The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

Published: 2017-02-07, edited: 2017-02-07

A long time ago, a Kingdom was asleep. It dreamt of simple things, like freedom and safety. When it awoke, it realized it could dream, and be, much more. The small nation would change the course of history forever. For the glory belongs to Norway, forever and ever.

It is now all a part of History. The collective minds of the populace. The annals of the world.

It is all a part of the Norwegian Saga

Part of the campaign:

The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

It is the year 1836, and the Kingdom of Norway is asleep. For it is a kingdom only in name. Held hostage by foreign rulers for centuries, it now serves solely as a playground for the swedish king. A Broken state. But Broken things can be mended. And this is the Saga of how the Kingdom of norway came to change the world.
Norway, wast, but empty. Its people stubborn, but few. Its will strong, but without strength. Its wealth lies in its wast oceans and deep forrests, both surrendered to its overlord. Not an ideal state of affairs. In the peacedeal of 1814, Norway was allowed to keep a very modern constitution, and a elected goverment to handle internal affairs. It would serve as a rallying point for the people, and pose as a direct opposition to the King. (the high literacy will be important in my short term plans. the politics are not the best i could hope for.)
In January 1836, The Norwegian Goverment issued a complaint to the King. The Swedish army was costly to the norwegian taxpayers, and the restricions on international diplomacy strangled the shipping industry.
A request was made; loosen the rope around our economy. The request was dully denied. outraged, the Norwegian goverment enacted a series of secret reforms and laws, in atempts to strengthen the small army available. A revolution in the making.

(the strenght-ratio is wast, and i must relly on technological superiority to stand a chance. build up whatever army i can muster, and relly on the mountains to keep me safe.)

Six years later, in 1842, the goverment adressed the king yet again. This time it was not a complaint, but a demand; Give Norway the freedom to govern its own politics, or face open rebellion.
the King, convinced in his own military supremacy, and noting the lack of norwegian manpower, saw no reason for the Norwegian army to offer any reasonable resistance. A formal declaration of war was sendt to the Norwegian goverment.
war was upon Norway.
But the Swedish forces where too bold. For several Years, rigorous training and research had molded the small Norwegian force into a masterfull instrument of war. All the latest knowlegde was known by the norwegians, some of it even pioneered by themselves. It was to be a true test of quantity versus quality. (managed to research every piece of military tech under the sun. should tip the balance in my favor.)
A Lightning attack in the north saw almost all of northern Norway in enemy hands. the bulk of the army roamed the countryside, putting it in Swedish hands. (small skirmishes was fought along the entire line, with the norwegian forces seemingly handling it better.)
The economy collapsed, and the situation seemed bleak. But the True test was yet to come.
Norwegian forces constructing a defencive position in the deep forrests of Lillehammer. Here it was decied the Norwegian army was to hold the final stand.
A resounding victory! With the swedish main army soundly beaten, it was only a matter of mopping up the last strugglers, and retake the lands lost.
Not a single enemy in sight. Sweden is up for the taking.
But the people had suffered enough. Even the top-trained Norwegian forces would not be able to withold a prolonged siege in enemy territoy. and The Swedish King had seen the light. A truce was called.
A delegation of swedish nobles and politicians was brought to the newly renamed capital Oslo, to resign all claims on the Norwegian throne. Norway was, for the first time in five hundred years, free to form its own path.
A vote was passed in Congress, between electing a president, or electing a King. The Kingdom of norway votet, of course, for a King. and so it came to be that Olav Fredrickson the Third, came to power, and moved in to the former summer castle in Oslo.
But with newfound power, wealth, and technological prowess, freedom was only a first step. The world is ripe for taking. Norway has awoken. (thanks for reading, More parts will follow!)

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 2

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