Can't spell Nippon without OP part 11: Civil Unrest

Author: Uvenam
Published: 2017-07-31, edited: 2017-07-31
We test Japan's supremacy by fighting the number 1 twice

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Can't spell Nippon without OP

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Can\'t spell Nippon without OP part 10: American Fears

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That's Asia (Also known as "Japan")
That's Poor Asia
That's New Asia
Our previous war had cemented Japan as the World Power, since no other empire can challenge us save one.
The Japanese Army is enormous and a third of it belongs to the Japanese Imperial Army, which is almost completely mobile.
The army took some losses and don't fit the Imperial standard, so they will be replaced with some Chinese Front troops.
They are to eventually end up in Africa with the rest of the Imperial Army.
Because it takes a shorter time to deploy.
The Self Defense Army has been given some cavalry and some engineers, seeing as how Japan is almost fort-less.
Additional troops are added to the Imperial Army.
It should be pretty easy to reach California without any problems, right?
*lips on mic*

Two days pass and the JSDF and JSDA are mobilized and ready to crush the revolt.
It is a very big revolt, so a better word might be a "Civil" revolt.
fuck you guys
Harvest should be good this year.
The revolt reached into our Chinese coastal possessions, so transport ships were needed to funnel the Home Guard against the dirty freedom lovers. Imperial Generals tell Home Guard officers to "build your own" as they were preparing to funnel overseas themselves. 14 transports in free ports are licensed.
You'd think that they would be harder to kill or something.
Gasp! Ryukyu is gone and all hope is lost!
Hold my sake.
The Imperial Army begrudgingly helps in putting down the rebels in our American and African possessions.
The Qing don't want us to simply walk the coast, they want us to take the hard way and use boats to liberate the port we took from them. Jerks.
I had to break the realistic aspect of this, I'm sorry.
Our frontline troops are scattered about Japan proper, mixed in with the Home Guard. It might be best to leave them there.
Africa is our staging ground for the largest naval invasion in history.
This one doesn't really count.
More troops are placed within Africa, as the USA is dealing with politics.
Again, my father, forgive me for I have sinned by letting the common peasant have an easier life.
It probably isn't the best to help Serbia right now at this moment.
I mean yeah, we allied them, but its just Serbia! We don't have enough troops close enough to do anything.
damn it
Russia's masterful maneuver of fighting Somalia to avoid Germany's demands ends. They aren't happy.
To help keep our faithful ally's independence, a naval invasion of Dalmatia is ordered to test the readiness of the army.
Life in Serbia looks grimmer each day, but this looks like trouble.
Sorry buddy, it was too much work.
see you on the flipside
The Japanese-Anglo alliance is created, with both of the major English speaking powers agreeing to fight with and defend us.
There is some trouble in properly supplying our troops in Egypt, but they are sent to the inner lands to rest, rather than the desert.
Germany mirin our stronk army
India fights itself as Japanese diplomats sit on the sidelines.
Bismarck would be proud probably. Germany is THE continental power. Not only is there a buffer between Russia and Germany, but even if France and Britain and Russia decide that enough is enough, Germany can easily steamroll France, fight any invasion from Britain, while Poland and Ukraine deal with Russia.
Germany must be weakened, taken down a peg. Otherwise we may never see Japan's influence in Europe.
Operation: G-Qing

Similarly to China, we will take hold of the coast and reinforce our troops from there. Except in Germany.

Hence G(ermany)-Qing
It is gonna be awhile before we actually launch it though.
Because if we can mobilize 4 million men, they can mobilize a similar amount. They would have the home advantage too.
Therefore we scrap the Pomeranian part and focus on the Danish part. It will be like a meat grinder: Germans go into the Japanese blades, and bodies come out. Depleted forces retreat to reinforce. And when we want to advance or if the plan is only somewhat completed, a new type of weapon will break the line.
Children should be learning, not working. They can grow strong in their training.
We will humiliate them, then dismantle their hold.
anothah one
Like wind and the dust,
They scatter and disappear
From sight and from mind
Reformations have taken decades, but it seems China is coming close.
More men are required, so recruits are taken from all over Asia.
Everywhere possible.
Vietnam is closer to becoming Japanized.
Army experts report the situation in Europe, and word finally reaches home. Turns out Italy, not having an army whatsoever, calls Germany and Germany, not one to let their faithful ally die, takes to arms.
It started over Tirol
Continues with Germany asserting themselves over Silesia
And ends with Germany taking care of its only hindrance on the continent.
Maybe its revenge?
Germany seems content.
oh shit waddup
They are weakened from the fighting, since Italy was their ally and dragged them into it.
But we will wait a little longer.
Just a little.

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