Can't spell Nippon without OP part 12: The Last Banzai (FINALE)

Author: Uvenam
Published: 2017-08-10, edited: 2017-08-10
"Hundreds of ships and a million soldiers. The lands were covered with blood. God has left this place a long time ago..."

Meiji's parting words to the Imperial council

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Can't spell Nippon without OP

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Can\'t spell Nippon without OP part 11: Civil Unrest

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A rising sun with one last place to enlighten
The only two nations that had to be under direct Japanese control have been integrated. With this, Vietnam and Korea have been Japanized. The others are within our sphere.
Ports between Alaska and mainland America were seized by the Imperial Army, leaving Alaska to fend for itself.
The rising militancy pushed the upper house to allow greater economic freedom.
At the beginning of the year, the Army moved all of its units from Africa and America. The British Commonwealth is a great ally, they let us temporarily station our units on their coast.
Asia is Japanese, and anyone who disagrees will be crushed.
Europe is German, as no one nation on the continent can stand against the powerful tide of the combined German sphere.
Japan is far away, however, we will strike in the heart of Europe!
Helsinki to Kiev, Istanbul to Rome, and Crimea to the Rhein.

Europe is at arms.
And we enjoy the comfort of our island.
Troops deploy from Britain to the Kiel canal and its surrounding provinces. Our allies have been called, and Germany has called theirs.
Truly a World War. Ignore the "2nd" part.
Turkish forces push from the desert to seize more desert. While it would be best to bleed them, the border must be secured.
The Imperial Army lands with power, forcing its way to the inland. German defenses are minimal.
Their flanks dissolve as they hopelessly delay the advance.
Local militia spring from their homes, and are put back without a bullet fired.

The entrenched Germans are not so lucky. Abenraa had become a wild chase for the last man.
The tiny island is taken within days of the invasion.
Turkish soldiers attempt to stand their ground, but are gassed.
They then retreat as it was futile.
We have armies stations within the area designated. It is time to occupy.
The Turks are chased, but we arrive before they do. Strange how they retreated right into enemy fire.
A more complete army sneaks past and we strike all the same.
Forts are taken, and the coast is ours.It is time to push.
The Japanese-American war hardened veterans go left to occupy the industrial area of Germany.
The Jap-Egyptian army moves onward to Berlin.
Player 3 has entered the Arena!
France can help us, so we give them access.
More army groups move to smash the Turkish encroachment.
The armies left on Britain quickly come to reinforce the front line rather than fight rebels for our ally.
They attempt to slow the advance.
Their attempt quickly backfires.
Pakistani generals were contacted, and they move to secure the border with us.
Our puppets move to secure desert.
Ukraine and Spain battle with fain while rain stays mainly in the plain.

Portugal sieges Spain while, at the same time, Spain sieges Portugal.
Another failed attempt at breaking the Japanese push.
Von Hannover fights to defend Hanover. He will see his state burned, his men killed, and his nation broken.
Player 3 has left the Arena!
Losses are minimal, while causalities are immense.
Pakistan brings its large population to deal with some sand dunes.
Portugal comes back and decides to finish Spain's army. We will keep a close eye.
With France done, Poland's army comes back to defend their faithful master.
Help is always appreciated.
Poland reinforces several German armies, while we sit pretty.
France heads home, we crush some armies, and the war continues.
Near Berlin, Poland launches a 200,000 man offensive to disrupt the front and breakthrough to our inner occupation.
Bullets are matched by gas canisters.
For every Japanese death, he takes 20 Germans with him.
Germany links up with Poland and launches another offensive on the Eastern front.
Meanwhile, Poland has most of its troops battling our reinforcements.
Poland sends some conscripts to help deal with the Spanish beast.
Pakistan takes control of the Persian Theatre.
The entire German navy is wiped off the face of this planet with help from Brazil and Columbia.
Crushing victories all around.
Germany and Poland are repulsed again and again.
Berlin is under fire by Polish artillery this time. The bigger difference is who is in control.
Germans fill the back line to reinforce, while one army sits off to the side.
More than a month has passed, and Stettin begins to feel like a lost cause of the Germans. Morale is low, but we feel no such worry.
Requests for peace negotiations are opened, Germany wants to stop.

Unfortunately, Japan is the rightful hegemon.
Death before dishonor!
Conscripts are caught on their way to the barracks, and are shot.
Magdeburg is of vital importance for Germany to not fall. Entrenched positions are not shaken so easily.
Poland's mighty offensive falls flat, and Berlin remains in Japanese hands.

Conscripts are still shot.
The push has slowed on the Northern front, as both sides have put up fortifications. A new weapon is to be used for the first time in history.
Another army is sent into Stettin to crush the weakened Germans.
More men fall to our guns.
The combined Polish and German army of Stettin has been demolished.
A few months after the war had started, we control most of the coast as well as the industrial lands of Germany.
Japan is unstoppable, but we have achieved our goal. The push is called of because...
...Germany capitulates hard.
There was an attempt.
Germany has been cut down to size, their military weaker than Poland's at the start of the war.
A million brave Japanese men fought and won glory in the hearts and minds of Japan. They will be immortalized as The Great Million.
Flags are flown over Kyoto and Edo, celebrating a new dawn of Japanese supremacy.
We will be unchallenged, no matter who rises against us.
The world is ours.
Every continent has bent to our whims.
German hegemony has been challenged, and defeated.
Poland lays claim to Polish lands that were forcibly removed.
Bavaria is put under Austrian control, the last remnant of the empire.
Meiji passes on silently in the night and his children are too inexperienced to rule such a powerful empire. The local capitalists and landowners are given a say in the ruling party rather than Meiji's generals.
Poland has been strengthened by its recent revival. They shall fall under our sphere soon.
The borders are open, as no matter where they run, they will be under us in one way or another.

The Emperor will rule partly by constitution, partly by a council, and partly by himself. Japan will be ruled by Emperor Taishō. The healthcare within Japan is the best in the world, so his sickness will not affect him as much as it could in the uncivilized world.
The powerful group of generals and oligarchs have lost power to the Imperial Diet and the more democratic parties. Japan is strong enough to relax.
None can challenge Japan, not even Japan itself.
This world will be ruled anew, by strength and unity rather than raw democracy.
Power will slowly and eventually be turned over to the people of Japan.
America and Mexico may one day attempt a war one day, but they will be crushed all the same.
Half of the Imperial army will be commissioned for police duty and reserves, while the other half will be the standing army.
We have many boats to fill.
In an act unprecedented, local rule is established for our possessions. They are civilized enough.
Japan is strong enough.
The Army slightly dwindles from the loss of foreign soldiers, but we will live.
The Balkans manage to unify.
Kyoto is solidified as the jewel of the world.
And beneath Japanese rule lies a violent ideology. Not even it can defeat Japanese Imperialism.
Japan will grow stronger and stronger within each year. No other nation can attest to such strength.
Japan is overpowered. You cannot spell NIPPON without the letters O and P, and it doesn't matter how it is arranged, the letters are still in the word.

It would take some sort of genius to somehow destroy it.

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