A Communist Germany AAR: Part 11

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 10

Images: 64, author: Bluntforce9001, published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

A Communist Germany AAR: Part 11
In which we intervene in another Civil War
British Civil War
The British Proletariat has finally launched a revolution against the Imperialist British Government.
British Civil War
The uprising saw the creation of the Republic of Great Britain, an egalitarian Socialist government. The Republicans have only been able to capture London, Glasgow and Cornwall while the rest of the UK has remained loyal to the Capitalist Government. The Republicans are heavily outnumbered and are surrounded by the better equipped British Army. We have sent supplies and volunteers to help, but it is doubtful that supplies alone will be able to win the war.
Barricades in London
There are still Capitalist British forces in London leading to street fighting breaking out between the liberated Proletariat and the British army. Barricades spring up across London’s streets as workers rush to arm themselves. This scenario is very similar to the Spanish Civil War in which we intervened in many years ago. The Spanish Poplar Front anthem was even titled “To the Barricades”!
Fight for London
Elsewhere in London Republicans have established defensive positions on rooftops to overlook the city streets. London is one of the largest cities in the world and hence the Battle for London will be unlike any other battle in history.
Armament production
Back in Germany our factories have begun producing new equipment for our army. The StG 44 assault rifle has become our official standard rifle and the Panther and Tiger I tanks have replaced our other armoured vehicles. Our army is the best equipped in the world and the American Army will be in for a nasty shock when we come to liberate them!
Colonial chaos
With the outbreak of the British Civil War, the British Empire’s many colonies have declared independence and have aligned with the USA for protection. Africa is a complete mess with numerous new countries emerging over night. Hopefully our Ethiopian comrades will be able to secure Africa by themselves...
British Civil War
We soon have 6 divisions prepared to land in Portsmouth and aid the Republicans engaged in London. We will have to fight the British army on the beaches which could severely delay our help but what else can we do?
Docks captured
Fortunately while our army is in transit our British comrades successfully capture Portsmouth allowing our men to disembark safely. With Portsmouth secured, we can begin pouring men into the country which will massively tip the scales in our favour.
Polish Aid
Our Polish Comrades send the British Republicans further aid to help them in their fight. This civil war is truly an international effort against Capitalism. We also receive word that the Americans are preparing to send the British Capitalists aid... Hopefully the Americans won’t get too involved in the war.
German troops in Britain
Our six divisions land in Portsmouth forcing the Capitalists to call off their attack. Once our men have organised themselves they will move into London to help secure the City.
French Aid
The French Worker’s Republic also sends the Republicans aid in their fight. We have another transport fleet moving to drop additional divisions off in Portsmouth and we have also begun to launch an amphibious invasion of Norwich to bring pressure off London.
Battle of London
With a large number of divisions concentrated in Portsmouth we finally begin to attack Capitalist positions in London. The Capitalists are heavily outnumbered and it is unlikely that they will be able to secure London now.
US and USSR aid
The Republicans receive more aid from the USSR however the Capitalists have begun receiving American supplies and volunteers... The Americans clearly have a vested interest in stopping the British liberation.
Tanks in Britain
On the 15th September the first armoured divisions land in Britain. As far as we know, the British have no real anti-armour defences meaning our tanks should be able to secure the rest of the UK without trouble. This is also the first time our new heavy tanks have seen combat so hopefully they’ll prove their worth.
US intervention
On the 18th September we receive an official declaration of war on our International from the USA. This is hardly unexpected, but we were hoping that the Americans would stay out of the war for just a little longer. As far as we know, the Americans have been struggling to recover from the Great Depression for some time now meaning their Army is relatively small and under equipped. If we want to defeat the Americans, we will need to defeat them before they can rearm.
US declaration of war!
