An outreichous tale, Chapter 3 : The Balkan wars.

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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An outreichous tale

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An outreichous tale, Chapter 2 - Achtung Panzer!

Images: 32, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Welcome back to An outreichous tale : The Balkan Wars. I bet you can't guess what this chapter involves!
The first part of Operation Minor Slav or OMS, the invasion of Hungary. The plan is to push for the 3 VP's with panzers going through the west.
The second part of OMS, the invasion of Yugoslavia once again the goal being to reach the 5 VP's.
The third part of OMS. This part is only of Hungary won't join me.
The fourth part of OMS. With the goal being to puppet Greece I hope to form a pocket of most their troops. Thus leaving their units alive to fight for us later.
A complete overview for those interested.

The winter war starts and Finland asks to join the allies. Which the UK declines. Got no screenshot since Imgur is stupid.
The start of OMS. May the Blitz be with you, always.
9 days and their capital encircled by our panzer korps.
Another thing in HPP which encourages trade between Germany and USSR.
Battle descriptions for important battles. Although it's dates are often incorrect but hey!
Casulties. Poor Hans fell down a staircase breaking his neck after capturing a building.
The real reason this campagin is even happening. Mister incomptent is losing Albania to the UK. I MEAN COME ON!
The start of the invasion.
The Yugoslavian army cannot even cover the entire front. In a swift retreat from being touched by units. They're even running from the Italians!
6 days and half of Yugoslavia has fallen.
6 days and half of Yugoslavia has fallen.
thankfully for Bulgaria they join us.

13 days and Yugoslavia surrenders.
We set up the formation of both Croatia and Serbia so we don't need more troops for garrison duties.
Damn right you give my puppet their land Italy. Useless Italians.
Damn right you give my puppet their land Italy. Useless Italians.
We manage to reclaim Albania for the handicapped Italians.
China seems to be losing pretty hard.
Like really hard.
The progression of the winter war.
Time to fix stuff for the poor Italians.
Sadly the pocket forms a bit to late and the Greeks get out. But our push towards Athens is fast enough.
Finland surrenders to the Russians.
Greece surrenders to us becoming our puppet.
Border conflicts between japan and the USSR which is not in vanilla but it's in HPP (tm)
More progress!
Since Japan is not a part of the axis they ask to join the allies.
And it comes to a close.
Alright japan come on get in here buddy!
More HPP (tm) stuff!
The great purge begins!
HPP (tm)
HPP (tm)
HPP (tm)
The UK takes some naval casulties towards the glorious Kreigsmarine.
In HPP (tm) Nations who are puppeted can rebel against their master. Which is what's happening in Greece right now.

Thank you for reading The third chapter of an outreichous tale! A giant looms over Germany bullying the minor nations, they stack their troops upon our borders. A preemptive strike might be in order. But that is for another chapter.

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An outreichous tale, Chapter 4 The end of an Empire.

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