Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 4

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 3

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The Most Serene Republic of Chavchuveny!
Welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR. It has been 200 years since the glorious awakening of our tiny tribe and my how we've grown. The glorious republic re-instates Erkin Gudeikon (later on known as Erkin Gudeikon The Great) for a 3rd term in office. Some claimed the 64 year old should make way for younger talent, but not many since those kind of claims tended to get you 'dissapeared' under Erkin's administration...
Trade! Money! Power! More money!
The trade situation in Chavchuveny is looking modest, but not great. We are the largest power in the Girin trade node, but are a long way off of a complete monopoly. Girin lacks any important centre of trade whick makes the node difficult to secure a tight grip on. The sheer volume of Manchu provinces combined with Russia's 'transfers from downstream' modifier prevent us from locking down the node. Still, 7.5 ducats a month isn't *too* shabby.
Speaking of shabby...
Some pathetic raggedy peasants claim they would be better off under the patronage of an Ainu state. Pah! Such nonsense! The Republic represents everybody regardless of their cultural background. Provided you have money, of course. If you're poor you don't count.

Nevertheless, this rabble must be dealt with. Their army is larger than any army Chavchuveny has ever fielded, so drastic measures are required.
The Old Guard takes over
Chavchuveny's landed class uses the rebel crisis to raise their influence. Traditionally, the land-owning 'nobles' of Chavchuveny held little influence; the wealth and power of our nation is concentrated into the hands of the Iron and Fur magnates and their associated guilds. However, if it's one thing the Aristocrats have, it's poor, malnourished peasants ready to die for a cause they don't understand. We raise an army, set our Reformed fervor to 'war' and march! To battle!
Erkin Burgumi, don't fail us!
It seems like everybody and their dog is called 'Erkin' in Chavchuveny. If we lose this battle an independant Ainu looms as a very real prospect. We must hold!
The nationalists are crushed beneath the boot of Chavchuveny hegemony. It's 1645 and 13,000 rebels can still pose an existentialist threat to our fledgeling republic. What fun.
Tackling the real issues at hand
Now the rebels are dealt with let's make some cash! Having built temples, constables and workshops in all the provinces that matter, we turn our hand to trade buildings to try and get more out of our trade node. By the time we're done, even the lowliest village in our frozen north will have a marketplace from which to trade their goods.
Meanwhile back in Europe...
Apparently France's ruler pisses gold and vomits rainbows. It is a shame that our republic has never produced a man of such quality. Maybe Erkin Gudeikon can remedy that...
Chavchuveny can into Colonial Ambitions!
Flush with our victory over the rebels, we pack our entire army into boats and sail them into the middle of nowhere. I'm sure this will have no negative consequences whatsoever...
Long live Erkin Gudeikon!
Despite his advanced age, Erkin secures a 4th term as our glorious leader and further tightens his grip on the wheels of power in our fair nation. He may be a ruthless, utterly corrupt despot, but damn does that man have talent.
Glorious Reforms!
Erkin continues to justify the trust put in him by 'the people' by embarking on extensive military reforms. All monarch points are useful, we're really behind in tech and are still only halfway through our Defensive ideas.
Speaking of Defensive ideas...
We unlock extra fort defence, a critical element in our 'oh god the Russians are coming run for your lives!' strategy. The longer we can hold our enemy sieging Siberian wasteland, the more of them will perish to our winters.
The Great March of Chuna
Long ago we build a March in Chuna because Russia had a 'wants your provinces' modifier on it, so it stands to reason it's one of the first provinces they'll invade.

I almost want Russia to declare war just so they can choke on Chuna's extreme defensiveness. Level 4 forts and >100 day sieges, so delicious.
More sound government policies
Chavchuveny sets up a national bank! Although I'm not sure exactly who we're lending to considering all our neighbours either hate us or barely know about us. Maybe we're pioneering microfinance loans to reindeer. Still, the extra stability is nice although I had no inflation to lose in the first place.
More Colonial Ambitions
I take a break from colonising Alaska and pop a colony on Taiwan. Ming has been falling apart for the last century and maybe Chavchuveny can grab a slice...
Chavchuveny can't into Enlightenment
We can't really afford to station soldiers to guard against so many natives, so... um...

...not our finest hour.
Teching up
Chavchuveny is progressing from a technological backwater into technological pondlife. Baby steps...
The Empire of Chavchuveny begins!
Yes! Chavchuveny can into Empire! Now that we're a civilized nation, it seems appropriate that we crush some natives under our boot and brutally extract their natural resources for material gain. I mean, it's just the 'done' thing, right?

Besides, Chavchuveny has been looking for a new holiday resort ever since we sold our carribean island holdings. We will turn the island of Sulawesi into a bastion of Chavchuveny!
Glorious victory!
The indigenous peoples put together a desperate resistance, which is easily crushed. Perhaps we shouldn't have sent our *entire* army into southeast asia, although I'm sure nothing bad will happen at home, right?
Bad things happening at home!
Japan, despite still not learning how to navy, declares war to reclaim its cores, again. Chavchuveny laughs at your pathetic gestures, you cannot harm us! Wait...who are you friends with?
NO! IT CAN'T BE! Japan allied Manchu! We're being invaded! The homeland is under attack! AAAAAH!

It doesn't even matter that our army is in the middle of fucking nowhere, Manchu has 50,000 men under arms! Our doom approaches!
46,000 angry Manchurians march into the soft underbelly of Chavchuveny! Is this our twilight hour?

We prudently built level three forts on the Manchu border, but further north there is nothing to protect us! We built our defenses to protect against Russia, not Manchu! This is our darkest hour! Erkin Gudeikon, your nation needs you now more than ever!

Is this truly the end of Chavchuveny?

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