Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 6

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 5

Images: 25, author: Blorktronics, published: 2017-02-01

The Great War Continues
Welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR. In the last episode ( we were fighting for our very survival against Japan and Manchu, who greatly outnumber us.

However we have some strategic advantages. Japan can't siege the war-goal because the AI can't navy. For similar reasons, our tiny army can siege the lands of southern Japan without being contested.

We can siege up rich Japanese lands faster than Manchu can siege down the poor Chavchuveny lands, so the war-score leans ever further in our favour. Our defensive ideas and investment into forts is really paying dividends.
Manchu marches north
It may look bad, but that's only 3 provinces they've sieged and the war has lasted 4 years. They march towards a cold, freezing death.
Japan's enthusiasm wilts
Japan begins to realise it has underestimated Chavchuveny yet again! I could actually get a white peace if I wanted to end this war, but Chavchuveny is nothing but greedy! We will extract dire concessions from Japan for their grevious insults to Chavchuveny!
Burn baby burn
The White Death sweeps over Manchu and their soldiers drop like flies. Our countryside will provide these foul invaders with no comfort, they will die in their thousands.
Their manpower falls
Their manpower is down 15,000 man so far. The war-goal is on my side, I have all the time in the world to watch you die!
Meanwhile in Russia
Russia has swapped their attitude from hostile to neutral. Clearly they've seen the difficulty Manchu is having with Chavchuveny and have decided it's not worth the effort. Correct decision Russia!

However one day I promise this, Chavchuveny will sweep over Siberia like a tidal wave, reclaiming its ancestral birthright from the European occupiers! We will have our vengeance on the world!
Not now Makasaar!
Well this is bad timing. This basically gaurantees a revolt in our new holiday resort. I'm a bit busy! How about a deal, you go back to slaving in the spice mines and I'll cut your hours to 120 a week, deal? No? Ungrateful swine!
My that's a lot of unrest...
Damn you guys are really upset. Look, I only brutally crushed your nation, executed your rulers and forced you to work in spice plantations in slave-like conditions. Stop whining!
More rebel problems
Like vultures circling a wounded animal, rebel factions begin to rise. They will soon realise the Chavchuveny is far from defeated! To arms!
I'll burn your farms! I'll raze your cities!
How dare you rise up against Chavchuveny in her hour of need! I'll have your heads for this!
Meanwhile in the North
You don't know *true* cold, Manchu! Despite not fighting a single battle (apart from those derpy event-spawned troops), Manchu's manpower has dwindled to a mere 7,000. Soon they won't be able to re-inforce their armies and then we will strike!
Really? You think this is a good time?
You dare put our leader's son on trial when war sweeps across our lands? We 'influence' a few judges and get him off the hook. Republican tradition can rot, I need monarch points!
Seriously Manchu, now you're just confused...
Manchu is a strange place, apparently the best way to foster a friendship with them is through a brutal war of annihilation which kills 50,000 of their soldiers. These newfound feelings of friendship are not mutual.

Nevertheless, this opens up opportunities. If I can ally Manchu I never need to worry about Japanese aggression.
The reason for Manchu's attitude adjustment
Manchu and Oirat have been bedfellows for decades, however border friction has done its work and now Oirat envies Manchu land. Looks like Manchu is looking for a friend.
The Great War is Over! Long live Chavchuveny!
Peace in our time! We extract severe concessions from our Japanese foes. Chavchuveny is victorious! Ha! Bet you didn't expect that when this war kicked off!

As much as I would have liked to see the Manchu armies starved and crushed, time does march on and I gained enough warscore to secure my objectives. I think this war completely vindicates our defensive strategy. Because of our forts and defensiveness, Manchu was *very* slowly sieging 1-basetax crap and I was quickly sieging 6-basetax heartland, combined with a ticking warscore, I had enough warscore to demand Japan's southern island. Normally the Manchu army would have swept across our lands, taken our capital and consigned our realm to the dustbin of history. But instead we taste sweet victory!

This will be the last time Chavchuveny faces such a threat to its existence. From now on, it will be Chavchuveny declaring the wars!
Our gains
Chavchuveny can into regional ambitions! With these three islands we secure an important centre of trade in the Nippon node. I have ambitions to move our trade port into Nippon to increase our income, but I will first need to dominate the trade node.

Also, we seem to have inherited a bit of a rebel problem. Eeew.
Die peasant scum!
During the Great War, Chavchuveny fought 1 unwilling battle against her foes, and about 10 against rebels. Looks like we've got our priorities straight!
Meanwhile in Europe...
Flush with power form our unexpected victory, Chavchuveny decides to become the sworn enemy of a major European power for no reason whatsoever. Take that Castile! You smell of old men and failure!
Trouble in paradise
Our holiday resort revolts! Revolting! We dispatch an army to settle any grievances the locals have.
Skills to pay the bills
It's been a while since we checked the economy of Chavchuveny! Our economy is the engine of our success, without a strong treasury our nation is doomed to oblivion!