Years of anti-Communist propaganda has led to the American people being brainwashed and firmly opposed to the International. Even the American Proletariat, the very people who are slaves under the Capitalist system wish to see the destruction of the International... Gone are the days of American Isolationism, the declaration of war proved to be well received by the American people and already the vast American industrial machine is gearing up for war. It must be asked, how on Earth can we liberate such an enormous group of people that don’t wish to be liberated?
The Second Great War
American newspapers have termed this war the “Second Great War”, which has likewise caught on among the people of the International. Unlike the First Great War, this shall actually be the war to end all wars. Once the entire World is liberated, we can begin to finally unite humanity and end all war.
The Second Great War
The US has rallied its close allies to join the war leading to Brazil, Panama and the Philippines declaring war on the International.
The Second Great War
The following day Cuba declares war on us. It doesn’t matter though, we could take on the whole world if we needed to!
British Civil War
Back in Britain London has finally been secured and we are ready to begin advancing up the country. Birmingham and Manchester are industrial centres in the UK meaning support for Socialism should be high there. Liberating these areas is a priority.
Pushing North
Bristol quickly falls and Birmingham is open for the taking by our armoured divisions. Manchester is the current “Capital” of the UK so capturing Manchester could lead to British surrender. Our units also captured Norwich via a naval invasion and will be able to help secure Oxford. We have also begun attacking British forces in Exeter in order to free trapped Republican divisions in Cornwall.
Pushing North
Birmingham falls and the trapped British divisions in Exeter surrender to the International. Most British forces are concentrated in Manchester but we believe that our tanks will be able to breach the British defences.
Assault on Manchester
As expected the British forces defending Manchester are completely unable to damage our tanks. Tiger tanks quickly advance through the city and prove to be indestructible to British militias wielding improvised weapons.
British Defeat
After receiving 3,000 casualties the Capitalists withdraw from Manchester leaving the city to the International. This is the end of the British Empire.
Portuguese independence
Due to the war with Britain, giving independence to Portugal had been “sidelined” (i.e. forgotten about). After a quiet reminder from the Portuguese communist party , Portugal is given near instantaneous independence...
Unification of Iberia
...Though this was not to last. With The USA entering the war, the Western coast of the International is vulnerable to American invasion. In the name of Internationalism and security, Spain and Portugal are merged into a new state; Iberia.
Unification of Iberia
The Democratic Republic of Iberia is the International’s newest unitary state. Hopefully more will follow as we liberate additional countries.
British Defeat
At the end of September, most of Britain has fallen under Republican control.
British Liberation!
And on the 29th September, the Republicans finally gain full control of the island, making them the sole British Government.
Republican Government
The new British Government is led by long time Socialist Clement Atlee. Already he has put in place plans to introduce a National Health Service and bring all British factories under worker control
End of the Civil War
The end of the British Civil War is met by celebrations across the member states of the Fourth International. The combat we experienced has also taught our officers some vital lessons when it comes to operating armies overseas which will be vital when it comes to attacking the USA.
Interrupting our celebrations, a substantial number of terrorist counter-revolutionary attacks begin to break out all across Britain. Apparently Churchill anticipated the British defeat and prepared counter-revolutionary forces to try and destabilise the new Republic. Innocent trade unionists, politicians and authors are targeted by the terrorists and we are forced to keep a military presence in Britain to stop the situation swirling out of control. Thankfully the bulk of the British people are opposed to these attacks, meaning the terrorist’s support should dwindle over time legitimising the new Government.
State of Europe
The state of Europe as of the 30th September, 1944. The only states left in Europe that haven’t been liberated are Norway, Sweden and Ireland. These countries must first be liberated before we can deal with the USA.
Further Liberations
On the 17th October, we declare war on Ireland and Norway
Simultaneous invasions are launched on both nations. The end of European Capitalism is near...
Oslo is protected by a single undermanned infantry division using outdated equipment. Norwegian surrender will come quickly.
Landing in Dublin
The Irish have a more effective defence set up. We may need to launch some bombing missions on Dublin to allow our men to successfully land.
Oslo falls
As expected Oslo falls with us receiving relatively few casualties. We will now wbegin securing the rest of Norway.
Tanks complete
