting hissy
And a cement factory too i guess
Army reformation is a slow progress. We must first learn how to ride a horse, then how to dress, then how to ride a horse while dressed. It is complicated.
Artillery is complicated too, but they aren't complaining
Our Fisherman-turned-spy was sent off to St. Petersburg so we had some knowledge of European affairs. They tell us that Russian forces marched into Udvarhely. That is it, unfortunately.
Following our steps into the new world, our peers adopt our ideology. To organize a society based on order.

This will be their downfall.
Factories are upgraded, furthering the military-industrial state
Get it? because there is only one state?
apparently my jokes are bad

fuck you, obey the law
Peasants storm the barracks
However reinforcements from Kobe quickly encircle them and the rebellion is crushed
The leaders of the rebellion flee, attempting to regain strength. Sadly, The Emperor does not like disobedience
A port is built, so we do not need to rely on foreigners in order to do shipping.
Another rebellion crushed accidentally. We assume it was some farmers angry about taxes, but we aren't sure.
Our diplomats approach the Chinese diplomats and have a civil discussion over the future of China.
They state God is a Serb, and Christ is Manchurian. Confused, our diplomats head home, assuming whatever is going on in China is going to be crazy.
The Kyoto Guard is reformed with Tanuma at its helm.
"How are you?"


"How is your neighbor?"

Jokes are funny, come on!
Fine, if my jokes are so bad you can write your own. But I get to censor them if they are too bad!
Continued expansion of the army
For our currency to be more powerful, and for our citizens to be able to actually use it, we decide that debtors shall be imprisoned rather than enslaved.
The Shogun, the bastard, can't do anything right. Rather than revering us as the true rulers, they open Japan to Americas. We will not let this rest.
However, from the Shogunate we learn of the world. The American sphere master has decided to have peace with the British.
Fancy clothes with fancier guns
Ports have been buzzing, and we finally understand why. The Russians have chosen war, all over a silly title.
(State of European affairs. Two Italies, one Two Sicilies. Revere the Emperor!)
Reports from Chumikan indicate the war is going poorly, as some news papers discuss the destruction of a European-Russian port.
Uneasiness grows among our neighbors, and the country is thrown into turmoil. The army is initially surrounded, but quickly deals with the peasants. Shipments are not being made, so that is added upon their objective.
The port of Osaka is under siege no longer, our samurai destroy the rebel encampment. Some grow uneasy about the destructive nature of the Imperial Throne.
China is in Chaos again, no suprise
wait where did your army go?
Oh. Some rebels defected and half your army was destroyed? All because you bent to the knees?
This information is important and creates some unrest among our neighbors once more. We need to materialize a plan in order to finally put down the Shogun and have the other daimyos recognize our superiority as well as our place at the head of Japan.
So called the "Long Guangdong plan" by some newer officers, the official title being "Plan 1" by the general who created it, and an informal top secret name of "Kyoto to Tokyo"
We will arm the peasantry, having them form a defensive line on Kyoto to ensure a proper peace. Once nearby forces are defeated, they are to fortify the border. Our trained army however...
...will march without break to Edo, sweep up any army...
...and finally capture the Shogunate's capital. The Emperor accepts it and plans to put it into practice.
Then he dies! Young Meiji is placed upon the throne and will not see oversee any military operation until he is able.
The Japanese high command decides that Meiji will be made into the perfect ruler. A chance like this is rare and must be pursued at all costs. To war!
Our allies in the conflict will see their lands burned, unless we can quickly end the Shogunate dragon.
The peasantry is armed, retreating from Osaka and Kobe to Kyoto to ensure victory. Our trained soldiers go through several drills to prepare them. And then they march.
The inital plan does not hold up, as the army needed to siege Nagano to resupply. But afterwards, they follow it to a tee. The Kyoto guard sweeps the country side to chase any Shogun force, while the Kobe guard secures a port.
The idea of equality for all and a land for the peasant/workers is put forth and widely published in the burning country. Orders are sent to burn any Manifesto seen.
Plan 1 transitions into a general idea of what to do. With Edo under our control we secure victory. Locals take to arms, but are mowed down all the same as our rebels. The Chiba port requires to be taken, so no western power may intervene.
Mobilized forces attack our entrenched position at Edo as well. The 2nd army stays back, away from the battle due to the immense bloodshed. A breakthrough is achieved and the attacking army is crushed.
A new destiny awaits us and we have the people of Japan behind us.
World recognition is at our fingertips, and our power is immense. Absolute power.
Scholars approach the High Command, talking of ruling the people with representatives of the people. To follow their advice would mean Meiji's power can and will be limited. We might...
...but might not

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