That being said, we're making bank! 34 ducats a month is a fantastic income for siberian wasteland. Non-siberian territories we've acquired through conquest (Sulawesi, south Japan) account for about 10%-15% of our income. This is truly a Siberian powerhouse!
Aiaan Vankho has ambitions of greatness...
Seeking to follow in the footsteps of Erkin Gudeikon The Great, Aiaan cajoles, bribes and threatens the mercantile classes of Chavchuveny to become our dear leader for a second term. Compared to Europe our tech is still terrible, we need to catch up! And no, I'm not going to hire advisors or stop throwing monarch points into buildings, we'll catch up by throwing our republican tradition down the toilet instead!
Russia? Can has military access? Please?
We get military access from Russia, again. It's a useful measure of Russia's intensions. When they turn hostile, they cancel access treaties, so I don't have to constantly check their status on the diplomatic interface.
Damn peasants...
I have better things to spend money on than feeding the starving masses! Get a job! There's plenty of work for you down in the iron mines.
Damn peasants!
Bribe some, kill the rest. It's the Chavchuveny way.
Rebel-O-Matic 5000
We send an ultimatum to Sulu, give us military access or face the consequences!
Long live the Republic!
Yes, yes, throw the people a bone. Set up a comission or two, arrest a corrupt scapegoat. We can't let the republic fall into ruin but I'll be damned if we let an incumbent lose an election!
Ha! You can't fragment a shattered mess!
Stability? Pah! When you've hit rock bottom there's nowhere left to go!
News from the peanut gallery
After several days of intense negotiations with the separatists, we've come to an agreeable settlement package.
Makasaar is not a happy place
6% unrest even with raised autonomy and a recent uprising! Look, being a tourist resort isn't a bad thing, you're just ahead of your time! At least you're warm!
Guns, germs and steel
Well, forget the germs bit, Chavchuvenians take personal hygeine very seriously. But we have guns and steel! Only 5 techs behind the West, could be worse! Russia is pretty backwards when it comes to military tech too, for some reason.
A Machiavellian Alliance
To secure our short-term future, we enter into an alliance with our hated foe, the Manchu! Once it suits our interests we'll stab them in the back, but at the moment I need to focus on my infrastructure. The economy, fools!
Best mission ever!
Some of our advisory council have officially lost the plot and petitioned our leader to attack Portugal. Why? I have no idea! I don't think Chavchuveny is really getting into the swing of this rival business...
I take that back, *this* is the best mission ever!
My force limit is 14. FOURTEEN. My council is full of fools and idiots!

That being said, we do need to upgrade our force limit. But for that we need military buildings! And for that we need money! And for that we need production buildings! And for that we need money! And for that we need more buildings! It never ends!
More rebel scum
Who would have thought that staying at -3 stability breeds rebels like two rabbits on a cheap date?
Good news on the frontier!
Locals on the border with Russia beging to upgrade defenses on their own initiative. Nice!
Less revolt risk please...
Our continuing rebel dramas convince me to recruit superintendents, -1 revolt risk is better than nothing and manually raising stability is for chumps. I also have a similar -1 rr +5% stability decision enacted from when we were still shamanist.
Rest in peace, Erkin
Our brave warrior, who peerlessly faced down rebels and natives alike, has exited the stage. Maybe the next general we recruit will actually have the opportunity to fight some proper enemies.
Corruption? In MY Chavchuveny?
Pah, this nation was built on corruption! In our republic, no incumbent has ever lost and election and our rulers reign for life. Besides, stability is just a number. I need the admin for buildings and tech!
Get outta here Tsunayoshi
To show how enlightened our administration is, we hired a Japanese priest to settle the masses. However, budget cuts being what they are we tell him to get lost. I'll face my rebels on the battlefield, not from the priest's lecturn!
Our military rise begins!
At long last, after 220 years, we begin to invest in Chavchuveny's military. I have enough of an income to start building up the military buildings in a few provinces, eventually this will reap huge dividends.

I designate my grain and fish provinces for military upgrades. These provinces produce nothing of value so there's no way I'm building high-tier production buildings there. For fur and iron provinces, I may build the later production tech buildlings, so I leave those bereft of military investment.
What an age we live in, we may live at the ends of the earth, but Chavchuveny is determined to be at the forefront of technological innovation!
If there's two things Chavchuveny cares about, it's money and tech
38 ducats a month! Not bad at all considering our humble beginnings. Because of our massive infrastructure investment, our economy is ridiculously lopsided, with production and trade providing all of the income. Without buildings, production and trade incomes would be similar to our tax incomes, but our tax incomes would be half of what they are now because of no temples.

Also, for the first time in our existance, Chavchuveny is no longer red-coloured on the technology mapmode! Chavchuveny can into space! Well, not yet. But we're a sort of ruddy orange colour instead of red. Progress!
The drums of war beat again!
Our Manchu 'allies' call us into a war against their neighbours the Oirat.

We have no bone in this fight, but accept nevertheless. I plan on doing nothing, but will help Manchu if it means the war gets prolonged. Both Oirat and Manchu border and therefore threaten us. I want them to weaken each other as much as possible!

So here we stand, in 1661. Alive, prosperous and somewhat technologically advanced. We're straddling the line between insignificance and greatness, will Chavchuveny rise to the challenge? Find out in Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR!

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