Our Super Heavy Tanks are finally finished mid way through the Norwegian campaign. They will see their first combat use against the Swedes once Norway has been secured.
Dublin captured
Dublin is secured and the rest of Ireland is open for liberation. The Irish concentrated most of their army in Dublin meaning the rest of the island is largely undefended.
Iceland invasion
While we are invading Ireland and Norway, we also begin a naval invasion of Iceland. Iceland defected to the USA many years ago when Denmark joined our International.
Securing Norge
We surprise an American air wing stationed in Norway and capture the planes and the pilots stationed there. Once Norway has been liberated, we will move onto Sweden.
Attacking Iceland
Our Carrier fleet makes it to Iceland first and catches American reinforcements out in the open. The reinforcements are quickly disposed of and Iceland is blockaded.
Attacking Iceland
The Americans have established effective defences and getting a beachhead may be difficult. The VMS Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels will remain off the coast to provide fire support.
Ireland Liberated
Ireland is liberated on the 13th November leaving just Scandinavia alone against the International.
Atomic bombs?
Our Nuclear Research has finally paid off as our scientists proved that nuclear material can theoretically be used t create a nuclear explosion. This is an exciting breakthrough and we will immediately pursue development of such a bomb.
Atomic bombs?
Einstein and Heisenberg along with their team are given the task to develop a nuclear bomb. It will be many years before a bomb is ready, but if it is as powerful as believed it could be a war winning weapon
Norge Liberated
Norway is liberated at the end of November leaving Sweden vulnerable from the west.
Last war
With our army on the border we declare the last war of Liberation in Europe
Attack into Sweden
The road to Stockholm has been left completely undefended meaning our armour and motorised infantry should reach Stockholm in a matter of days. Gothenburg is defended by a single infantry division, though they will not hold out for long against our new super heavy tanks.
The gates of Stockholm
We take the Swedes completely by surprise and reach Stockholm without engaging any enemy units. The defending garrison has no ability to repel our assault and German bombers are providing close air support.
Securing the South
Further south our tanks crushed the enemy defences and are now engaging the defenders at Malmo. Cut off from supply, the defenders will not last long.
The Americans attempt to bomb the heart of the International, Berlin but are intercepted. American bombers were detected approaching Berlin from Sweden leading to their successful interception and 66 enemy planes being shot down. Europe shall be an impenetrable fortress to Capitalist terror bombing!
Our invasion force in Iceland failed to gain a foothold and was forced off of the beaches sustaining heavy losses. They will retreat back to Europe but another invasion fleet has been prepared to take their place.
New invasion
The American defenders surely cannot survive another assault from our fleet. We need to take Iceland as a stepping stone to the US mainland and we will do whatever it takes to capture the island.
The Swedish army at Stockholm finally surrender on the 19th of December. With the south of Sweden also secured, we have successfully defeated the last Capitalist nation in Europe. Hurrah for the International!
Swedish Liberation!
We promptly liberate Sweden bringing in a new Socialist regime. We have big plans for Scandinavia and we call all Nordic Governments to congress in Berlin.
In the name of Internationalism, the Berlin Congress declares Europe’s latest unitary state: The Democratic Republic of Scandinavia.
The Democratic Republic of Scandinavia is a federal Republic with each member state maintaining strong local autonomy. Petty nationalism has kept the Scandinavians apart for too long and now in an era of Internationalism it makes no sense to maintain outdated national identities.
Europe on Christmas, 1944. We have done the unthinkable, finally brought peace to Europe. For millennia Europeans have been fighting among themselves bringing vast amounts of destruction to the continent. This has finally ended today with the same International Red Flag flying proudly above each and every city in Europe. It will be a challenge to keep Europe unified but we believe that over time nationalism will finally die out and we can enter a new era of internationalism, peace and prosperity. Across the Atlantic however lies our greatest challenge yet; the USA. We need to liberate the USA quickly before they can rearm. If we fail, we may never be able to successfully defeat the USA and our dream of a World Socialist State may never see fruition.

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 12

Images: 66, author: Bluntforce9001, published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

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