Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 5

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 4

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The Great War is upon us!
Welcome to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR. In the last episode (, the dastardly Japanese and Manchurians formed a pact of steel and declared war against our fair republic. Can the only bastion of liberty and freedom in the far-east survive? Can Erkin Gudeikon lead his people through this darkest of times and into the light of peace and prosperity?

We start the war by immediately hiring a military engineer to bolster our defences. He's not cheap, but he's worth every ducat.
It's fine, we're only outnumbered 10:1.
Not only does Manchu have an army of 46,000 men, they have over 50,000 in reserve! Our strategy of attrition is going to be tested to its limits. Can the Chavchuvenian winters kill off this many Manchurians?
Need attrition! Curse you Manchu!
We're one idea away from finishing defensive ideas and unlocking +1 attrition for enemies. Don't die on us Erkin Gudeikon, we need your monarch points!
The only time I've been happy for this event to fire...
Stability? Who needs stability? Stability can jump of a bloody cliff for all I care, I need fort defense!
Meanwhile in Sulawesi...
We finish off the islanders and siege Makasaar. Once we're done here we'll send our army back to siege up parts of Japan that we can protect with our navy.

Because Japan declared the war, the wargoal is to defend one of the provinces we took from Ainu. Japan can't actually *reach* the province because they can't rival our navy, so we will at least get the ticking warscore. The goal is to hold off Manchu for as long as we can with our sky-high fort defense, while we gain warscore from sieging Japan and holding the war-goald.
Silver linings...
Apparently killing defenseless natives improved our prestige enough to complete our mission. Free stability is always nice when your republican tradition is constantly in the toilet.
The Bear sleeps...
The absolute worst thing now would be for Russia to invade. Luckily they're busy playing with Europe. Their PU over Denmark has really gotten them involved in European intrigue, luckily. Clearly they're afraid of us.
No! Now is not the time! Go away!
Our guilds are so focused on making money that they appear oblivious to the fact that the very fabric of our nation is under threat. Still, production efficiency is nice and our Kamchatkan-culture provinces (i.e. all of them) get a -5 unrest 'national defence' modifier. We whip the peasants harder and squeeze out more weapons from our manufactories. Not that we have any soldiers to arm them with! Our force limit is just...argh! We aren't ready! Manchu, could you come back in 50 or so years? Please?
Freeze to death you miserable dogs!
Our forts are holding the Manchu scum at bay and winter is beginning its grisly work. We need the Manchu armies to march north though, this far south the 'severe winter' modifier only lasts a couple of months. We will hold!
Loans aplenty!
Chavchuveny uses its newly-founded national bank to issue the first war bonds in history. Across the entire nation, desperate Chavchuvenians queue up to buy bonds to enable Chavchuveny to improve its defenses. Even Erkin Gudeikon himself sold his family silver to pay for city ramparts.

I begin mass-upgrading any level 1 fort, and focus on the provinces nearest the Manchu armies.
Iron Chavchuveny!

-7% siege progress and the siege has lasted 583 days. Nice! Maybe at this rate our 'do nothing and wait for them to die' tactic will pay off? We cross our fingers and hold with baited breath...
Hold the line!
The extreme length of the Siege of Jugjir has allowed us to complete level 2 forts in the bordering provinces. We won't go down without a fight!
Erkin Gudeikon, Hero of Chavchuveny
Erkin Gudeikon The Great secures a glorious 5th term as our leader. This time almost nobody opposed his re-election, considering the dire threats arrayed against us. We finally secure a 6/6/6 leader! He is, however, 72 years old...
Jugjir falls!
Horror! The Manchurian hordes overrun Jugjur, but the valiant defenders fought to the last man. Their sacrifice wil never be forgotten!
Meanwhile in the middle of nowhere...
A sensible person might have shut down the war for Sulawesi and moved their armies home to defend against Manchu. However Chavchuveny didn't survive this long by being sensible! These provinces are valuable and we will have them, damn it! We sieze Buton and siege down Makasaar.
Russia turns hostile! Worst timing!

They are still, luckly, embroiled in a war so they're unlikely to attack.
Burn you fiends!
Manchu sucks on 7% attrition sieging Stanovoy. You cannot defeat General Winter!
For God and the Empire!
What a nice event, free armies! Nevermind they bring me over my force-limit, extra troops are always welcome in such dire times. Wait...where exactly did you spawn?
God may be great, but he isn't very clever...
Smooth, real smooth. Thanks for the negative warscore, assholes...
You get attrition, you get attrition, everybody gets attrition!
Erkin Gudeikon finishes the defensive reforms of our army and further increases the lethality of our hinterland. This extra attrition really helps. Even without our winters, any sieging army has to eat 3% attrition now thanks to our defensive and national ideas.
Tradegy! Horror! Our nation is in mourning!
In the year of our lord 1652, mere months after finishing his defensive reforms, Erkin Gudeikon The Great passes from this mortal plane of existance. Rumor has it he personally lead a charge against the Manchu hordes from atop his mighty war-bear.

He was controversial, some would say he was utterly corrupt and undermined republican values at every opportunity. But Erkin was a magnificent administrator, supreme diplomat and brilliant commander. When he came to power, Chavchuveny was a collection of people. When he left, Chavchuveny was a nation. Rest in peace you magnificent bastard. One day we'll build a glorious statue honoring your greatness in Moscow, just you wait!
More dire news from the front
Stanovoy falls after less than a year! We may have lost a province, but with each sucessful siege Manchu marches further north, to their doom.

Mark my words, we will survive this war and one day we will wreak a terrible vengeance upon the Manchu tribes!
'dat attrition
8% attrition! Yikes! The entire Manchu army is now recieving brutal amounts of attrition. Maybe our plan is working?
Our plan is sort-of working!
Down to 43,000 manpower. It's taken four years to drain their manpower by 10,000, but the rate of attrition is increasing dramatically due to Manchu's decision to put both of their armies into Chavchuveny lands, combined with the fact that they're marching north and the 'severe winter' malus lasts longer.
The fightback begins! Viva Chavchuveny!
The home front may be dire, but the Chavchuveny army has secured Makasaar and sailed back to Japan to strike at the vile aggressors. Because of their lack of navy and hostility towards Yamana, Japan cannot reach the entirity of their southern lands. We take advantage and begin to swing this war towards our favour.

Our defensive strategy is paying off. It takes over a year for Manchu to siege a pathetic 1-base tax 50% autonomy province and gain about 1% warscore. In that time, we've sieged rich Japanese heartland and gained further ticking warscore from holding the war-goal. Manchu will look back with dread and loathing upon the fateful day they decided to invade Chavchuveny! We will have our revenge! Chavchuveny! Chavchuveny! CHAVCHUVENY!

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